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  1. IIRC SoS's spells invoke it. I also like to use it as part of a custom patch to SL aroused instead of the typical bends, since cocks kinda don't bend to a 160 degree angle from the downward position irl when peeps are super horny . So If you find it too much of a hassle to implement it's nbd. I had been doing some tinkering with sex scenes using the skyrim scene system, and one scene has npcs strip and then get an erection, but i found that it really takes you out of the scene when cocks just pop into erections instead of grow into them when an npc is naked, and I noticed that BDhoodies doesn't equip the P1 mesh when the SlowErect animation is called. Edit2: I just checked the scripts, you don't handle erection animation calls anymore via RCAE. Looks like you're handling them on a mod by mod basis in the script. Would I be correct in assuming that any mod calling anim events outside of the mods covered in the script won't affect the mesh swaps?
  2. Would it be possible for hoodies to detect SOSSlowErect anim events and play the animation of going from a flaccid to erect state with the p1 mesh equipped? I noticed that the anim doesn't quite play on sheathed chars.
  3. Updated Buffout 4 and installed the TBB Redist, and that fixed it! Thanks! Do you know what's the reason behind Scaleform crashes? I noticed Buffout 4 changes the memory allocation it uses. Is this something funny with Adobe Flash? OH MY GOD i'm so sorry I didn't see the "Fixes crashes with UI and perk tree" part of the reqs. That's my bad! I'm sorry.
  4. I don't know why, but with the latest file, my game ctd's when i open up the perk list. I've disabled all the plugins that come with UAP and it still ctd's upon loading the perk list, so I figure it's not a load order issue of any kind that I've encountered. Has anyone else encountered this? disabling UAP in my mod organizer remedies this, so that's something. edit: I've narrowed it down to something to do with AAF, or something in the AAF folder. My guess is that I need to update AAF to the latest version? Mine is 154.0 beta, and i don't quite know what the latest one is. another edit: It seems that despite updating to the latest aaf, the game still crashes when i load up the perk list.
  5. I had a kink flareup and had made a private edit of the Legendary Edition of the mod to allow for scenarios such as this. as well as many other modifications to the mod. I dunno who i'd need to ask for permission to upload it, nor do i know what needs to be changed to port it to special edition. @Pfiffy probably knows what they needed to do to make this mod compatible with Special Edition, if anything at all. In the meantime, I'll be working on porting my private edit to Special Edition, then see if I can't get permissions to release it. It's a very large edit, so I'll have to see about making it compatible if one were to just install this version over the last version of SLEN. Otherwise I'll remove update code for previous SLEN versions and it'd basically be a new edition of the mod entirely with no compat with previous versions.
  6. Does the VR version use the same script source code as the SSE's script source code?
  7. ah, i see! I guess at some point it was integrated into MNC? I fixed the issue by installing ABC.
  8. Thank you for the response, MMG. What's ABC? Is a fix in the works?
  9. So I've noticed this issue with the draugr genitals model. I have an image of this draugr who's genits on death stick thru his body. I've checked via my Mod Organizer 2 that nothing, not even BSAs, are overriding the skeleton in any specific weird way, so I know it isn't that. I'm not sure what his could be tbh. I'll be happy to provide more information on request. Edit: Some more info, I checked the draugr race form in TESVEdit and saw nothing editing it, not sure what else could be different in the plugin list that could affect this, if this is a plugin issue at all.
  10. Got a new computer had to start over again, bummer. The Puppies and Pregnancies work, without any notifications. It's really hard to know if the pup or the babies worked without notifications. Just need the notifications back. The MCM says they are all on, but I don't receive them.  How do I fix this? Thanks, Staci

  11. Oof i made the edit to the 1.03 version. Looks like i'm going to have to cross reference the difference between versions
  12. Will there be a future feature that will allow for same sex npcs to determine who tops and who bottoms? I think i could slap it together and upload the changes if not.
  13. I didn't want anything but anthros in my house so I modded the default hearthfire bard to be a selachii 😝 Thank you for the mod blaze!
  14. Hey BadDog, what toolset do you use to make or edit skyrim armors? I've been trying to get HDT bellies on all male armors but every solution on the net has resulted in the nif exporting poorly out of blender or other quirky things.
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