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  1. Chosen Clue

    The Selachii - Shark Race

    I don't remember if I mentioned this to you, @Blaze69, but IIRC some of the schlong armors need to have the "MagicDisallowEnchanting" keyword, to prevent empty enchantment entries when using the Enchanting workbench. I think from what I can see in the main ESP, it's the cut and uncut human genitals.
  2. Chosen Clue


    Will there be a PapyrusUtil for Fallout 4 in the future? i feel that useful mod utilities are what is lacking for Fallout 4's modding to really get interesting.
  3. Chosen Clue

    Bad Dog's Skimpy Clothes

    Ah, cool. I've already compiled a list of the clothing that i could find that has that belly gap issue. Just to make sure, that belly game is right above the genitals, right?
  4. Chosen Clue

    Fallout 76 announcement? (Bethesda Live Stream)

    In november 2019 is Bethesda's estimate on when private servers and modding will come.
  5. Chosen Clue

    Bad Dog's Skimpy Clothes

    Here's a list of armors that i found some genital gap and/or wrist gap bugs with: --- The Syntax: <editorID>, <loadorderID> dbarmorshortsleeve, 5abc3 clothesredguardclothes, 7bc19 clothesfineclothes02, cee80 clotheswenchclothes01, d191f DBClothesRedguardClothes, e0dd0 ClothesFineClothes02Variant, f8715 DLC1ArmorVampireArmorRoyalRed, 0200b5db (02 digits being dawnguard) DLC1ArmorVampireArmorValerica, 020194c5 --- Most of these are probably due to vertex difference issues between the 0 weight and the 1 weight models. I'm not asking you to fix these right away, I'm just trying to help out by giving you some models to take a look at. The best way to find these issues is to set your character weight to halfway (50), use player.equipitem <itemid>, then look at wrists, the genital area, the neck area, or any place where you know the body model transitions to a different model. I'll say again, I'm not rushing you to fix these things, I know how hard it is to do this kind of thing due to whatever black magics the BGS team to make these systems work, and how delicate they can be. I can't even figure out why my attempts at converting skimpy outfits to having HDT butts, breasts, and stomach have the same issue, even though the bone weighting was the same.
  6. Chosen Clue

    Bad Dog's Skimpy Clothes

    do you per chance have the commoners belts skimpy clothes mod? that one conflicts with BDSC(this mod) This here is why it's conflicting: Because Commoner Belts edits the armor data record, the forearms and calves section doesn't show up. Since the latest version of bad dog's skimpy clothes mod covers all that commoner belts does, it might be better to install one or the other. The gap between the belly and genitals is a different issue however.
  7. In FPE, how do I make a character pregnant?  Do I use the animation gun or is it a dialogue thing?

  8. Chosen Clue


    yep, that new pex fixed the issue, but the issue with the BFA_ssl script and the MCM still exists. And I see that it was the devious devices check that was erroneously inside the while loop.
  9. Chosen Clue


    Hoo boy, glad i wasn't the only one receiving the bug. @Bane Master, what did you change in that FWSystem.pex file you uploaded? I have a custom one that I modified to find out where the issue lie, and just commented out the SSL_Installed if statement. It also appears that if you open the BeeingFemale MCM too fast, the SexLab addon doesn't get properly detected and the creature sperm feature also gets turned off. I believe this is because on every game load, the sexlab addon, for whatever reason, seems to reset itself (i've checked the "OnGameLoad" function in the BFA_SSL psc) Then, the FWSystemConfig (MCM script) turns off creature sperm if the MCM page is loaded before the SexLab addon has time to reset.
  10. Chosen Clue


    I have an issue with having the creature sperm setting. It won't save that I have it on. I am using the latest version, and I have installed the fix by Bane Master. I also have found that when I open the Beeing Female MCM, SexLab compatibility says "Not Compatible" for a moment, but if I give it some time before opening the MCM after loading a save, it will say that SexLab is Compatible. I have been able to set the creature sperm setting to be on, but when I load the save and use the console command "ShowQuestVars BF_Config", it shows that creature sperm variable has been set back to false. EDIT: I have been able to narrow the issue down to FWSystem, the function on line 257. For some reason, the FWSystem script doesn't detect that sexlab is installed, and disables creature sperm.
  11. Chosen Clue

    SexLab Inflation Framework

    Hey qotsafan, have a nice vacation! I don't know when you will have time to fix this, but there were a couple of bugs in the Pee and Fart patch, where a guard could be dead, but still report the crime of relieving oneself in public. Also, there's a diaper mechanic that could be toggled, but with the current patch of PAF in the patches download, the diaper is applied no matter the user setting. There's also a Devious Devices related fix/tweak. I remember posting about this a while ago, and you did respond to it. I don't know if you might have forgotten about it. Attached to the post is a psc and a pex of these bugs fixed. Fixes should be credited to @LazyBoot, as they were the ones to write them and fix the issues. All i did was apply them to the patch version. PAF_MainQuestScript.pex PAF_MainQuestScript.psc
  12. Do I use this version of ZaZ anim pack, or the 8.0 one? and are DD related mods compatible with both versions, or just one of them?
  13. Chosen Clue

    Player Gets Necro'd

    Well, you'd have to convert the ESP to the special edition version of the esps. Hey, this is pretty cool. RN i can't really update PGN'd because of real life stuff I have to focus on, but I want to say thank you for providing this patch to people.
  14. Chosen Clue

    Lovers Adult Play Plus for SSP

    It was just the text that was mixed up, didn't take long to fix it with TES4Edit.
  15. Chosen Clue

    Lovers Hooker 3.0 - Dukky Version

    Ah, that makes sense. I agree that Dukky's version has the LAPF compat version, while the original 2.51 lovershooker patch is probably the correct one to use as the new dialogues have the function calls to get the poses instead of the preset poses in the LAPF compat version. The only difference in the MainHookers script is that the hooker dialogue isn't offered when first greeting the npc, and is instead inside the primary dialogue topic of AdultPlay