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About This File

NPCs will sometimes have sex with each other if they 'think' they are not being seen by anyone.


15 July - Not a new update. Just reuploaded the file as it was down after LoversLab's server upgrade error.


You may catch residents going at it in a dark alley, couples banging if you sneak into their house, or even catch raiders comforting each other leaving them vulnerable for a sneak shot. You may also sometimes find your own companion disappear mysteriously for a while ...


To help you get to see the action, you'll receive the notification "I hear someone moaning ...". There is also a cheat 'quest' called Sixth Sense pointing at any sexy action happening if you're that much of a voyeur :) .


Four-Play - read my installation guide for help


Vinfamy's Control Panel - give you a quick toggle and many customization options


With a mod organizer or extract into Data folder
No need to do the quicksave > load thing like previous versions.
I implemented a mechanism to auto-upgrade from previous version of Autonomy in a save, but if possible, use a clean save.


All comments and feedbacks welcome!

What's New in Version 2.2


  • 2.2 - Prevent Autonomy from triggering in the opening scene. Slightly improved NPC's logic for knowing when they're 'private'. Added a fail safe so that the on/off toggle from Vin's CP is more likely to work
  • 2.1 - Added super mutant support
  • No more teleports. NPCs walk to each other and chat now.
  • Customization options via Vinfamy's Control Panel, including the one to turn off companion involvement