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  1. they shouldn't be nude unless they're in an anim
  2. It's not recommended to use the Vanilla Expanded mods with RJW
  3. not sure, I think they probably do but you'd have to try it and see
  4. Animations are still bugged with hats display selection
  5. Update to the latest version of HAR
  6. do you get any specific errors?
  7. Gitgud seems to be down, here's the latest download RJW-Events.rar
  8. Gitgud seems to be down, here's the latest download Rimworld-Animations.rar
  9. animations are still bugged but at the very least it won't throw errors
  10. Hey everyone, Sorry this update took awhile. It's up now on Gitgud, fixes to offsets acting weird and animations not starting when they're supposed to regarding HAR. If you're seeing any further problems with offsets or anything, let me know 😄
  11. I think it may have to do with the latest update of HAR. I'm super busy this week, I'll work on updating over the weekend if I have time, sorry
  12. Oh, Nice! I remember seeing NALS in the Discord awhile ago, so probably. Give them my thanks
  13. Can you send screenshots and logs? I'm trying to debug rn but I'm not able to reproduce anything
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