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  1. finished Dark Souls 3 , good but short. but still, Dark souls 2 I liked more. There is more history and RPG elements
  2. the wizard prompted me! a solution - through a script controller, rotation controller!
  3. how to make a rolling boulder rock? I mean, when its angular velocity depend on the module of the displacement vector in (Y,Z coordinates) ? So far, I have done only one axis ... But I need two. I can’t remember how ...
  4. twitter fun vid- I think this is the Joker stairs...
  5. better but the original form asymmetrical, the anatomy is incorrect. 0.nif
  6. I also need your upperbody (from it I will copy the direction of the normals to the lower)
  7. I can fix it if you want. I need to remember this method, for practice, for 3dsmaks
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