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  1. Ah, I misunderstood you then, sorry. However... now you've raised my curiosity and I went looking for pictures of something like that in the depths of the internet. Needless to say that I found some plenty! What Haeretic did with the body model there isn't actually very far off from what happens to the body in reality it seems. I'm not such a huge fan of the aesthetics either, particularly after seeing some of those pictures just now, but I'd say the model Haeretic built is pretty realistic. Probably depends quite a lot on how the body preset and morphs are being used by the player and
  2. Yeah I know this is normal, tri files are always larger than the nif because they include multiple morphed variations of the meshes, no surprise there. And yes the Harness which has a lot of polys creates a large tri file. Like I said this was a mistake I made while creating the harness, and I couldn't reduce the poly amount once it was done... I just made an example script for the Havok worldobjects I created. The actual mechanics are in Musje's mod, you have to ask him about that. Thanks, I am always happy when I see other modders getting creative with HR assets Yes, t
  3. If you want to make a real standalone game Unreal or Unity are the obvious choices. Of course, your are right about that it needs a lot more work to get anything up and running with those engines if you compare it to "GameCreator Kits" like RPG Maker. But still, to make something really unique you have to use a real game engine there is no way around that. I don't know if anything has changed since but from what I know both Unity and Unreal can be used without buying a license. IIRC Unreal wants some percentage of your income when you use their free license and Unity requires you to buy a
  4. Nice screens, I like how you combined Heretical Resources and Amputator. Would you like to make showcase screenshots for Heretical Resources? Somehow the last update deleted all my preview pics >.> If you are interested just pm me and I give you some outlines what is needed. Oh, and #5 reminds me that I need to redo the weighting on the shoulder prosthetics sometime ^^
  5. Okay, it's definitely not your hardware ^^ But it still might be the engine yes, I would like to know if you are the only one experiencing this. I tried loading the game with the chain harness equipped and it did work.
  6. Wait, so every time you had problems with loading a save you had the chain harness equipped and you still had the problems with only the chain harness? First of all that isn't an HDT item there is nothing moving there. And second that is by far the item with the highest poly count so this might be a hardware issue after all. When I made the chain harness I was bit inexperienced and made the chains more detailed than they needed to be thus the high poly count...
  7. Have you tried only the chain attachments for the pear? Also, how about HDT items from other mods? If HDT is causing this they should give the same result. Edit: Have you tried to load a clean save and load your savegame after that save was loaded?.
  8. These are all items that get generated with bodyslide, something went wrong there... that's all I can tell you. Can you check again 2 files please, the version1.51 and Heretical Resources BB CBBE rar. The BodySlide only generate breast bondage which is fine, while the main file missing mesh for boots and a problem with gloves nif, i cant see it on my nifskope. Thanks Have you downloaded/installed/generated the bodyslide files from this link in the download section ? "#!6VQnlbxB!-uAhVSz5mVKaxNWL9KnMj7cEqAwVsl3pHjapr7XvZyE" Again all you problems come from items that get generate
  9. Maybe the crash is caused by the nodes not beeing connected to the body when HDT isn't installed idk. I will take a look into this but it doesn't have much priority, if you don't have HDT installed you can't use HDT items... that's not that big of a deal I think. The savegame problem, on the other hand, sounds a bit more serious. I haven't had any complaints about this yet so maybe this is just caused by the latest items. Can you check if this happens only with the Chain Collar / Prisoner Chain / Ball&Chain items ? As a control group, you can take the chain attachments for the pears, t
  10. These are all items that get generated with bodyslide, something went wrong there... that's all I can tell you.
  11. I have no clue how the items behave if HDT is disabled and I take no responsibility for any crashes caused by this xD Btw there are a lot of reason why a save doesn't load properly, are you sure it's caused by this mod? Try only using this mod and it's requirements if you are unsure.
  12. @ everyone I am happy you guys like the Pole Yoke In the beginning, I only wanted the U-Rings to be HDT enabled, then I put the chains on there and from there it was only a quick jump to the buckets ^^ Today I might have even found a way to restrict the movement of those buckets so they don't fly around when running. The biggest problem often is to get the HDT settings to the point that they don't glitch like crazy when the char is moving fast but don't behave too unrealistically sluggish. You will get versions without any chains, with only chains, and with different objects attached to
  13. I don't load saves with already equipped HDT items that often so it's absolutely possible that this happens without me noticing it. Also, my pc is relatively solid so any bugs that might be caused by insufficient hardware resources probably won't happen. And this sounds like it might be caused by too much pressure on the engine. If that's the case I can't really do anything about it Do you have generated the items with bodyslide? That might explain your missing feet... About the chain, equip the Pear of Anguish along with it, they belong together.
  14. Some screenshots on what is currently in the works.
  15. Good to see you're still alive, and somewhat active. I like the rendered stories you made, definitely a lot of zap spirit in there, especially the arena one If you want to share any assets you made I would be happy to integrate some of them or use parts for new Items. I am still using zap meshes from time to time and repurpose them to make something new, like the rope collar for the breast bondage ropes. So any kind of assets you want to share might find it's way into some new item later down the line. Thanks again for letting me reuse assets from zap, my lack of time/talent for creating
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