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  1. It's an intentional feature to make sure animations are working. If it triggers you that much there's nothing stopping you from overwriting the BELReset animation file with the BELTit1 file. Also watch who you're calling nominal. First of all, being able to create a mod for a Bethesda game does not a developer make (I do actual programming and software development with other projects, but that's beside the point). Second of all, if I'm so shitty, then let's see you make a BEL mod clone. It's a bit harder then you obviously realize. Thirdly, the quality of this mod does not reflect my actual abilities at programming - or even modding in general. More so the former. So please reconsider your words in the future if all you're going to do is throw around insults and then complain about how you think something is broken. Pro tip: fix it yourself if no one else is (and I'm not going to be around forever to take abuse from people). Upload it somewhere or even here and call it The One True Mod for all I care, I don't give a fuck. If you can't, then well, maybe you shouldn't be going around calling people "nominal".
  2. Changes aren't immediate. It does spawn, it's just very rare. You can consume a repair magazine or equip clothing/drugs to raise your repair skill, find 4 surgical tubings + 2 milk bottles + vavuum cleaner + wonderglue and make your own.
  3. Latest version from a few posts above is bugged up, or another mod is causing this issue, but every time I load a game the mod completely resets it's values to zero in the mcm menu.
  4. Same here, plus for some odd reason this mod during that quest caused Sexout Pregnancy to shart it's pants, and clear out all values and data for everything. I'll open SP's mcm menu and everything is set to zero.
  5. If you can see the console dump then it's working. It just takes a while to start seeing any changes, until you start taking the plants or chems and milking yourself.
  6. Yes it conflicts with Bodymorph, and as I've already stated, it's due to the fact that that mod only allows up to a x2 increase in breast size and doesn't allow any sagging. However I'm thinking about getting around to making a plugin to handle the growth instead of animations. If I do toy around with that idea it will be a very long time before I get it done and see if it works or not. Drug has no effect - yes you need to wait it out. There's a cool down timer after each time you milk where the plants and pills have no effect on you.
  7. No, the max amount is 5 days if you're using the default time scale. Production pills - this isn't a bug, as much as me coding something I shouldn't have with the production scripts. Growth pills - might be related to the above if I'm understanding you correctly. I'll update the mod sooner rather then later, say maybe monday-ish? since the TTW team aren't exactly getting anywhere near done releasing the next version of their mod. At the rate their going Fallout 5 will be released before they're finished, and I'm getting tired of waiting.
  8. Thanks I'll check if it's factions once I give birth to another creature.
  9. That's actually a good idea. I'll add it in in the next version for NV and TTW. Yes. The amount of change the chems do though increase after each milking.
  10. The quest is started when you consume the slime. See above and milk is for creating milk slaves. Alternate one-off between the two. When you reach the end of a milk level. Yes. I'm waiting for TTW 3.0 before doing much of anything, and I've been busy with other projects. You don't, if you don't want it's scripts to run you need to set InitMod variable to 2+. You keep the result as long as you don't have any other animations play afterwards that affect the breast.L and breast.R nodes. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/52640-breast-expansion-and-lactation/page-8?do=findComment&comment=1820108
  11. For some reason every time I give birth to a creature animal, it goes rogue and starts attacking all nearby NPC's while using Morroblivion mod. It's stats are as follows: Aggression: 14 Disposition: 100 (to me and others) Responsibility: 87 Confidence: 100 So I have no idea why it's happening, since according to it's actor values it shouldn't be attacking everything it can see.
  12. It takes a bit of time at first to notice any changes. If the quest started it's working. Depending on your level growth might not do a lot. Storage will increase the amount of milk the breasts can hold, but it increases the amount of time before you can milk them. Take more growth and production to reverse that.
  13. I've mentioned this in other sites, but I wouldn't be surprised if this is the reason SKSE64 hasn't been released yet - the devs caught wind of the paid mods coming back (or maybe Bethesda contacted them about it) - and are either planning on monetizing it so are releasing it when the Creation Club gets released, or abandoned it because they'd rather not be a part of or support a paid mods industry.
  14. I do have all the DLC. Checking it off in data files or not doesn't impact whether the game crashes or not, oddly enough. This is a fresh install with no other mods, for the record. Revalidate the game files. If the game is crashing whether or not my mod is active or not, means there's issues with how your game or mod manager is set up.
  15. It requires all of the DLC. Are you using any animation mods. Also make sure you have the actual data files as well as plugin active. It requires the DLC.
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