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I stopped modding


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Hello, I stopped modding.

I may maintain my mods for the dozen games I modded but I think I will not do new mods for these games.


If I will find a new game wort modding I may restart.


Thanks for all the support.


Post Scriptum:

I am NOT leaving LoversLab or stopping to help other people. I will just not do other mods on the games I already modded.

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  Your mods with your dedication to details have given me hours of entertainment.

I only wish I processed a third of your talent.


Enjoy your hiatus, hopefully there will be a game worthy of your talents in the future.

If you ever need a tester, let me know.


Once again, thanks for all your hard work.

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Can't blame you really.  At the moment Bethesda is experiencing the mother of all backlashes, EA is doing EA things, CDPR is getting a lot of publicity, Obsidian is getting a lot of love from the New Vegas community with Outer Worlds announcement and Rockstar Games is drowning in money on how popular Red Dead Redemption 2 is (it's multiplayer sucks dick but the single player is Witcher 3 in scale and grandeur).


Not much going on but I worry for the Fallout franchise now.  I'm hoping Fallout 76 wasn't the kiss of death to it.  If Bethesda is smart, they'll let Obsidian have another crack it with New Vegas 2, Fallout: The Hub or hell even a remake of New Vegas with core support to the mod developers via Fallout 4: New Vegas team or collaboration.  If Bethesda wants to get back ANY of the good will it just fucking ground into a bloody paste on the floor, they better do something smart.

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