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  1. Uncle64


    Ah thanks. Was thinking that it could be some like that. But you dont get the marker for steal when you look at it.
  2. Uncle64


    CPU. I have run in to one issue in SSE version, guessing it is in LE to. For some reason I cant take the book in Bannered Mare. Check this screenshot and you will se that I have the mark for steal. I can read it. Did open the mod in CK for SE and there is no error, and according to xEdit there is nothing else that affects the book. I may have missed something that is should be like that. sorry for that if so.
  3. According to Nexus is it clean, they have scanned it whit VirusTotal. Did download it my self and checked it, clean. What AV do you use?
  4. Get one SSD that can hold some games and your OS. Dont get any smaller then 500 gig. That is waste of gold. You can whit ease have some games and your OS on it, my folder for installed mods and Steam installation whit some games that needs speed, is currently 221 gig, and I still have 102 gig left on my 480 gig SSD. Including W10. You can also get one of those Hybrid SSHD got one of those to, they are wery fast. 2TB for around 80-90 euro. Yea turn off Hibernation and you will free atleast 16 gig if you have that in you ram, put the swap file on one other drive and that will also save space. I have mine on my Firecuda SSHD. When I start up Skyrim or DOI I dont see the loading screens. It just starts.
  5. If you dont get one small SSD you can have OS and some games on your SSD, and use your other drives that you already have to games/storage. In my case I have OS on one 480 gig SSD, some games on the SSD and installed mods for Skyrim/FO4. As Laura says, faster booting time is way better, since it will get shorter time for Windows to do its stuff, and you can use your PC way faster.
  6. I have got the same issue several of times. Usally happens when you try to download one file from inside the treads. I have Avast/Firefox if that is one help.
  7. Uncle64


    Leave them at home. Easy tell the to stay.
  8. Fiss is one mod that is more or less must have mod. And is used for many SL mod. Why do you ask?
  9. CPU I did open up the mod in Tssvedit and the mod have FormId 43 when it should be 44 and it also have 31 ITM in it, and non of those should be in the mod. Duplicates of stuff from Skyrim masters.
  10. Uncle64

    SkyUI, SexLab and MO2

    Have you sorted your left side in MO2? Looks like you overwrite wrong files.
  11. Uncle64

    Opinion on inflation/pregnancy mods

    Yea you have posted in LE section. So I assume you want LE mods. But since you say SSE you cant use Beeing Female, since it is not updated for latest SSE. Those other mods you did talk about do actually have SSE versions. There you have Hentai and Fertility mode as your options for the moment.
  12. Uncle64

    Opinion on inflation/pregnancy mods

    Cans is obsolete, dont use it. Beeing Female did have support for it, but that was removed. You should use SLIF instead. But I have used NetImmerse instead only, and it works for me. You did miss one. And it is getting updates as also Fertile Mode. Beeing Female have the buffs/debuffs you want if you want to play immersive, last patch from Bane_master makes the mod more stable.
  13. You should consider to verify your files at steam.
  14. Uncle64

    Is Skyrim easy to mod?

    Read this before you even think about starting to mod.
  15. Uncle64

    Apropos2 Poll

    I miss one question. "I care for LE and SSE"