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  1. Uncle64

    More Nasty Critters: SLAL Edition

    I could se that tube no issue at all.
  2. Uncle64

    More Nasty Critters: SLAL Edition

    I know my way around CK and xEdit to do that.
  3. Uncle64

    More Nasty Critters: SLAL Edition

    Only curius, have anyone tested this whit the Enderal that you can download as standalone game from Steam? Did notice that several of the animations pack do want this to. Did get SL and some other mods to work as they should.
  4. Uncle64

    Load CTD.. too many FNIS anims?

    You do have some issues. First you should not have that many animations. Start by removing some even if you have Fnis XXL. Second you have both CBBE and UNP files installed. Remove the body type you dont use. You have RDO and FCO installed they are not compatible, if you have them installed you need to have RDO after FCO. And RDO should be loaded after any mod like EFF/UFO/AFT. This one is dogdy to. Since it contains old Papyrus files. vMYC_MeetYourCharacters.esp=1 You should read this tread carefull. It is not one suggestion, it is one demand.
  5. Uncle64

    BeeingFemale SE

    He can place the dll fine in one separate mod if he uses MO. That zip file is not that good since it is not adapted for mod managers. I did take my liberity to repack the dll file so it will be more easy to install whit MO/Vortex. Whit correct paths in it. Hope the maker of it dont agree. If so notify me. beeingfemale_rebuilt_1.5.62 Repacked for MO.7z
  6. Uncle64


    Sorry to say but you are wrong. It is well known that you cant remove all scripts from your save. You can terminate them, some can be removed, but you cant fully remove one mod. It is all about how Skyrim saves. Even if you remove the script, you still cant remove all settings it have done. There is no going back in skyrim. Or do you try to edit new settings in your save whit FallrimTools? If so you need to know all values that you did have in your save before you did add this mod. The uninstall in this mod is more or less only for terminate the scripts so you can update the mod it self. You do as you wish.
  7. Uncle64


    @expertgamer The fact is that you cant remove this mod and more then 80% of them, or so safe. You dont see the issues until later when it is to late. The only safe way is to rollback your save to one BEFORE you installed the mod. Safe mods are often clothes, bodys and textures. As soon one mod add scripts and packages to your game you are doomed, all is about how Skyrim saves data in your save. You cant safe clean out scripts from your save even if you use one "cleaner" there is limitations.
  8. Uncle64

    TDF unable to install

    You say that you did put it in Data, do you manually mod?
  9. Uncle64


    This is one of the mods that you cant remove from your game, you will break your save, you need to start one new game. Why do you want to remove it? You can turn it off. But you cant remove it.
  10. Uncle64

    manage all the mods

    You install them in the same order as you do in NMM. Sort your right side whit LOOT, and sort up manually your left side in MO so it is close to your right side. You can have need for some tinkering and drag mods up and down. Not hard at all since you have learn it. Best part whit MO is that you can create profiles. You should look for GamerPoets and Gophers tubes. They are good to explain stuff.
  11. Agree whit Madmansgun. Remove some animations. I do the same my self. You will only end up using max 15-20. 3-4 foreplay, 3-4 main event. and perhaps doggy for animals if you want that.
  12. Uncle64


    Yea I have read about some mods that worked but the memory fades hard. Dont want any DD and stuff, more like frameworks for immersive purposes. The Steam is standalone so you can have it installed outside SkyrimLE, you dont need to have it installed in Skyrim LE as you need to have whit the one from Nexus. And latest MO2 do support it.
  13. Is it anyone that have any clue what LL mods that works whit Enderal you can download on Steam?
  14. Uncle64

    manage all the mods

    As already stated, you can use what modding tool you like, but you cant pick mods depending on what modding tool you want to use. When you do that you are already on the ice. As @donttouchmethere also says some modding tools are easy to handle, but all of them have one important thing common. It is important you install your mods in right order, you cant trow them in and think it will work. MO and NMM do handle that part little different. In MO you can manuall after you have installed the mods change the "install order" you cant do that whit NMM. MO is little harder to learn, but you will after you have learn it, have one great benefit since it enables more complex loadorders then NMM. Also I strongly suggest start by reading modders pages, guides how you install mods, there is several here that is good and on Steam. You will get the same help at Steam as you can get here, since all of us have account there.
  15. Uncle64

    manage all the mods

    Mods like 3dnpc dont work well to install in NMM. It is big. That is actually one well known issue.