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  1. Added, love the mod currently trying to convert it to SE for personal use. @Taki17Cheers for the info added.
  2. Thankyou for clarifying that you have no idea what you are talking about. "Technical Alpha" does not mean a near feature set complete mod with 100s of features and dozens of quests. The MCM alone of this mod has more scope that 1/2 the mods on the nexus. I agree to an extent some of the quests in DCL are not the most fleshed out, personally I really do not like "a little bondage adventure" but you can turn it off in the MCM. There is not a major feature of this mod that is not modular in the sense that you can't turn it off. There are very good reasons not to break up DCL into much smalle
  3. Just the drop rate of the Diary Pages I get that they are supposed to be super rare (You are supposedly looking for the pages of a long dead emperor) But I have been doing dungeons non stop in an effort to get the pages in my current run and I am looking @ Dungeon number 4 with 0 to show for it. So I was thinking of doubling the drop chance. EDIT: Just did a dungeon and found 4 pages in one go. Perhaps I was a little unlucky before hand.
  4. @Kimy Using Beta 2 I cant find the settings for The Bound Queen quest. Am I blind? I am on dungeon no 4and I have not found a page
  5. Bug Report: Nothing seems to remove the "Ultra Tight straitjacket" I tried both versions of the "free me" and even the "remove heavy bondage" from Devious Followers. Using Beta 2
  6. Bug Report: beta 2: With merciful Dungeons selected I just got equipped with a "Black Leather Straitjacket Dress"... that is the worst restraint ... kimy how could you Another Bug Beta 2 as well: Sometimes cursed loot events over equip devices. Such as here where 4 piercings and 2 collars where added to the inventory.
  7. Bug Report: When using he "free me" option occasionally it will miss some devices. In particular it misses plugs and clit piercings frequently. Using Beta 2.
  8. I am not missing it I am explicitly not listed unsupported mods. Skyrimfet has not made a post in months and his delta update has many issues. I am a HUGE fan of his mods but given the lack of support I dont want to list for this newb friendly thread. NICE!
  9. I think in the story she gets the standard "Slave Heels" (Ringed heel) in gold.
  10. @KimySuggestion: In honour of the amazing story here. Could the Queen Sarah set have a matching golden set of boots like in the narrative? After all I am sure the king would not want his beloved daughter to walk bare foot?
  11. If the devs I worked with were as responsive with tickets as you. You would be employee of the month every month.
  12. Bug Report: When choosing to no longer to be a slave if you have the quest "Tomb Raider" it does not auto-complete like adventuring slave does.
  13. perhaps this is already a feature and I am fast but is it possible to exclude some quests from happening over and over, such as "The Naughty Nymph" First time was ... interesting... second time was ok. I am on no. 6 Its getting old; my main home is in solutide and Lydia keeps getting ideas. I know that there is a 30 day lockout feature but could we push that to say 99999999
  14. Bug Report (Minor): For the "bound Queen" I got the book from the new 'tavern' in Riverwood however when I take it to Julius (THE BASTARD) My character says she "Found it in a chest" well I have never had my immersion broken so much in my life! Been playing through this on SE almost perfectly.
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