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  1. Uncle64

    BeeingFemale SE

    But there is some issues here, BaneMasters patches are for Skyrim LE. You cant use them for this Beeing Female.
  2. Uncle64

    How can I delete it?

    That is indead one annoying issue. You can also try to get out of the dialog before the scen starts.
  3. There is only one. And it dont work as it should. You also needs to READ READ READ READ READ READ
  4. Uncle64

    Amateur here... Need help.

    That sounds like HDT error. How did you install your mods? What tool? Have you sorted your mods whit LOOT and fine tuned your load after that?
  5. Yea turn off Looting, chasing and stuff, that was the first things I did turn off for 1½ year ago. Turn also of teleporting let them roam around free, they will start running to you if you take up your weapon anyway.
  6. Yea use Seranas own follower frame, she will bug out if you use any follower program on her. You could add this mod to. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/90839
  7. I do have the same mods as you installed and do feel that I have the same issue. Using same mods as you do. And are married to her. You are doing right you should not add her to FLP, FLP will embrace her anyway, so you can dress her up and so on. FLP have some settings there you can alter how mutch the NPC:s should chat, It may be that what is doing it. I dont have any issues whit Vilja/Sofia and so on whit their chatter. But Serana dont talk that mutch anymore after I did marry her. But she talks, but not as she should. It may be one bug sadly I cant compare your load whit my load since I did wreck it yesterday, did move my installed Skyrim mods around and did do one error when I did edit MO.ini file so I did lose my loadorder left and right for the profile. Needed to do it for freeing up space for Fallout 4.
  8. Oh challange My installed Skyrim LE mods 179,6 gig Downloaded mods 198 gig Dont have them in MO download at all. And Skyrim is clean. My SSE 0 rigth now, have not started it but downloaded 28gig downloaded Fallout 4 Installed 8,4gig Downloaded 5,3 gig
  9. When you have this installed you only need wave to. Remove it and install it again. Make sure that you only chose Legendary in Fomod installer. RealisticWaterTwo - Legendary.esp=1
  10. Must say that I agree whit GenioMaestro.
  11. Uncle64

    Look mah!! I got no hands!!!

    You should only use 1 skeleton as I have told you I think now 3 times, and others here to. You still have parts of Yiffy age installed. You dont have MME installed in that loadorder. 1+ On what Yatol says to. Did find this in your loadorder. The mod Dual Wield you should only use one of them. It is one old mod to since 2012 not sure if it is compatibe whit CBBE/UNP/HDT body, some other may know more about that. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/19815/?tab=description 33 21 duel weild 2 hand.esp 72 48 Dual Wield Two Handed Weapons - Either Hand.esp 73 49 Dual Wield Two Handed Weapons - Either Hand with anim changes.esp Could not find the page for this one. 74 4a 2hander-as-1hander.esp Pretty sure that they will conflict. This is the 4 tread you do whit this issue 3 at steam 1 here. You did before have both CBBE and UNP installed did you clean out all files from Bodyslide. @Grey Cloud He actually linked to the tread I suggested him to go here. There is no wrong in that.
  12. One warning, you cant in the current game simply remove EFF that easy. Let it stay in your loadorder. Make sure that you dont play on whit it removed. If you have done that, you need to install it again and load old save. Install the patch for FLP/EFF and make sure that you load them in the order as it says on FLP nexus page. Fiss is one framework that several of your mods use for having the possibility to save the mods settings. Wery usefull.
  13. Uncle64

    What you think about site and staff

    I have voted, but not responded in the tread. My grumpy head may have missed that part. Yea I can be grumpy. Must say that I am happy whit all moderators, the forum have High Roof. Meaning you can express your self, and not all in the tread gets offended by it, some times you need that dunno why. If it derails any moderator passes by and spank those whit the big hammer, who derail and the issue is over. Got one of those The layout of the forum is good and way better then it was before the upgrade, easy to check the treads you want, but it it hard to use the seatch, it often goes faster whit you know Google. I like the new look. Have not said it before.