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  1. i downloaded all of the naughty collection files and put them in my mods folder but it wont let me launch TS4 now and it gives me an error that says its corrupted, am i doing something wrong?

  2. how do i set the items for male bodies? thank you for creating such an amazing set btw

  3. @annemarie_bell Hey, well, what exactly did you had in mind? @Simmer493 My fetish is actually annoying people with having to wait in between files. But in all seriousness, its going to stay as is, sorry- if anyone is too annoyed by it, the solution is either not frantically downloading everything or getting access to my dropbox.
  4. I am sure there are medications for just that problem. But in all seriousness, unless you have both the arcade and the [Kritical]PracticalSexArcade1b.ts4script , your erection aint happening.
  5. New Patreon/Subscribestar Teaser - Padded Display I made another thing. I think I might be nearing the point where I have to make my own site that actually catalogues and organizes this stuff.... even I am forgetting what exactly have I made already.
  6. No, why would it? Thats exactly what you should do- I personally use those, since they are well done.
  7. The mesh doesnt have nipples and groin details by default. You need to apply nipples and details either as tattoos (you can use Noir´s tattoos for example) or as body details.
  8. New LL release - 6 Maxis Conversions [Kritical]HarnessSet2a [Kritical]LCuffSeta [Kritical]NippleWordPiercings1c [Kritical]stockSetb [Kritical]LatexLoveSet1c [Kritical]straitjacketSet1d Uses cmar´s body mesh with nipples, designed to fit exactly with Maxis shaped stuff. New LL release - Practical Feeding Machine
  9. I've had to delete your nipple piercings as they hover 2cm in front of the sims chest for some reason, do they need an update?

    1. Kritical


      No, but you need to use the correct mesh. They are made either for EvE v5 or v6, there is no other way they will work correctly.


  10. It isnt appearing because its broken, which is consequently why its no longer supported, sorry about that.
  11. @kenchu As far as I can tell you are trying to use v5 items on the v6 mesh. The CAS icons without any specification (like in the 3rd pic) are the oldest stuff I´ve made, that was put together for EvE V5. Use the CAS items with v6 if you want to fit v6. As for the second pic, thats a texture clash- I cant guarantee complete compatibility across all sets, for technical reasons. Sorry. @charlierosepaige Hey, those are a part of the clutter set I made, which is why those are just that-clutter @SpaceFrog I had an object like that, but it was busted by patches ... and kinda
  12. New LL Release - Bad Pony New LL Release - Sloped Cage New Patreon Teaser - Y-Post New Patreon Teaser - Alcatraz Cage New Patreon Teaser - Atropos Brainwashing Machine How the new brainwashing machine works-
  13. @JensterEx If it was simply a question of shouting at S4S for a few minutes, I would make everything unisex . For conversions you need to reshape and reweight the mesh. I personally have no current plans of expanding my collection with male items, sorry. @Maxxx777 If you mean the nipples, well you need either a skin with nipples on it or apply it as a tattoo / skin detail. Base EA skin has no need for nipples.
  14. @laurenxah Those are part of the clutter set I made, they are indeed just a decoration, since I wanted some more themed stuff for our collective dungeons to put around the room.
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