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  1. There is also the possibility that some moders don't actually use this site and only posted their mods here because rjw is already here but apart from that they use other mod distribution methods.
  2. Real Faction guests is not compatible with Pregnancy mods or event pawns. It replaces them when it shouldn't and they end up wrong Faction and Race. It fixes one thing but breaks a number of other cases. Including Nymphs, certain pawnkinds and their babies, and basically every intentionally Factionless pawn such as abominations.
  3. Then you shouldn't expect any non vanilla lovin based pregnancy.
  4. Lore friendly immortals.
  5. Medical System Expansion 2 not working is usually on the user side of issues.
  6. RJW uses the Tag that goes in lifestageDefs present in Vanilla to determine minimal fertility age.
  7. You sure you are installing mods properly and updating them
  8. Vanilla LifeStageDef code
  9. A script to use Git to version it. And to use 7Zip to archive it with out a bunch of unused files. Only useful for creating an archive for distribution.
  10. You extracted the archive wrong. You have the mod 1 folder too deep. For example "mods/rjw/rjw" should be "mods/rjw". This is explained in several locations probably even in the main post of this thread, this falls under basic usage of Archive extractors.
  11. Their Age % compared to their Life Expectancy
  12. By design and it reduces issues. Lore wise Highlander Immortals can't reproduce.
  13. Rape is non-con and before casual sex was a thing rape was the only way to have sex out of bed. It is very in line with the game to layer many things behind one thing part of being abstract. The body size of an animal is also a contributing factor to willingness to have sex with the animal. Do you even have a mod that allows you to create hybrids ? RJW only makes it possible to produce hybrids it doesn't have the hybrids premade.
  14. The pawn you have selected is not Hero. You are only meant to control the hero. Rape is pretty much required for beast. Don't need masochist for beast action to be positive just zoophile iirc.
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