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Anim Addons


A collection of patches and addons for c0ffee's RJW Animation Framework.



(Click on any to learn more)



Download and extract any of these to your \RimWorld\Mods folder.



They are all different mods that can be used separately

If using multiple then follow the load order below


Load Order:


GitgudIcon.png.7d2d71eb633fee369fb3e0c6be06edbb.png Git Pages:

Anim Addons are now hosted on Git Gud. Directly above are links to their pages.

The downloads section on LL now always links to the latest version of each addon.

This means you should ignore the upload date in the downloads section.



c0ffeeeee - Created and maintains Animation Framework and the base animations

AbstractConcept - Spriter to RJW animations Tool and new animations included in Xtra Animations

Ranot - Tweaked doggystyle to allow for animal on animal animations

Irix640 - Made Beast_Oral and Beast_Muzzlefuck animations



You need the latest version of Animation Framework V:1.1.5 (6/23/2021) or newer.

Otherwise you will have errors.


Discord.png Contact Me:

I am way more active on the RJW Discord server,

find me in the #anim_addons channel.


Ko-fi_Icon_RGB_stroke.thumb.png.2ab15ddd149477ede11ba84dee834765.png Support me


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Here is a collection of gifs that show some of the animations.

Note: this is not a comprehensive list of all animations included, some animations even are not included in AnimAddons like ones from RoboAnims, those have blue background.




preview01.gif.3b3237cea8627907a5ae6ec798e306f5.gif    preview02.gif.e94e64b7b835f60886c31c6ec3277d1f.gif


preview03.gif.58d7708d9e00e3902ebf69040f401432.gif    preview04.gif.44ffd2ad9c348ead831279fc09c7e551.gif

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Three way animations are most common via rape. It requires two pawns to rape same pawn at once. Lose a raid or two, should happen then lol. 


But they can trigger for consensual as well, it is just not very likely to occur unless you have a bunch of hypersexuals in your colony.

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Adds human grunts/screams/moans to Animation Framework

Current animation support:



  • Creates new versions of animations that are gender specific so the mod can recognize genders and not play incorrect voices
  • Does not replace sounds in C0ffee's animations, it only adds
  • The "isFucked" actor is usually the one making voice sounds
  • Can change voice volume in RJW settings
  • Adds feminine vocals (preview)MIGHT AUTOPLAY WHEN CLICKED
    • 6 grunts (open mouth)
    • 4 screams (open mouth)
    • 4 moans (closed/full mouth)
    • 3 fast moans (closed/full mouth)
  • Adds Masculine vocals
    • 4 grunts (open mouth)
    • 3 screams (open mouth)
    • 4 moans (closed/full mouth)
    • 3 fast moans (closed/full mouth)

VOICE PACKS: (optional)


Hentai Sounds.zip(female only)

Added: 7/13/2020 (preview)MIGHT AUTOPLAY WHEN CLICKED

Sounds from initial upload. Has a slight higher pitch asian/hentai sound to it. Uses moan sounds from Super Hentai pack.


Super Hentai Sounds.zip(female only)

Added: 7/13/2020 (preview)MIGHT AUTOPLAY WHEN CLICKED



Installing Voice Packs:


  1. Extract zip in to root folder of Voicepatch mod
  2. Overwrite files when asked

Changelog: Refer to main AnimAddon page.


Tutorial for adding Voice Patch voices to your own animations: (Updated 1/30/2021)


This patch adds sound groups to account for starting sex noises and climax sex noises



"Voiceline_FGrunt" starting sounds (open mouth)

"Voiceline_FScream" climax sounds (open mouth)

"Voiceline_FMoan" starting sounds (closed/full mouth)

"Voiceline_FMoanShort" climax sounds (closed/full mouth)


Male only animation version add a M at the beginning of these groups instead of a F


to get the animation to play sounds from those groups you want to add 

                <soundEffect>*NAME OF SOUND GROUP*</soundEffect>

inside your animation keyframes


                <!--Passive female left-->

I highly recommend that the sounds are only played every 50 ticks at the lowest.

Tutorial for splitting animations per gender: (Updated 6/23/2021)


Create separate animation defs for females and males. They need different def names from each other


For female/futa only fucked animations:

Add these lines to your isFucked actor (usually the first <li> node under <actors>)


For male only fucked animations:

It shouldn't matter but you should remove <li>Vaginal</li> from <sexTypes> if it is there

Add these lines to your isFucked actor (usually the first <li> node under <actors>)



    <label>beast doggystyle male only</label>


            (*SHITLOAD OF ANIMALS*)

This plays only when a male gets fucked by an animal


Having these two versions of your animation will let the framework know when a male is getting fucked and when a female/futa is getting fucked. If your female only version has the sound groups in the animations then only that version will play female sounds.



Edited by Tory187
Updated Tutorial for new gender detection node.
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Adds new animations:




Double Penetration:



 Double Penetration Plus Oral:






2/19/2021: 0.2.3 Fixed interaction def errors for 1.1 users

2/9/2021: 0.2.2 Added load folders. Updated interactionDefs and sexTypes for RJW 4.6.0

2/1/2021: 0.2.1 Fixed an error that would show if not using Voice Patch

1/30/2021: 0.2.0 New group (MMMxF) animation. Added interactionDef nodes for increased accuracy for Oral type animations. Enabled AC's Cunnilingus animation.

8/26/2020: 0.1.0 Moved Abstract Concepts animations to this mod. Now it's easy to add his animations without being forced to use Voice Patch

8/24/2020: 0.0.1 Initial upload, Adds Double Penetration animation

r/RimWorld Testimonials:




"This shit shouldn't exist" 


"This makes me want to commit randy random merciless mode in real life. This should be illegal to make"


"im just confused why someone would make themselves look at these realistic looking animations. Its sooooo uncanny."


"Now I wish the neuralyzer is real."



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Every animal can now use Animation Framework


On top of every animal/mech in vanilla this patch knowingly adds support for the mods listed directly below. If you don't see your animal adding mod in there, it could already be supported. Any animal mod that uses Rimworld's core bodytypes or any of the mods listed below's bodytypes already work for Animal Patch.


Known Mod Support:


  • Expands the list of animals that can use rjw animation framework
  • You wont get any errors if you don't have any of the mods listed above, it now patches modded animals if it detects you using them
  • Adds 10 animation defs
    • Beast_CowgirlF is for animal on female/futa humanlike (plays female sounds if using Voice Patch)
    • Beast_CowgirlM is for animal on male humanlike (plays male sounds if using Voice Patch)
    • Beast_DoggystyleF is for animal on female/futa humanlike (plays female sounds if using Voice Patch)
    • Beast_DoggystyleM is for animal on male humanlike (plays male sounds if using Voice Patch)
    • Mech_DoggystyleF is for mech on female/futa humanlike (plays female sounds if using Voice Patch)
    • Mech_DoggystyleM is for mech on male humanlike (plays male sounds if using Voice Patch)
    • Beast_Doggystyle2 is for male/futa humanlike on animal
    • Beast_Oral is for male/futa humanlike on animal
    • Beast_Muzzlefuck is for male/futa humanlike on animal
    • BeastxBeast_Doggystyle is for animal on animal
  • If the animations don't line up nicely use the offset manager included in the animations mod itself (disabled by default).
    • I recommend only modifying animal/mech positions as the position of humanlikes applies to all combinations within that animation
    • Changes with the offset manager only update when the game is unpaused




5/12/2021: 1.5.1 Added IridiumX's new animations for 1.1 users. Updated about.xml description to include new animations.

5/11/2021: 1.5.0 Added two animations by @IriX640(IridiumX): Beast_Oral and Beast_Muzzlefuck. Added patches for 虫娘Insectgirls and FenriWolves. 

3/20/2021: 1.4.2 Added support for Animation Framework patching in voiceline volume slider

3/4/2021: 1.4.1 Nejarrie added patches for RacetotheRim and DragonsDecentVoidDwellers (Thanks Nejarrie!)

2/20/2021: 1.4.0 Added Humanoid Beast animations for 2 legged "animals". Added patches for EroticCreatureCollection, WarhammerGor(its back!). Updated MagicalMenagerie patch

2/9/2021: 1.3.2 Added load folders. Added interactionDefs. Removed WarhammerGor patch (doesnt have animals, oops)

1/30/2021: 1.3.1 Added Vanilla Expanded Endangered

12/8/2020: 1.3.0 "The Implant Update" Mechanoids now finally animate when they implant. Added Mech_DoggystyleM and Mech_DoggystyleF. Updated Alpha Animals, MechanoidsExtraordinaire, MoreMechanoids, HALORimworldHereticMechanoids. Added patches for Orassans (Gryphon), Ni'Hal (Drake), RedDragon, Frilleus, WarhammerishDryad, WarhammerDaemonettes, WarhammerGor, WarhammerSkaven, Rimsenal-FederationFactionPack.

8/26/2020: 1.2.0 added patches for HALORimworldHereticMechanoids, MoreMonsterGirls, MorrowRim-JusttheAnimals, MorrowRim-OrsimerRace, ReGrowth-Wasteland-AnimalAddon, SaveOurShip2-Extensions, StarWarsAnimalCollection, SuperMarioAnimalsandExtras, HouseMaidNukos, RimcraftAnimals

8/24/2020: 1.1.1 Moving homes, added 1.2 support in About.xml, adds patches for Kyulen-NinetailFox, SacredWhiteFox

7/20/2020: 1.1.0 Major update, adds support for c0ffee's new cowgirl anim. Adds patches for AlienVsPredator, AnimalCollabProj, CallofCthulhu-CosmicHorrors, Dragon'sDescent, FalloutRacesTheRobotsPack, ForsakensFauna, GeneticRimCosmicHorrorsPatch, Horrors(Continued), MagicalMenagerie, MorrowRim, TheZerg!, [O21]PokemonRim.

7/13/2020: 1.0.1 Added support for male sounds from Voice Patch. Overwrites default animations in favor of new gender detected versions

7/11/2020: Major update, it's now a patch mod that actually patches content! Imagine that... Animal Patch... patching. It now only loads modded animals that it detects in your game. Uses the much smaller animal body defName list to load faster and increase mod support. I also adjusted the human on animal animation, human should be standing now and uses the fuck sound when fucking

7/8/2020: Added experimental version that uses BodyTypes instead of Race. Should load more efficiently 

7/3/2020: Hotfix forgot to include vatgrown insects in Vanilla Factions Expanded - Insects (oops)

7/3/2020: Added lots more modded animals (I have a lot of free time)

6/30/2020: Added Animations_Beast2.xml file for male/futa on animal animations (will likely need tweaks using offset manager)

6/27/2020: Initial upload






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Hi, i kinda wanted to ask something if i may, with the advent of upcoming extra animations being added, is there a possibility of adding into the mod config the ability of picking which animations can/can't play, kinda thinking on preferred animation playing, sorry , but i am not good with explaining what is going through my messed up mind.


I really like this mod and the extras, made playing a real change for the better, so , back to trying to explain myself, an option in the mod config to pick which animations can play.


Have i explained it right and good to understand?


Sorry to anyone who reads this drivel.

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1 hour ago, Middle_aged_dragon said:

is there a possibility of adding into the mod config the ability of picking which animations can/can't play,

Setting up a filter for the animations is a great idea. Posting in this thread will let c0ffee see your idea and maybe convince him to start working on something like that. 


I, on the other hand, don't know shit when it comes to C# and have no idea where to start to make something like that work.

1 hour ago, Middle_aged_dragon said:

Sorry to anyone who reads this drivel.

Nonsense, it's a great idea and you explained it clearly.

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@Tory187 Hey, animations are not playing for me at all, not even the RJW basic bumping animation.

Here is the error:


JobDriver threw exception in initAction for pawn Alastair driver=JobDriver_SexQuick (toilIndex=4) driver.job=(Quickie (Job_56837) A=Thing_Human3139)
System.TypeLoadException: Failure has occurred while loading a type.
  at (wrapper dynamic-method) rjw.JobDriver_SexBaseInitiator.DMD<DMD<Start_Patch1>?-1829387904::Start_Patch1>(rjw.JobDriver_SexBaseInitiator)
  at rjw.JobDriver_SexQuick.<MakeNewToils>b__4_8 () [0x00021] in <cef8035bf2394b4e882f8ade0afcf788>:0 
  at Verse.AI.JobDriver.TryActuallyStartNextToil () [0x001df] in <0ee2c524c4be441e9b7f8bfcb20aca6f>:0 
Verse.Log:Error(String, Boolean)
Verse.AI.JobUtility:DMD<DMD<TryStartErrorRecoverJob_Patch1>?60218112::TryStartErrorRecoverJob_Patch1>(Pawn, String, Exception, JobDriver)

Any solutions?

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1 hour ago, lolsex2300 said:

Any solutions?

Only questions:

  1. What version of RimWorld are you using?
  2. What version of RJW are you using?
  3. What version of Animation Framework are you using?

All of these can be answered with a hugslog (CTRL + F12 ingame) 

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3 hours ago, Tory187 said:

Only questions:

  1. What version of RimWorld are you using?
  2. What version of RJW are you using?
  3. What version of Animation Framework are you using?

All of these can be answered with a hugslog (CTRL + F12 ingame) 

Rimworld v.1.1.2654

RJW v4.2.6? (thats what appears in manifest xml)

Animation framework, Idk, I use the animation sugested by RJW and your addons


here is the link: https://gist.github.com/798453f502a0f79cbd134912bdf74935

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1 hour ago, squidfurry said:

I can't seem to initiate the group animation? How are you supposed to do it?

It's random chance, 2 of my pawns gangbanged a prisoner after they destroyed a settlemend. This animation may be only for non consensual, as couples rarely let their lover cheat on them and I have not seen a group sex, the one in the raid is the first time. So maybe it's just for prisoners under "comforting sex" option.

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6 hours ago, lolsex2300 said:


So I updated RJW, animations and voices work fine, but now I cant make my pawns prioritize a task by right clicking what I want them to do.

Ex: Before I could tell them to fap, order them to have quickies, cut down a marked tree, sow an area, etc...


Here is the ctrl + F12


any leads to what could be happening?

This might be due to launching the game out of steam. Looks like the mods are having a hard time loading in a specific way and that is usually due to not having the steam API running.

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A group animation will occur if there is two pawns already having sex and one other joins. The sex type of that animation will be of whatever the last pawn joined as. Being that there is only vaginal or anal type animations then only the spitroast and doublepenetration anim will play. Thats why I need to get more group animations to cover all the bases. Especially when a bunch of nymphos attack. There needs to be more female dom animations. especially for groups

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1 hour ago, Tory187 said:

Red dragon will be added to Animal Patch next update. Can't find this Frillius mod anywhere.


If you would rather not wait, you can just put this in the patches folder of animal patch

AnimationPatch_AnimalListBodyRedDragon.xml 1020 B · 0 downloads

Hungry Hungry Garden hoes. After finishing, if the relationship stats are high enough they will have quickie.. And perform cunnilingus, Succ out the spare seed, kiss swap and reverse cunninglius and spits the seed in the one wanting it, then scissor until HEAVY orgasm.


btw, why are the orgasms always "mild" even with Cum+ serum it's still "slightly" but bukake everything is common. it's wierd.

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