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  1. There is in discord and on git So old versions are easy to get
  2. No one forced you to update. So you fund all of the RJW mod creators ? Not funding a mod because a secondary and separate mod seems pretty weird. Aren't you fast to lose faith its been what 2 or 3 days only.
  3. Only if the user is doing something wrong. Or using some other problematic mods.
  4. If you use menstruation or sexperience just don't expect rjw to function as usual or expected.
  5. Nice of you to provide said log. But here are a few guesses. You use an rjw sub mod that is outdated for your rjw version. You use a mod that alters pregnancy such as menstruation in which case it might be working just fine and it is just a non fertile time. Or you use immortals mod and at least one of your participating characters is an immortal in which case everything is working fine.
  6. Not supposed to be on chest.
  7. Support not really. You can mod the game but majority of modding is either using a tool such as Harmony to modify code or having your own isolated code. But as far as Vanilla seems to care you can suffer modding it. At times I felt it would have been more productive making my own game than modding certain features into rimworld. Doesn't help there is quite a bit of odd restrictions, an annoying amount of hard code, and an unhealthy love of Enums. At least for something that people see as mod friendly.
  8. If only they ran every frame instead of every tick at least for UI. In higher speeds that you could be calling 6 times for every frame and for UI and render that is no benefit. But yeah as far as normal game speed goes 1 frame = 1 tick since both run 60 a second in standard hardware. Rimworld uses VSync by default and certain devices have higher than 60 fps as a default.
  9. Go to your User/Appdata/LocalLow/Ludeon/RimWorld/Configs Erase the files I there that you want to reset to default while the game is off. Launch and open mod settings yo regenerate them. Avoid erasing the Preferences and ModsConfig files those are your game settings and load order. If you are not on Windows or struggle finding the correct folder refer to the ReadMe in the Games Root folder or Google where the save files are or go to base game settings and select one of those open Folders options.
  10. Nope not a part of base rjw.
  11. Best ask in the thread of the mod the cum bucket is from ?
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