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    Curvy women, redheads, Skyrim, , Dragon's crown, Golden Axe.
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    21 Years old with high anxiety disorders.

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  1. Thank you! Im the original hehe and well,,, Im not 21 anymore, I said goodbye to skimpy armors. Now I prefer more lore armor.
  2. I need a hero: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/102963?tab=posts
  3. I lost my all my conversions when my PC died. Im trying to remake the Hide and Fur pack but new Outfit studio give me a lot of headache, i cant make butt bounce and breast together without damn clipping. I apologize for my absence too, i was about a year without a computer.
  4. Esta traduccion funcionaria para la version de nexus??
  5. 26/09/2015 - V2.3.15 - Added a huge wave of conversions by Dianne. Added Two new conversions by gabo0003, Priestess of Dibella and Mini Sage Outfit. New two sexy conversions by Kofman77, Banded Bikini and Steel Bikini. Also added Spice Ebony Armor by Perdify. UUNP section will be receive a huge update this weekend. Dianne conversions list in this update: Vindictus MiniDress The Witcher 3 Yennefer & Triss Tsuntsun Armor Tentacle Parasite Steel Plate Bikini Armor TERA Rogue Set Ancient Nord Kai BDO Kibelius Vampire Bride Robes Momiji Mum,y SeveNBase Scaled Armor Succubus By Nausic
  6. Version 1.0


    I reuploaded this, I dont know why they deleted the past download. If an author its against this please let me know Drag and drop to your Data folder Use my .esp for the 0 & 1 weights. Just sharing for fun endorse/give thanks to original autors. Requirements: BodySlide 2 and Outfit Studio http://www.nexusmods...im/mods/49015/? HDT Physics Extensions http://www.nexusmods...im/mods/53996/? HDT Breast And Butt Physics http://www.nexusmods
  7. ***05/09/2015 - V2.3.14 - Added a huge wave of conversions by Dianne. Added Two new conversions by Avalon24, Necromancer outfit and Latex Corset Cursed Catsuit. And added Ivy Valentine conversion by Lein. Dianne's conversion: Spice Gear Bodyslide Fox 25 Bodyslide LadyBlood Bodyslide Kat Outfit Bodyslide DarkRose - Bodyslide Mini Sage Bodyslide Tsuntsun - Bodyslide Sea Shell Bikini - Bodyslide Maxwell Outfit Bodyslide Vindictus Leather Armor - Bodyslide MaidToOrder - Bodyslide Schoolgirl Mashup - Bodyslide DCSorceress - Bodyslide Dorothy Robe - Bodyslide LeiOveralls - Bodyslide Lady Daa
  8. New update! Added gabo0003 conversions in his own section: Casual wear CBBE BodySlide HDT Gothic Suit HDT BodySlide Zap ChaPi Clothing CBBE HDT BodySlide Zap Schoolgirl Outfit CBBE HDT BodySlide Zap Dianne conversions, has her own section: Monokini Bodyslide HDT Ciri's Outfit Bodyslide HDT Also there are new conversions by Lein (Druid Outfit CBBE HDT), Arcane Sisters CBBE HDT BodySlide by Avalon24's, Atelier Ayesha Bodyslide HDT by chordveil, You Lan and Bless Lorien by OptioQ and Draugr Marauder conversion made by Kofman77. Ciri's Outfit and Cassandra Frost Witch Outfit has U
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