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I'm looking for creative content, maybe with unique animations, meshes, good story, something like that.

Really tired of endless backtracking, killing 10 people here, fuck 20 people there, and repeat, repeat...

Various fetishes (hardcore) are welcomed, more kink all the better, please, tell me the best you know!


P.S. For Skyrim LE.



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22 hours ago, Uncle64 said:

AA is my suggestion.


Thank you, i will definitely try! =)


7 hours ago, Aslan. said:

Don't know if you tried already, but i suggest "Thief" here on LL, so good in my opinion, i've really enjoy it.

Yes, i tried this! I liked the beginning, very intriguing, but i have problem, after the jail scene, saves stop loading =(.

Thanks, i appreciate it! =)

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