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  1. Hey men, i'm sorry to necro this old post, i was wondering if you have been able to disable the SL base oral expression from the sslBaseExpression script file? Cause i want to use my mfg oral preset but when i load it, after 2 seconds it switch back to the base oral expression from sexlab.... wich really isn't a oral expression.... i tried to disable expressions and lips sink in the MCM but useless..... i tried the mod "better blowjobs" but didn't really fit for me.... Thanks in advance, love your animations by the way, thanks for the fun haha
  2. Whoops sorry for the late reply, i noticed now! XD Anyway it is a tattoo png that i've found on internet, then i've replaced an already existing tattoo with this one, but i can't remember where i found it, it was long time ago...
  3. Hey Guys! How are you doing? I'm having a little problem with Kouleifoh high poly head, basically during oral scene the mouth does not open anymore, here's an example As you can see the inner part open a little, but the lips remain closed.... With the vanilla head everything's fine, did anyone had the same problem? Thank you very much for any help!
  4. Spying her bathing XP Short Animated video in the spoiler This is a preview of an incoming story i am making
  5. New High poly head preset coming soon! Almost done, looks good with almost every hairstyle
  6. Thank you WANOBI! I'm glad you like it! Another story is on coming, with more videos/GIF and effects!
  7. Hello Tirloque! Thank you for the nice words and the suggestions! I see you've paid attention to every detail so thank you really for watching, i'm glad you find it interesting! This was my first attempt ever to make a story, so it was more like a "quick" test for me than a real complete work... just to have an idea about how much time would it take to do a story with all the editings and the dialogues. Well it takes a huge amount of time to do a quality job, paying attention to all the details. Plus i've encountered some difficulties in writing
  8. Hey there mate! Nice to see you here! Thank you! Yeah this took me a lot of time, probably i will not be able to upload regularly, since i don't have a lot of time for this, but certainly you will see more haha The high poly head it's a massive help, no more blocky facial expression to correct, i love it. Today the site is deadly slow, i was going to upload some nice short videos but i gues i'll try later... Thank you again my friend! Hope you're having wonderful holidays!!
  9. Yeah it's my Skyrim haha, thank you very much!
  10. Hey guys, i just started making stories in Skyrim, they will be of all tipes, here's a preview of my first little story, just click on it, hope you enjoy it!
  11. it's Saturday night, it's freezing outside, Lucyah has decided to get warm in a nearby club she knows. The place is quiet and offers a pleasant atmosphere. She doesn't know yet. though, that the situation is about to get much "hotter"....
  12. Latex Blondie Skyrim 2020-12-13 15-48-33.mp4
  13. Yeah i also think kouleifoh head is great, the one Lestat posted. After you download and installed it, go in game, open racemenu, go under the "head" tab and at the "face part" slider switch to the High poly head, you can see it at the bottom right corner of the screen. then i suggest you to build a new character directly with the high poly head
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