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  1. At the Abernaty farm. That means you need to do one other quest for them first. It should not be that easy to bang their daughter.
  2. You need to create it in the workbench.
  3. Uncle64

    Did Skyrim get an update or something?

    If you have Steam you should notice if Skyrim have one update, and it have not been updated since 2013.
  4. You have some issues in our load. You dont need this when you have Legendary installed. RealisticWaterTwo - Dragonborn.esp=1 RealisticWaterTwo - Waves - Dawnguard.esp=1 Why do you use old MNC 9+? SexLabNudeCreatures.esp=1 SexLabNudeCreaturesDB.esp=1 SexLabNudeCreaturesDG.esp=1 When you using the old one THIS plugin must be loaded before those 3. MoreNastyCritters.esp=1 How did you install your mods, what tool?
  5. Use english it will be more people that can help then.
  6. That looks like one bad installation.
  7. Do you have latest AAF? If you dont you need to upgrade.
  8. I must say that I am confused about the conversation. Is CBBE made from scratch or is it converted orginal textures from Beth? Edit. Did find that out. It is custom not converted.
  9. One thing you can try. Leave your char AFK in your settlement for couple of ingame hours you may have stacked scripts.
  10. Tried this one? https://www.loverslab.com/topic/105343-aaf-animation-position-tags-apt/
  11. Ah thanks. Need to check that.
  12. Perhaps time to drop NMM since even Nexus have dropped it.
  13. Uncle64

    Very slow quicksaves

    Dont use Save script cleaner. You should use Resaver or PdtWrapper. Never ever Save Script cleaner it can ruin your save. And as I did say before, you may have need for starting one new game, since your game may be borked anyway. Way to many errors in your papyrus log. If you insist to play on you must do one thing before you even can think of playing on, and it must be done before you try to clean your save. Load the save, dont do anything stand still in 1-2 minutes. Make one NEW save. Load that new save. Do the same thing. Dont do anything. Save again one more time, repeat it one more time. And now you can think about using one cleaner, you must let Skyrim clean it self first.
  14. Uncle64

    Very slow quicksaves

    It is not that easy. You may have need to start one new game. This is the replacer for MNC. You also needs this one. And make sure that you read what MadManGun says about how you update from the old 9.3 you have.