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Animation Converter (Spriter to RimJobWorld Animation Framework) 1.0.0

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About This File

The purpose of this application is to greatly improve the experience of making custom animations for the RimJobWorld Animation Framework (RAF), created by c0ffeeeee. It allows you to convert animations created in Spriter, by BrashMonkey, into a format readable by the RAF (this application is compatible with the free version of Spriter!)


The application file is an .exe, but the full source code has been included, so you are very welcome to read through the code and then compile it yourself


** Note that, at present, this conversion tool only generates the animationStages needed for the AnimationDef; you will need to manually specify the animation's defName, the actor types involved, body type offsets, etc. If this tool gains some popularity, a more complex animation creation wizard might be developed **


For best results, make sure to read ALL the instructions listed in the README file!


As this is the first release of this tool, there may be bugs. If something strange occurs that isn't covered by the README file, please leave a comment

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