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  1. Are you still there? Expect your mod to release

  2. Thanks everyone. I'm not trying to tease you. I'm just showing my progress. It's kind of a report to keep me responsible and disciplined I try to work as fast as I can to get all of the things done that will be a part of the next update. I can't wait to wear new items too Whenever I have some free time I spend it on modeling. But I'm still a beginner and therefore the creation of each model takes a lot of time and effort. Dress mostly can be removed to enjoy the look of ballet boots. Mostly Ehm. Did you mean a knee-length skirt? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pencil_skirt h
  3. New "toy" http://dasha-l.deviantart.com/art/BalletBoots-560900052 http://dasha-l.deviantart.com/art/BalletBootsClose-560899870 I need to create one more item to have a full set of leather restraints. Thanks! I've placed the locks inside just to make boots compatible with hobble skirt
  4. Do you mean clipping of the game meshes or real garments with this design? Jacket's straps don't clip with skirt part, at least in a static position. In the worst case, I can create a version without crotch straps and dynamically switch to it when equipping skirt. From a design standpoint, I thought about adding a flaps with zipper for fastening straps, but considered it unnecessary.
  5. Thanks! I am not 100 percent happy with result but it's best what i can do now. I still need a lot of practice. No, i haven't any animations for this dress right now. Thought I did some experiments with animations for straitjacket and it should not be very hard to create them. You are right. The only way to completely avoid clipping is to remove body polygons under the dress but it can cause problems with bodyslide so I'll just try to be very accurate during skinning and animating. Yeah, I thought that this design is a more interesting. Actually, now it's not a hobble skirt b
  6. Yes, it's almost ready. Right now it doesn't look tight enough but It should look tighter with proper animation. I hope Edit: Hm, it seems like forum automatically resizes and compresses my pictures Original resolution http://dasha-l.deviantart.com/art/Hobble-Dress-WIP-01-559598434 http://dasha-l.deviantart.com/art/Hobble-Dress-WIP-02-559598232
  7. A little update. I am still working on hobble skirt. On the other hand I found some time to finish lockable plugs, even though I think they look a bit scary
  8. Hi Plasma-dragon! I love your work in general and this chastity belt is amazing Hm, I hope it will not take long to model this belt, but I am unable to begin modeling it right now due to a lack of time. I need to finish my leather set first. Though I'll add this belt to my huge todo list
  9. Sorry, I didn't have enough time for modeling over the past week so there's not much to show you now Though I've finished texture for the straightjacket and made two simple models of the lockable plugs. And this week I'll try to model the hobble skirt.
  10. It look much more like medieval torture device But i'll think about it's design (without chain!!!). Lockable plug isn't a bad idea and this device can be done relatively easy.
  11. Hm.. It's possible in theory, but i don't know how much work this will be (especially the physics part). And chained plug is to hardcore even for me . I'm trying to concentrate on restrictive but "safe for health" devices Oh. Thanks for clarifications.
  12. If not mistaken, it is hard to add another movement type. If not mistaken, some mods that have introduce crawling, have changed the sneaking animation to crawling. I must admit, I am not sure if it is possible to temporarily alter a movement animation (like walking to crawling). Apparently the ability to change animations on the fly is getting added to the next version of FNIS. If I haven't totally misunderstood it (I am a complete noob in that area). We can change only walking and running animations with current version of FNIS. Next version will open so many interesting possibil
  13. I looked into tutorial and it's exactly what i need. So I'll try to add bodyslide support About UNP and other bodies... I suppose bodyslide let you change the armor to match another body. Did i miss something? Exactly! Straitjacket is designed to be weared with hobble skirt. And after skirt I'll want to add another two small devices to have a full set
  14. And again.. ..thanks to all! Loverslab is awesome Community!I love you guys Hi! Thanks for suggestion, but i am not interesting in creating bitchsuit right now. Maybe one day.. I'm not sure about it. I like the idea, but it a bit hard to cut holes (modify mesh topology) right now But there should be a lockable (and locked) zipper at breast area which may be used for same purpose . Thanks. Body which i used as reference is CBBE Curvy and weight slider is 100. Not sure about this Zaz animations... Are they just bound idles? If yes, I see no reason why my straitjacket woul
  15. Thank You So Much! I really appreciate your help. Now it's time to post some wip pics! It's a straitjacket which drain all my energy. And i'm still working on texture. And, as a bonus, 2 pics of useless but interesting pillows, which I used to try new modeling techniques.
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