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  1. In BreakUndiesAddonMotionChanger implemented similar animations - Here, the rightmost picture, in my opinion from Estrus.-
  2. just one SLAL anim . Not really sex, just a joke https://yadi.sk/d/YZeMFLU23XzBXy
  3. Does this tool work with leito body?
  4. The more actors in the scene - the less FPS. There is in the early version of Hentai Mania a place where there are a lot of rats, and although they are very far from the player FPS is 8-13. Although, this also applies to the number of geometric objects (or their complexity)
  5. No, mod about death ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kft3epj40Ro
  6. TDA


    Спрашиваешь на форуме. в чем смысл переписки? - . Ну, я довольно много чего знаю и умею . (В скриптах, анимации, простом моделлинге,..., электротехнике, электронике, микроэлектронике - (только технология), ремонте газовых турбин и тп. =================================== So, if you need a script or a specific animation (not very complicated, I still still work :)), you can ask me
  7. TDA


    Oh, you guys are great! After all , I thought it was necessary to install a new video card and play in PUBG ( PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds ) ! Okay, I'll give it to my brother ...
  8. You do not understand, they are forum participants, where the mod was created, they are like bears: I should be there too
  9. TDA


    I'm wondering if anyone has a private mods, including unfinished ones or not. I have a mod on the reworked BSI animation ( a demonstrative room where the girls run and satisfy themselves You can get there by reading the book - Guide to masturbation , it's pretty funny . By the way, the player and his companion can also do this. . ), but consists of several others, and I do not post it therefore, for example.
  10. Interestingly, this bear, recently, was used in one global mod, like Easter eggs ...
  11. TDA

    [ Block Head] On Going Tutorial

    Hmm. interesting Thank you.
  12. TDA

    [ Block Head] On Going Tutorial

    And what, in general, it Block Head does. I ask, because, the author writes in ridmi some ravings of a madman or is this a joke from the author? In general, can someone just explain the points by points?