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  1. i do use mods for SE, i double check those pretty often. thank's again for replying
  2. I mean that i uninstalled the recent mods of which i updated and went back to previous versions, i know it's a bad thing to do, as i'm definitely going to need to update soon, but for now it works, will check the mods one by one when i get out of hospital, sorry i wasn't clear.
  3. Thank's for the reply's i just rolled back the mods so i can play. sorry again for bugging everyone with this
  4. Hi, i just wanted to ask, is there any way to check for crash logs in skyrim SE if i'm using mods? kinda wanna find out why it crashes on startup, like when i load a save or start a new save, kicks me back to desktop. so, is there a way to check?. also, sorry for being a complete idiot
  5. Hi again, will look into the logs to check and on a sidenote i don't use unpacked mods, thank you for taking the time to reply ^_^
  6. Hi, Got a bit of an issue, just updated and the npc's vanish, ya know like they just blinked out of existence, great for the fps boost but not to sure if i fudged up here, removed the loungable patch and installed the latest version, no go i'm afraid. sorry to bug you with this menial post. Edit.......typical dumb me didn't check other posts..............so sorry
  7. Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and a happy new year to Lovers Lab and the community, i hope you all have a fantastic time ^_^
  8. Hi, i'm Jon from England, saying hi to y'all ^_^
  9. Hi, There is a paint program called Gimp, good for starbound stuff, sorry to butt in like that
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