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Someone should pick this up and add tags so it'll work with mods like For the Masses .... Otherwise it's a super mod in appearance but pretty unusable really.

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Done: DeviousToys 0.2 Tags addon.zip


This requires the original mod as this only includes a new esp and the script that adds the tags, there are no meshes or textures included with this.


This is based on the v0.2 esp and has tags for all of the items

I put the plugs under the Inflatable type since there are already a lot of the soulgem types

It uses oninit to check a global variable ( DDT_TagsFlag ), if it is 0 it will wait 60 seconds then register the tags otherwise it will do nothing.

When the tags are set the variable is set to 1 so it won't try setting them again. If you need to reregister them manually (reallly, really unlikely) you can just set the variable to 0, save, exit and reload and it will reregister them.



Any mods that use tags to get devices will have access to these (FtM_3 uses them and CD v4 will also use them).



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It wasn't much work really, I had to make a Global Variable, a script and a quest to hold the script. This is the entire script:

Scriptname DDT_TagSetup extends Quest  

event oninit()
	if TagsRegistered.getvalueint() == 0

Event onupdate()
	libs.RegisterGenericDevice(DDT_Blindfold, "blindfold, leather, black, ddt")
	libs.RegisterGenericDevice(DDT_Collar, "collar, posture, leather, black, red, ddt")
	libs.RegisterGenericDevice(DDT_PenisGag, "gag, ball, harness, leather, black, red, ddt")
	libs.RegisterGenericDevice(DDT_Analplug01, "plug, anal, pump, inflatable, ddt")
	libs.RegisterGenericDevice(DDT_Analplug02, "plug, anal, pump, inflatable, ddt") 
	libs.RegisterGenericDevice(DDT_Analplug03, "plug, anal, pump, inflatable, ddt")
	libs.RegisterGenericDevice(DDT_Analplug04, "plug, anal, pump, inflatable, ddt")
	libs.RegisterGenericDevice(DDT_Analplug05, "plug, anal, pump, inflatable, ddt")
	libs.RegisterGenericDevice(DDT_Analplug06, "plug, anal, pump, inflatable, ddt")
	libs.RegisterGenericDevice(DDT_Analplug07, "plug, anal, pump, inflatable, ddt")
	libs.RegisterGenericDevice(DDT_Analplug08, "plug, anal, pump, inflatable, ddt")
	libs.RegisterGenericDevice(DDT_Analplug09, "plug, anal, pump, inflatable, ddt")
	libs.RegisterGenericDevice(DDT_Analplug10, "plug, anal, pump, inflatable, ddt")
	libs.RegisterGenericDevice(DDT_Analplug11, "plug, anal, pump, inflatable, ddt")
	libs.RegisterGenericDevice(DDT_Analplug12, "plug, anal, pump, inflatable, ddt")

	libs.RegisterGenericDevice(DDT_vagplug01, "plug, vaginal, pump, inflatable, ddt")
	libs.RegisterGenericDevice(DDT_vagplug02, "plug, vaginal, pump, inflatable, ddt") 
	libs.RegisterGenericDevice(DDT_vagplug03, "plug, vaginal, pump, inflatable, ddt")
	libs.RegisterGenericDevice(DDT_vagplug04, "plug, vaginal, pump, inflatable, ddt")
	libs.RegisterGenericDevice(DDT_vagplug05, "plug, vaginal, pump, inflatable, ddt")
	libs.RegisterGenericDevice(DDT_vagplug06, "plug, vaginal, pump, inflatable, ddt")
	libs.RegisterGenericDevice(DDT_vagplug07, "plug, vaginal, pump, inflatable, ddt")
	libs.RegisterGenericDevice(DDT_vagplug08, "plug, vaginal, pump, inflatable, ddt")
	libs.RegisterGenericDevice(DDT_vagplug09, "plug, vaginal, pump, inflatable, ddt")
	libs.RegisterGenericDevice(DDT_vagplug10, "plug, vaginal, pump, inflatable, ddt")
	libs.RegisterGenericDevice(DDT_vagplug11, "plug, vaginal, pump, inflatable, ddt")
	libs.RegisterGenericDevice(DDT_vagplug12, "plug, vaginal, pump, inflatable, ddt")


; -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
; properties

zadlibs property libs auto

globalvariable property TagsRegistered auto

armor property DDT_Blindfold auto
armor property DDT_Collar auto
armor property DDT_PenisGag auto

armor property DDT_Analplug01 auto
armor property DDT_Analplug02 auto
armor property DDT_Analplug03 auto
armor property DDT_Analplug04 auto
armor property DDT_Analplug05 auto
armor property DDT_Analplug06 auto
armor property DDT_Analplug07 auto
armor property DDT_Analplug08 auto
armor property DDT_Analplug09 auto
armor property DDT_Analplug10 auto
armor property DDT_Analplug11 auto
armor property DDT_Analplug12 auto

armor property DDT_Vagplug01 auto
armor property DDT_Vagplug02 auto
armor property DDT_Vagplug03 auto
armor property DDT_Vagplug04 auto
armor property DDT_Vagplug05 auto
armor property DDT_Vagplug06 auto
armor property DDT_Vagplug07 auto
armor property DDT_Vagplug08 auto
armor property DDT_Vagplug09 auto
armor property DDT_Vagplug10 auto
armor property DDT_Vagplug11 auto
armor property DDT_Vagplug12 auto
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This mod is dead?


Sad to say, it pretty much is dead.


And that sucks, cause a lot of awesome work had been done into this.



I would have loved to have seen that hobble skirt realized. 


Alas, it would be wonderful pieces of "clothing", jacket, boots and skirt...

Agreed. It would have been grand... but alas, they were not to be...

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Modelling wouldn't be the troublesome part, and it's definitely something I can and I'd be interested in doing (with Blender).

But there is an abyss between a model and and the integration into Skyrim, even if you don't include animations, and I'm definitely not digging into that.

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Modelling wouldn't be the troublesome part, and it's definitely something I can and I'd be interested in doing (with Blender).

But there is an abyss between a model and and the integration into Skyrim, even if you don't include animations, and I'm definitely not digging into that.


Don't let that prevent you from making assets. It's true that getting meshes from blender into skyrim is a bit of work but its doable.

If you just want to make meshes and textures I can get them into skyrim. Just make sure to use the correct body references for fitting the meshes, this will make bodyslide integration a lot easier. If you want to start making meshes I can give you a blender project with the body meshes already integrated just pm me.


I am sure that depending on the stuff you want to create there is a place for the items in either Devious Devices or my resource mod if you are fine with them beeing released in other mods.

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I really like this mod but unfortunately it has not been updated
Would you like to ask me how to use these plugs with BodySlide and Outfit Studio?
I have plugs in the BodySlide and Outfit Studio displays
But did not show the plug in the game
Can masters answer it?

I'm sorry I can't speak English. This is GOOGLE Translator.

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