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  1. Family Planning Enhanced

    If you deactivate an esp and load a save that had it activated, that means that anything created by the mod gets removed.
  2. Family Planning Enhanced

    I added it back in for FPE 2.0. It was taken out when I made enhanced because I didn't quite like leaving morphs on mothers once they gave birth, as I think it could cause some save bloat.
  3. SexLab Inflation Framework

    Thank you very much for the continued support!
  4. Family Planning Enhanced

    Oh my. Hopefully my mod doesn't have anything that bad. After all, I did a test run of FPE 2.0 around downtown boston area where humans are, and noticed my save didn't really grow very much.
  5. Family Planning Enhanced

    And it's out. hope there's nothing gamebreaking in there because I hate to disappoint.
  6. Family Planning Enhanced

    And the description is updated. Now get to uploading.
  7. Family Planning Enhanced

    Okay, this post is going to be linked in the mod description: FPE V2.0 might as well be a completely new mod in comparison to FPE 1.xx. Saves with older versions of FPE will not work when FPE 2.0 is installed, unless you clean the save of the older FPE first. If you want to transition a character to FPE 2.0, you need to do the FPE reset on the Debug page of FPE's MCM. Uninstall FPE 1.16, then load your save, wait like 5 seconds, then save. Then, take that new save and run it through a save cleaner, like Fallrim Tools. Then you can install FPE 2.0 Or, and this is the simplest, just start a new character after uninstalling the older FPE and installing FPE 2.0. Do this if you don't mind starting over. Please, don't come to me about bugs if you decided to just slap FPE 2.0 on an FPE 1.16 or lower save without cleaning the save first. You have been warned. And just to let everyone know, this is a X.0 version, so there's bound to be bugs you may come across. Please report them here with your papyrus logs in your "Users/*username*/Documents/My Games/Fallout4/Logs/script" folder. Make sure that you do this right away, as running the game 4 more times after you encounter an issue, then reporting to me with the logs is useless. REPORT THE BUGS AS SOON AS YOU CAN.
  8. Family Planning Enhanced

    Just make sure that in one of the last four times you've ran FO4, that you have come across the issue. Then, once the issue happens, immediately stop the game, and upload the logs.
  9. Family Planning Enhanced

    I keep extending this damned deadline so I'll just revoke it and say that I'm currently writing the new mod description. If all goes well, the mod description will be done soon™
  10. Family Planning Enhanced

    Users/*username*/Documents/My Games/Fallout4/Logs/script folder But you first have to enable logging when that happens. If you don't have it enabled, then that might be the cause of the problem. Learn more here
  11. Family Planning Enhanced

    Thank you for your words of encouragement. I'm testing the fix for the bug right now, and contemplating not putting out RCs until I have the time to test them first
  12. Family Planning Enhanced

    papyrus logs pls
  13. Family Planning Enhanced

    Please do not get hyped. ATM smashing a bug that I can only equate to smashing my head against a wall.
  14. Family Planning Enhanced

    And then every time I think I've fixed it, another bug crops up. Fuck. Now the children the babies are spawning don't have their birthdates properly set. ARGH.
  15. Family Planning Enhanced

    ah fuck I'm really foaming out the mouth at how I found that issue where distant babies growing up would spawn children at the player's position, and fixed it, yet at the same time I'm not quite sure how I even fixed it