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  1. Four Play Sex Em Up

    Here's a pre-release. Tell me if there are any problems you encounter, and the steps you took to encounter it. 4PlaySEU 2.5 Pre-Release.zip
  2. Radiant Prostitution/Gigolo

    I'm having a weird issue playing with a custom race. I try to approach NPCs as a male Selachii (Shark Race mod) and I can never convince them to have sex with me. I set the prostitution to be both active and passive, and wore the tavern clothes, then clients approach me. but I can't seem to approach them successfully as the custom race. I used console to switch me to argonianrace, and then approaching them worked. I believe it might be due to no fall back dialogue for custom races. I think it would be nice if there were a couple of generic lines as well as the specific ones.
  3. Four Play Sex Em Up

    Update (with major features listed below) coming in roughly on the weekend. Added to the Flirting system: Now you can offer your companion or dog ( @VonHelton should be happy) for sex to other NPCs. Added Prostitution: Player can whore out themselves or their companion. Added Surrender: Player (when alone, for now) can surrender to Humans, non-feral ghouls, and super mutants. You may be able to convince them to let you go, for a price. Changed Hotkey functionality: Now there will be an Active hotkey, and a passive hotkey. Flirting, masturbation, and assault will be on the Active hotkey. The Passive hotkey will contain the Prostitution and Surrender functions. Changed Flirting system: Threesome offer is now after you flirt with the NPC, so that I could make room for offering your companion. Note on the Flirting system changes: All changes apply to both the Simple version of the flirt system (aka SEU 1.0 esque) and the Dialogue version. Changed Assault system: Now you can sick your companions onto enemies to assault them via menu. Changed MCM: Revamped to accommodate the new features listed above. Fixed Flirt dialogue: Added some safety precautions to the flirting dialogue to properly close the quest if the flirting dialogue gets interrupted. And finally: an apology. Sorry it took this long to get all this stuff out. Life and stuff gets in the way ya know? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Family Planning Enhanced

    Gotta finish SEU update first. Which only needs it's Surrender function finished now. Prostitution via SEU is coming soon.
  5. BeeingFemale

    If you have windows version past 7 go into your Services and disable "Touch Keyboard and Handwriting Panel" Service. That is known to cause crashes with skyrim after 15 minutes of playtime.
  6. Family Planning Enhanced

    Normal abort is not useless as the pill only works for the first month. Dialogue is slow because there are no audio files
  7. Four Play Nudesuits

    Delete the MaleBody.nif you install from Leito's mod to have underwear out of sex scenes.
  8. Family Planning Enhanced

    Naming can't be done on a per reference basis ATM, and I don't have the tools to make a F4SE plugin that would allow such renaming.
  9. I was wondering if you could help me? Everything was running great with my fallout 4 game, then it crashed. Now I get an error message f4se scripts folder missing? I don't know how to fix this? I re-installed f4se 0.6.6 and I'm still getting the same error message. The stripping is not working and the animations won't work. If you have any idea on how to fix this, that would be great!

    Thanks, Staci


    1. Chosen Clue

      Chosen Clue

      Are you sure you re installed the scripts part of F4SE?

  10. Family Planning Enhanced

    Not quite sure. I keep getting these kinds of reports, but no papyrus logs nor specific NPCs nor specific mod load orders.
  11. Family Planning Enhanced

    Breasts do grow with FPE. It all depends on the morph you're using. Due to how FPE does its morphing, the body morphs need the "DoubleMelon" named morph for it to affect anything. It could be that FPE's morph strings aren't up to date with latest body morphs. FPE does not introduce anything related to menstrual cycles. Therefore, whatever mod that has added it to your game ( I assume RSE ) doesn't account for pregnancy during it.
  12. Four Play Sex Em Up

    you didn't install all of Crazy's animations
  13. Four Play Sex Em Up

    Make sure that you have scripts enabled if you have Noscript or any other script blocking extensions for your browser. Otherwise, it could be an error with the servers.
  14. Family Planning Enhanced

    That last bit you said there makes me want Scent of Sex for FO4.
  15. Family Planning Enhanced

    I can't, simply because that would require changing Four Play itself, and Four Play isn't built for that and I definitely do not like how the current iteration of Four Play has handled setting up animations. leito's animation mod is it's separate thing that is custom built for playing stages. I do have something else in the works that I may be able to get supporting staged anims, but that's far in the future.