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  1. about the first gif with imgur, how do you swing the body and head of the actor - with postmotion? I mean, it's not just the movement of bones, but is there some kind of controller (like a spring in 3ds max)? Or some scripts on key nodes?
  2. That short script on the participants themselves, they send themselves to the alies of the quest. (and by the way, by scene I mean just script triggering and animation (in a broad sense), and not what is in the constructor - I don’t use that. ) ЭThese are just two actors on the beach, if you get close to them, then the player will become a participant in the animation - that's all. Э But you can just watch them, these are the actions of the environment for hot springs. Because there are no such mods and frameworks (loke Lovers Joburg), where the framework itself looks for participants for animation. You either have to talk to someone or be aggressive - this is annoying But the question about random participants is a reserve for the future, so that this quest script can be used for other actors. Those. since I did not find a better way than with a quest, I decided to make it universal. ///////////////////////////////// Thanks also for the detailed explanations, while I need to translate everything and understand what you have written. Actually my scene works without problems, but it takes a very long time to update - it annoys me.
  3. About my scene, I have two actors, when they are loaded into the game, their script passes their references to the quest to start the animation. I consider that an absolutely unnecessary action, but I don't know how else to transfer the reference of one actor to the script of another. but for some reason after the animation and the command aActors [0] .Clear () in the quest script, they don't fill themselves up again quickly - you have to wait a minute or two, it's just a nightmare This quest(if anyone has interest) it is not necessary to look at it ...................................... It is also interesting if the papyrus has purely physical functions - imitation of body movement along a ballistic trajectory - like from a cannon and the like. I myself am reluctant to remember and write all this ...
  4. I have a question, how to get a reference of an arbitrary actor (suitable according to the conditions), from those who are in the loaded location? But, I roughly know how it works with aliases and it is very slow. I would like a way to get a reference instantly - on demand. What I mean is how it works in Oblivion - you just force the whole engine on its next work cycle - to execute your request (script) The same frame when the command arrived. Like that. Because - it's just impossible to wait so long (2-3 sec instead of 1-2 frames ) when the quest finally finds suitable actors
  5. ... Well, can't use any not alphabetic symbols in naming textures. draugrAnimCock.zip But to be honest, I do not understand why you will be with this model when there is HD Human. Yes, it does not have a draigr texture on it, but draugr is sucks
  6. it is not clear what you want to do. FNIS for users Behaviors Generated - just install new animations through the installer (I do this in WryeBash), then run GenerateFNISforUsers.exe , it will create a new behavior file with information about new animations , its all 1 2
  7. In the nifscope? What are you editing in nifscope? Most of the animations were done for th females and the males, male has a bolt (and model) attachment to the skeleton lower than futa model, hence the problems with such animations. Well, as a last resort - but it will look strange and will not solve all the problems - right mouse click on BGED - edit txt-
  8. How can I make a random animation at startup? because according to this template, ;=============================== actor[] sexActors = new actor[2] sexActors[0] = off sexActors[1] = def sslBaseAnimation[] anims SexLab.StartSex(sexActors, anims) ;=============================== I always get the same animation for all pairs of actors (FF). although there are enough animations) It is interesting that on LE this template works with a random start, but in SE 1.63 - the animation is always the same. I don’t understand what’s wrong.
  9. Well done, that in our not easy time, did something new and interesting. BUT = No option for futa, lesbian? It's a pity, should have asked the community about this animation . Your poses are not random? You can make a script with an absolutely random pose (specifically, those that are in the game folder)
  10. I think the system with the start of the scene through the dialogue is too tedious, so I would do an auto start scene with companions if you and your companions are very horny. Moreover, they (and your character) would undress and go naked with an erection. before that, they would say random phrases (what you need and where are you - vanilla topics) By the way, as it turns out, it's pretty easy to do and looks fun. ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Also, it’s strange for me that there are a lot of mods for slavery and violence in general, it’s somehow strange. But there is not a single mod (with a miniframework) that would run scenes for actors from bandit factions and random captives. Those. I want to say that it would be possible to place the captives in caves and other places, and we would observe gloomy scenes. It would be realistic, but not sex during a fight - this is mega stupid, in my opinion.
  11. In short, those who have problems with compiling SexLab should copy the scripts (source codes only) FNIS (new XXXL), and NiOverride.psc - the script (it is possible for LE). I wonder why the respected authors did not do this, as the simplest SDK?
  12. How can I assign voices to the actors so that they give out phrases (standard) during the process? by type DialogueGenericHello DialogueGenericSharedInfo I noticed, by the way, that the player does not have a voice in Skyrim SE, when, like in Skyrim LE - he may well * speak * according to the race, of course. (was checked by the same script, which does everything the same as in LE, except for the voice .) = the Nord race in SE/LE
  13. (SSE NIF Optimizer) convert model to Le , edit in Le format (only bolt) - export bolt only, then conv to SE, paste to base model in Nifskope bolt ................................................................... it already was, it seems, but a different model Ж)
  14. Has anyone converted ERF cbbe futa to skyrim le? I made for myself, But there is a color mismatch for the texture Demoniac - how to fix it for all NPCs ///////////////////////////////////////just aroused futas eff g.mp4
  15. rewrite to your items and it will work, checked scn aaaaaaaAllaDrinkScript Short Choosing Short Choice Begin OnActivate Set Choosing to -1 MessageBox "What do you want to make?", "Cider", "Grape Juice", "Nothing" Set Choosing to 1 Set Choice to -1 End Begin gamemode If (Choosing == 1) Set Choice to GetButtonPressed ;OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO if Choice == 0 Set Choice to 8 If Player.GetItemCount Gold001>0 Player.RemoveItem Apple 2 Player.RemoveItem FireSalts 1 Player.AddItem Gold001 10 MessageBox "10" ElseIf Player.GetItemCount Gold001 <1 MessageBox "You don't have the stuff for that" EndIf endif if Choice == 1 Set Choice to 8 If Player.GetItemCount Gold001>0 Player.RemoveItem Grapes 2 Player.RemoveItem FrostSalts 1 Player.AddItem Gold001 1000 MessageBox "1000" ElseIf Player.GetItemCount Gold001 <1 MessageBox "You don't have the stuff for that" EndIf EndIf ; if Choice>=0 Set Choosing to 0 endif ;OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EndIf End
  16. If this is a magical effect, then such a mod is easy to make yourself. Take the effect (texture and settings), copy them (connect) to your mod with a small quest with the event that your character does it for himself. If the character is futanari, then it will be very logical . Maybe someone will do it, who will be interested, or he will want to develop the theme into his own mod.
  17. for SE https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/55413/?tab=files
  18. view nocbandicam 2021-09-11 06-16-55-439.mp4
  19. Someone has an SMP with BHUNP 3BBB body? If I have no hdtSMP64.dll (no avx), for example, the hair goes to infinity, and when it is there (hdtSMP64.dll), hair works (it hangs and dangles correctly), but they do not have collisions with the body - they fall through... BHUNP 3BBB dnhave physics options in CTpresets, such as c3be ///////////////////////////////////////////// I have cbp.dll (xcbp.dll- just renamed , and hdt64smp.dll (no avx)) - with this, the fps drops significantly, but I don't see any interaction with the body.
  20. а что с ними? Каблуки - это вроде фреймворк надо ставить, а столбы - может АнимРеволюция поможет , это для СЕ, вроде, как я понял, там анимация будет работать как в Обливионе, т.е. анимация определяет сколько атер пробежит , а не двигло. Ну, у меня стоит, никто в столбы не проваливается. \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ Че делать с физ-волосней, может кто подскажет, проваливается в плечи зараза. Без хдт64(ноу (авикс), вообще улетает в бесконечность, а с ними работает, но с телом не коллизит. Тело - BHUNP 3BBB СМП. СМП, вроде не пашет, а может и пашет, но тело не настроено. В бодислайде нет для него опции физикс, но пишут, что СМП...Хрен знает.
  21. skeletonbeast_female.nif -Data\meshes\actors\2chelin fix for BHUNP3B SE only physics cbp tested, I corrected only the bones for the chest (in order not to piss me off , and so that they do not float in the air). But the seams will be on the standard body. I don’t know, maybe the problem solved for this (SE assembly)?
  22. yes I found it and did it according to your advice, but with bones the effect would be better. But too lazy to understand how skeletons .nif and .hkx are connected in Skyrim. In general, for Obla I made a single mesh with a bolt - wondering if it will be for Skyrim? :0
  23. No, it doesn't work (I mean, like in Oblivion), there you just change the settings of the bones in the skeleton - and that's it. Here is some kind of dark forest for me I would make an FF modifier in 3ds Max if it was easy to export like in Oblivion. Here it will be necessary to climb into the nifskop after exporting, muddle it up, copy it - Meeeh... Reluctantly . For example, in order to export one small animation from Oblivion and, in general, MoCap to Skyrim Se, I had to install Max10x32, the other exporters do not work. Max 14, 16 does not work, Blender does not work (for me, at least, I have to mix it up there too, fuck it :)
  24. How to enable display of bones in Nifscope? I want to move the bones (bone) of the bolt a little down, because of the mismatch between the male animation and the device of the men with the futa..?
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