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  1. nowhere yet http://www.fastswf.com/_1nNvnA I'm not sure that this animation was well ported, I did it for Oblivion with an animated penis bones. For SOS it is impossible to animate penis.
  2. what is good for you? There is one custom, but it's just for fun.
  3. Are there any SOS versions without a break in the model? I mean, a single geometric mesh with the body ... I could have done it myself, but I'm not sure that it will work as a SOS.
  4. Although, it was just a joke on my part. But still some(including me) look at futanaries or yuri, because they dislike presence of any men ( and indirect, too ) in these sex scenes. Men are disgusting !
  5. This is not stupid, but historically true. In addition, this exists in nature ( present in some animals ) ================= Everything else is heresy and homosexuality
  6. Anyone know these bugs

    I have the same. As I understand it, Windows sends some information about the game to Microsoft servers or something lt. ( When I run the second time, everything works without problems. )
  7. without vagina- this is not a futanari...
  8. Shoes?

    excellent, but the Greek sandals are sexier ...
  9. I would create a new quest (with quest-script), with REF variable - the actor that your function supplied. ==== in function - else if advchance < 10 PrintToConsole "[LoversCalm] follower package added" set NEWQUEST.ActorfromFunction to offence defence.SetAV Personality nper endif ====NEWQUEST scn QuestScript ref ActorFromFunction begin gamemode if ActorFromFunction if ActorFromFunction.GetIsActor==1 && ActorFromFunction.GetDead==0 && ActorFromFunction.GetRestrained==0 ActorFromFunction.AddScriptPackage 0009e69b else set ActorFromFunction to 0 endif set ActorFromFunction to 0 endif end
  10. Maybe you need to first make a clone1 of the feet with the original weight (skin holder). Then make another clone2(in it to cut off everything except the toes) of feet, convert it to poly, then make another clone3(poly too ) of feet and then weigh toes on clone2, Then attach a SkinWrap modifier on clone3 , with minimal settings, and take the weighing resources from clone1 and clone2 similar http://www.tamriel.ru/forum/index.php?/topic/8-вопроcы-по-созданию-мешей/page__view__findpost__p__12441