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  1. May I suggest; rings, necklaces, earrings, chokers, collars? Something that Sims can purchase or acquire? I see Basemental has consumables that imbue traits? I'm thinking "naughty" jewelry could imbue different traits once worn?
  2. well we can see reading comprehension isn't your strength. I've certain there are other things you are okay at.
  3. It's complete bullshit.. There are far too many API calls it makes use of. It's old, decrepit, bloated, shits it's pants, tracks it through the house... Yeah, I actually supported the HOOK 5 development.. Odd thing is it LITERALLY RUINED several working builds and installs. Even running on different computers. "Oh great. All my models and girls are demonic shadow fanged beasts.. Welp at least they are still fit and skinny". I even went and restored registry backups, spent time deleting entries for the game and stripped it down to bare bones. HOOK5 still managed to fuck everything up. So I walk
  4. that could be said for any content here. Truth is any of these companies could do the same things. There is a difference though... If your spread sheet or word processor can open a file... Well look at this way. .pdf was a proprietary format. Right? right. Adobe. Then came a bunch of the first readers/editors like foxIt pdf... Up to today where we have a .pdf reader on every single phone and in our browsers. And Adobe are bastards much like all big software companies. The same can be said of.. Well EA and Beth/Zenni/MS.. Not friendly at all. Those mixer guidelines were bad. And we
  5. No... If you are honest. You get to a certain point in development. If the code base already has double in size and or there has been significant progress in optimization... A decent developer will say... "I'm already rich.. I should do a Hook6 and release 5.." win/win. "You haven't dated since the 70's?" What are even doing here...? Nope, not biting I know the antagonistic types such as yourself bring to the table. Pick a fight with someone else, not interested in your line of reasoning. It's fucked up. I'm reminded of the guy who made driver CD's for installs, you know the type
  6. I tried the dgVoodoo. But then I remembered a few steps I needed to use... Pretty sure Windows 10 would kill this laptop. I had to specify on my laptop via the NVidia control panel to add program and make sure it used the GPU vs the CPU for rendering. It's an older model Dell.
  7. ... it is not intended "easy to read"... it is intended as acknowledgement using the slang and history of that time. What part of the lingo did you not understand. I'll be happy to share with you the secrets of the Horadric cube.
  8. My laptop runs a GTX 525 guess what.. It runs fine. I added all the required updates and still failed.. BUT HERE IS THE TRICK.. DID YOU.. ADD THAT PROGRAM to THE NIVIDA control PANEL Apps? If you didn't be it win 7 or win 10.... IT WILL ALWAYS FAIL. Internal gfx accelerated must be the integrated card period.
  9. I've been hanging out with "The Klub" a long time. More then 6 years. I am not proud of it and between all the hard drive failures and bade events it existed... Now to question the "game play" ? Shit.. That is like asking what was "dating" like in the 90's. Those days you hold a 5 draw and 4 to re-draw from and spare. These days, you get snapchats cam story shoved in you face... You fail the roll straight to jail. IRL girls are DEEP within "the game" Hypergamy nothing. Back to the plantation or she will accept the gang bang.. In fact she'll take a gang bang just to cut you for even
  10. DO NOT INCLUDE HOOK 5 Premium in ANY listings or repacks.. THAT FUCKING BASTARD WAS THE ONE WHO NUKED MODSGARDEN and TKSHELTER.. he got rich then threw everyone under the bus. He tore the community apart.. then after half of the effort was behind importing scene into Hook 5 and the other half still behind Hook 4.. HE STRUCK. MAY THAT JERK GET A STD THAT PUT HIM IN A GRAVE! That said.. I have found a clean TK4R and a Slim Edition II. TK4R has not FFF threesome scenes nor MFF scenes. No ANY FF with M scenes.. it's pretty sh
  11. Everyone please don't post direct from sources.. If you can try and data scrape.. Make a big collection bundle it. Then put it something like a .nz or gderived. Even these freedoms to coded in what we like and what we feel are being crushed. It might not mean anything to you of something you found wonderful.. But to someone who has ever seen light... and lived in darkness it could be a life line to hope for tomorrow. Yeah... I'm stuck now.. Pissing up wind against a "community" that doesn't know if it wants to get fisted or cuddle. Honey Select 2 tech is F
  12. If it isn't source code and it's just random bits of data... that just so happens to fit with another program. The caution is unjustified and rather sophistic. Just like people in the dark ages because they didn't know what a particular book, tome or ledger said or that the formulas where mathematic in nature they considered it the work of the devil and then they burned it.. Is that what you suggest?
  13. Since this seems like the best place to ask and there aren't really any tutorials/resources (or folks to ask directly). And many here are accomplished coders and modders. Hopefully I'm not upsetting anyone or breaking the rules talking about unity. Not to mention how comprehensive and vast the frameworks of Wicked Whims and SexLabs. Would people consider making frameworks like the previously mentioned for Unity games? or would that be too much of a grey zone for folks. There happens to be a lot of usage of BepInEx and Harmony and dnSpy. dnSpy has
  14. Well, F95zone and AnimeSharing have good communities that cover erotica/hentai games. That said the worst problem with Illusion games modding community. Is that way too many everyone there are obsessed with import/exporting clothing accessories, fetishizing models and scene building / lighting work. So much so, that most modders that actually know what they are doing are overall busy trying to cater to the Studio Community instead of making a good framework like Wicked Whims or SexLab SE / SexLab LE. (people even go so far to justify that SexLab was only possible becaus
  15. >What makes you happy. When the attractive, pretty and fit girl I've been crushing on wants to take a little nap but it turns out into a make out session that turns into all out lust/sex/fucking/lovemaking with me on top, inside at full depth while she has her arms locked around my back and legwraped and locked around my waist while making eye contact in between kissing and caressing. I really really miss those days.
  16. >writes essays and fixates on kinsey >puts massive emphasis on how important it is >gets told that we don't do psychology here, go bother a mod author on steam >asks for threesomes to include a male anilingus animation while male and female are MAKING BABIES. "It's just a game bro" >every single post is about politics. 👏 go'way off to reddit or twitter with yea.
  17. I am a bad man in rimworld... Well, I'm still can't bring myself to harvest organs (I have heard the "harvest everything" mod allows one to make uh... husk? I mean it would be a blob of viscera and blood that use to held everything together.) My normal Character Start is with main hero / mini me. Then via re-roll make sure they are all hotties and fertile. Add relationship as first lover, then they sleep amongst themselves, then from their point of view add mini-me as the fiance. Ah... Very important note. Reunion (Ally) Mod Trait is a GOD SEND for filling
  18. Another one that could cause issue would be NL Facial Animations.. But place it under RJW animations otherwise for whatever reason the game decides you get to keep your vanilla game face but applies it OVER the main body (like an overlay or something.)
  19. The Children and Pregnancy... Handles ALL the animals on the map. But remember it will create conflicts.
  20. Hungry Hungry Garden hoes. After finishing, if the relationship stats are high enough they will have quickie.. And perform cunnilingus, Succ out the spare seed, kiss swap and reverse cunninglius and spits the seed in the one wanting it, then scissor until HEAVY orgasm. btw, why are the orgasms always "mild" even with Cum+ serum it's still "slightly" but bukake everything is common. it's wierd.
  21. nice catch.. it was posted after I found that thread... Hats off to you. You get the gold star today and tomorrow. Posted 0.671 MB Aug 29 @ 3:47pm
  22. Yes, it's gone. Sorry https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=2202142933 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2202142933 Maybe you still have a copy of 2202142933_<however it was labeled>.zip, check your downloads and cache and mod locations. If steam software didn't nuke it. A little more digging... https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198413693021/myworkshopfiles?appid=294100 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2198830432 Yeah, Author of the EN patch was being hara
  23. I should mention even with Dev on.. If it says "None".. and you add a trait. "None" will be the first item in you save game for that pawn. See the save game guide on page 1. Nugerumon, thank you. I do ramble. I don't mean to. Excellent explanation.
  24. I wish... I'm throwing so many errors I don't even know where to start or they came from. I'm afraid I'm stuck with a extremely competent and hyper educated 10 year old female that I can't place in the Aging Capsule to hit 18 correctly. Not only that the scaling, head sizes and hair styles are completely messed up. Litterally bald but with two sets of hair styles in different scaling values. Got rid of Children & Pregnancy because RJW handles that and Children Learning forcing kids born at 14 is a blessing since they can consent.. But Having a 10 year old Female Rap
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