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  1. If you bought it through steam, it'll say in your library, for example, Skyrim, or Skyrim special edition, if that's what you have. My signature has a few LE guides/flow charts-need to zoom in to read them properly sorry. But the utilities one might be of use in making sure you have the kind of things that lots of mods rely on. Skyrim STEP is a good guide for modding Skyrim generally. Remember to run FBI's everyone you install new animations; if you get a t-pose from your characters, then you forgot. Take it slow-if you o stall a bundle of mods on one go, it's far more difficult to troubleshoot. You may have already found that from your Sims modding experience. 🙂 Good luck!
  2. Actually, can I check what the issue was exactly? Is it difficulty in following it, or difficulty in reading it? It defaults to being zoomed far out but there is a zoom control. You've probably seen that, but I'd be remiss in not checking! 🙂
  3. That's fair-finding useable flowchart software that was easy to share is more effort than making a mod list, alas!
  4. These might help General utilities list with dependencies Beast mods list and dependencies Estrus mods and dependencies Please let me know if I've missed something, or a dependency has changed! Thanks!
  5. Hi - check out links in my signature. Its not specifically for 0Sex as I've not used it, so I can't guarantee it will help, but hopefully it'll get you up and running. edit - the links are for LE, good point Lestat1627!
  6. Last I heard, that part isn't complete et - if you are referring to needing to be cured of a parasite, you currently need to do that via the MCM menu.
  7. I had a problem where the visual effects from the skooma whore mod were sticking on. No effect showing on the character like most of the fixes on here and Google were talking about, this was a full screen visual effect, like Night Eye-everything bright, lots of blur around the edge of the screen. It's fine for a little while, but painful after too long. Tried the cure-all.bat and dispellall, nothing worked...until I thought to give myself the night eye spell. Added it...and when it ran out my screen was back to normal! Had to share, the relief my eyes felt was too good!
  8. I was thinking for some immersive roleplay, which that isn't quite, but alas, probably.
  9. Is there any chance that this could be used to tie stats from https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/95269 and/or into this mod? As you became more famous for certain types of sexual fame, it could have an affect. If tied in with stats from it could buff and nerf the player depending on who/what, they have been having sex with, and how many times? I realise that adding in sliders for other mods is probably a damned sight more work than I, well, realise!
  10. Hi. I saw a file recently that sounded like an expanded version of SLIF. It would read the sliders from the various MCMs you have, and could manage them - so just like how SLIF can control, for example, how a node affected by multiple mods may change, this could do that too. But it could also do the same for other sliders, like placing a cap on how much a skill could be buffed or nerfed. I foolishly didn't keep track of it, and then I thought of a way it might be useful...but I'm damned if I can remember what it was. I thought it was one that was updated quite recently, but can't find it using that search, so I may be wrong; or I may have just scrolled past it blindly! Any help gratefully received, cheers!
  11. It took me altogether too long to realise that Complete Fast Travel Overhaul, is now called "Carriage and Ferry Travel Overhaul". Gah, no wonder I couldn't get the correct dialogue from the carts! Heigh ho, good job I test my install while while I build!
  12. In 2k20, every bit of help is appreciated! 👍
  13. That sounds like I might be doing my rebuild a little too early? Is there any chance of a vague ETA? This year/this summer/this month/etc? 🙂 Thanks, regardless. Worth a Patreon bump!
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