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Update 22 Nov 19: All my mods for Skyrim, Skyrim SE and Fallout 4 are up for adoptions. All their source code is included in the download packages and can be used in whatever way any other modders see fit - no need to ask me for permission. I have retired from Bethesda games' modding to focus on my own indie game project LifePlay (check it out here, it's an life simulation RPG on Unreal Engine. It's also moddable and open-source, and completely free.).



Conversion of SexLab Framework to Skyrim Special Edition without relying on SKSE64 and PapyrusUtil. More Nasty Critters + many popular SLAL animation packs already included.



  • SexLab Framework API was kept as intact as much as the lack of SKSE64 and PapyrusUtil allows, meaning most Oldrim SexLab mods either work right away or can be converted fairly easily
  • 803 animations (467 human, 336 creature) all packaged as its default animations, including the original SexLab animations, multiple SLAL packs and More Nasty Critters (At Tween's request for including his M2M animations, please read his legal terms of use included in the archive)
  • Small MCM and in-scene control functionality
  • Erection system that works with Schlongs of Skyrim Light SE
  • But still, please don't expect everything to be the same as Oldrim SexLab. Without SKSE64, a lot of code had to be rewritten, meaning certain features get implemented differently or sacrificed altogether.

This project has been undertaken with Ashal's permission. Ashal has offered future help to me if I hit any roadblock. However, please avoid confusing this port with the full Sexlab (all SexLab Light SE releases will have 0.x.x version numbers to avoid confusion). We especially want to clarify that Ashal himself is not responsible for supporting this 'SexLab Light SE' port so don't message him for troubleshooting about it. All questions about SexLab Light SE should be directed to myself only for the time being. Ashal still intends to port the full SexLab to SSE, if and when SKSE64 gets released with all the stuffs he needs.


FNIS Behavior SE - you need the Main download at least. Download the FNIS Creature Pack optional file also if you want bestiality stuffs.


Recommended: (for nude bodies)
Schlongs of Skyrim Light SE (or this for different textures) - erection system works with SexLab Light SE


Installation Instructions: read this detailed guide instead if you're new to SexLab

  • Install the 3 requirements above
  • Download SexLab Light SE from one of the two links provided (Google Drive and Mega.Nz) and install it.
  • Run GenerateFNISForUsers.exe as admin, tick Skeleton Arm Fix, press Update FNIS Behavior
  • Load a save (ideally clean, avoid starting a new game with SexLab.esm enabled), SexLab Light SE will automatically start its first-time initialization itself (takes a while).
  • (Optional) The MCM can be accessed in Spells > Illusion. The in-scene controls are in a form of an Apparel inventory item - you should favorite it to a number, then press that number during sex
  • Enjoy! Use one of the mods below to trigger sex


Mods Using SexLab Light SE:

The below Oldrim mods aren't official ports (at least not yet), but they have been tested and confirmed as working right away with SexLab Light SE without any conversion, though some bugs may exist

BSA's can be extracted very easily with BAE: http://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/78/?


Future Plans:

  • Creature schlongs
  • Furniture and animated objects
  • Creature on Creature

Known Issues:

  • Due to the 803 animations included and the lack of script extender, sometimes it takes quite a while to pick the animation to play. I'll optimize this later.
  • Some creatures added by MNC (chickens, deers) sometimes refuse to have sex with males. I'll address this.

Ashal for the original SexLab Framework
Leito86, Anub, SirNibbles, Tweens, Billyy, and FunnyBizness for the animation packs included
Dentarr for More Nasty Critters, whose animations are also included
Fore for FNIS
Groovtama for XPMSSE


SexLab Framework Credits:
SKSE Plugin:
kapaer - Mfg Console
Unknown Modders - http://skup.dip.jp
Arrok - BBP Animations
JoshNZ - Animated Prostitution
Athstai - Dark Investigations
Lovers with PK
Calyp - Strapon
oli3d - Bukkake Shaders
4uDIK1 - Male Nudesuit
Dimon99 - Female Nudesuit
Vacaliga - Stacking cum textures


More Nasty Critter Credits:
LordEscobar (Nude Creatures)
Ep1cL3w1s (Creature Framework)
Flyingtoaster (Hentai Creatures)
Panicforever & Gone (Lurker, Werebear and Riekling Animations (AND Horse Animation)... AND Panic did the new Wolf+Dog Animations)
Panic also did the newer new Dog and Wolf Animations and the corresponding Tail animations! :D
Dayelyte (Female Werewolf and Atronach Animation and new consensual Dog/Wolf)
Xandero (Spriggan Animations + second Atronach Animation + third Atronach Animation)
Billyy (Skeever Animations)
llabsky (Sabrecat, Hagraven, Goat, Deer, Elk, Boar, Mounted Riekling, Ashhopper, Chaurushunter and Wispmother)
Anubiss (Draugr, Sabrecat)
FunnyBiz (for Hagraven Animation)
Leito86 (for Creature Features - now included and new Dog Animations)
Gone (for Beastiality Extras - now Included)
Bad Dog (nude models of Deer, Elk, Boar, Mounted Riekling, Skeletton)
Vioxsis (nude model of Goat and Horker)
diarawr (for JUDAH model)
Shocky (for Deathhound Brute)
SkyMoMod (for Arch Demon)
More Nasty Critters Disclaimer:
I know its problematic to expand on the work of others or even expand upon someone elses expansion of the work of a third modder.
However some of the stuff here cant be released in any other meaningful way, at least not for someone who just wants to download/copy and have fun.
If someone is offended by the stuff I put here let me know and I remove it. Its just here to give fellow players easy access to stuff thats posted all over the board, after all.

What's New in Version 0.1.1


Not a new version, simply updated Google Drive link since I'm getting spammed with share requests

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