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  1. this is not a dynamic object but a mesh (just a model of *a fluid frame* attached to the penis maybe with morphs, but there is no dynamics ) On the other hand, particle nodes can be attached to the penis via a link to a specific animation. For example, as with the pee-mod. (The effect is the same as in Skyrim with its pi-mod ) the particles have some dynamics, although, again (as in Skyrim), these are not solid physical bodies or liquid, as in modern engines like UE4,5
  2. There is no physics plugin for Oblivion (i.e. with the calculation of the behavior of rigid bodies for the bones of the skeleton) like HDT Therefore, there is no SOS type mod. But there are skeletons and models that can only be affected by animation + particles. If that suits you, look for them.
  3. I'm wondering how much game resources it takes to handle this whole system. If I were making a pregnancy mod, I would have done everything simply - sex-pregnancy-childbirth with animation. But I would have made a bias not on genetics, but the ability to revive the dead companions or NPCs in this way. Perhaps even a player, well, so that your companion gives birth to you! If you're dead, or something like that. From a realistic point of view, this is strange, but since you cannot give packages to clones in Oblivion (which would always work, such as travel, without loading a location and this is the main problem of such mods), such a solution would be more useful. Although, if someone writes a dll-plugin that will embed packages for new npc-clones, it will be a great progress and in general it makes sense to make clones in the game.
  4. not works in game? = No UV on the merged bow mesh. ================================ "Could not load texture data for UV editor." ================================ In general, it makes no sense to merge a mesh (which has different materials), just link the model details to the part that you attach to finger and animate (and export). It also works like one, with animation. ========================= If you want, you can use this model, just attach the bone-weapon through the constraints - wherever you need it. And for this model itself, sweep the pivot point to the bone -weapon. bowASweapon_MC.ZIP
  5. begin gamemode = through such a script you run the animation every game cycle, of course it will not work. playgroup Forward 1 end try = ScriptName tenticleScriptForward begin ONLOAD playgroup Forward 1 end ====================================================================== Help in what? You have not described the final technical task. From your description, I understand that you wanted this particular model to work, now it works.
  6. Video of what? That this tentacle shit works in the game? I took the time to make it right, and wrote in Old Orthodox English how it works. Don't make me nervous.
  7. only one sequence -Forward command - playgroup Forward 1 s.nif
  8. And how do you import) into what). And then how do you export? The model that you posted cannot be fixed quickly. Better redo (skeleton and skin) When I made my chair, I first imported the skeleton into 3dsmax (any bones from Oblivion), because 3dsmax bones have a different orientation and pivot at the beginning, not at the end like Oblivion. Then I exported the skeleton and the model with the skin, but model linked to INDEPENDENT bone (not to skeleton with animation) There is also a trick that the model with the skin must be on a separate bone - INDEPENDENT (NOT on the skeleton with animation), otherwise the animation will not work (in game) DK-why ... Naturally, this bone should repeat your main skeleton bone with animation (position, orientation, pivot), in short, in fact it is a different skeleton for the model, but the skin of that model is from a skeleton with animation, I don't know why this is done in Bethesda, but that's the point.
  9. simple caress of the buttocks 0 150 les.zip
  10. I don’t know, I present animations with humor or satire in mind, to make it a fun scene.
  11. With 3ds max (in 2016 for sure), you can import a skeleton with animation (object skeleton), and then export (in a special way) If this is not a mesh with morphs, although they are also imported, but it is easier to make a skin on the skeleton than to suffer with morphs. In general, it is possible.
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