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  1. you must write a script. =========================== Well, to make a marker (red X - as a caster), and when the ring is wearing, it will cast spell on the player (fireballs) . The ring itself will not do anything, and it does not need to be enchanted. This is in brief. http://rgho.st/8F6vLXp7j == there is no ring model
  2. TDA

    General Discussion

    You need to cheer up! https://www.naughtymachinima.com/video/12687/qbmushroom
  3. The same bracelets I saw in Daggerfall ...
  4. it's unclear how you're going to make them work with the default animation, because in animation there are keys only for standard hands ... And as far as I've seen, the controlling bone (especially for the fingers) should always be inside the geometry. I think if you do not make a new animation, then you just need a new skeleton (with child bones) It's more than 30 new bones ...
  5. those. , what is given in BBCODE ?
  6. this engine does not allow to insert links to pictures and buggy with preview icons ( if they are put in sequence ) ... when there was an old engine - there were no such problems , this engine buggy and slow ... :)
  7. scary pictures ==========================
  8. I did not write what I dщ not like, on the contrary, but I thought that my processor would slow down - that's all.
  9. Why did you choose the option of a high-poly model, rather than a retopology and baking normal maps? I mean, the mesh is very dense, and unlikely models of this type are suitable for the game engines ...
  10. I did, at least 3 sex + BSI - remaster, and some humorous ( exercises for gymnastics, a bicycle in a pair lying etc ).
  11. TDA

    Extreme low fps

    gameux.dll ???
  12. TDA

    Scripting Question

    Well, then add each 5 levels, the magical ability - resist magic 5% ............ - resist magic 10% - resist magic 15% ... ( Naturally, at 1 percent you need to do 100 spells, but it's strange. Better make only 20, since it is hardly possible to change the characteristics of the ability spell itself. )