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About This File

I'm no longer working on this mod. Anyone is free to take it over and continue developing.


This mod is a continuation of the original Spouses Enhanced by TheDudeGuy.





Spouses Enhanced is an intimacy mod made for use with the SexLab Framework by Ashal. It is meant to enhance married life in Skyrim. Your sex life with your spouse revolves around you, your spouse, and your bedroom. This mod was built to give married life in Skyrim a sense of progress and growth over time (i.e. during normal play), and to give you an easy and straight-forward way to be intimate with your husband/wife and to try to, in general, take a mature view of sex with your spouse (your spouse is a person, not a sex doll, etc).


This mod features no "extreme" content. The focus of this mod is the relationship between two consenting, married adults.


Core features:

  • You can approach your spouse.

  • Your spouse will approach YOU, if a period of time has passed without you two making love, when you enter the same cell as your spouse. If you and your spouse aren't home, he/she will meet you at home. Rejecting them or deciding to keep them waiting longer than 24 hours will result in them becoming angry with you for a period, during which they will refuse sex. Your spouse has needs too, darn it.

  • Your spouse has an Affection Level. It starts at 0 and ends at 4. It goes up by 1 every 7 days you've been intimate at least once that day. Your spouse will grow more adventurous as their needs are consistently met and time passes. You can "cheat" and short-circuit this by using the MCM and unlock all options immediately.

  • You can give your spouse articles of clothing (or armor) for them to wear as an outfit. If the mood strikes them, they may put on outfits you have given them when they proposition you. You will also be able to simply ask them to put on something nice, once their affection level is high enough.

  • Spouses Enhanced "knows" if Hearthfire is installed but doesn't require it. If Hearthfire is installed, you will have to plan your intimate encounters around your children's schedules. You won't be able to select "I want you. Here. Now." if your children are in the house and awake. If you send them off to play outside or if they're asleep, you can do whatever you like. You can click "Ignore Children" in the MCM if you don't like this feature.








Additionally, if you want Serana as a spouse with voiced dialogue, you'll also need:

















Generally, updating this mod can be done without any special care, just replace the old version files with the new ones. If there's any exception for a new version, detailed update instructions will be included in the patch notes.


Version 1.5.0 and higher are incompatible with 1.41 and lower if updating an existing savegame. The new version needs to be installed by following these steps:

  • Uninstall Spouses Enhanced entirely and launch the game.
  • Load the save you plan to continue playing from. (Say 'Yes' when you get a warning message about missing content.)
  • Wait approximately one minute after the game loads, then save and quit.
  • Use Save script cleaner to open the save you've just made, and remove the orphaned script references by using the FixScriptInstances button and saving the result. (this is ESSENTIAL, otherwise the scripts will survive the reinstall and maintain their obsolete references)
  • Install the latest version of Spouses Enhanced, load the save you've just made, and wait for SE to get registered in MCM. Your spouse will get detected automatically, but will reset their affection level. You can use the MCM settings to manually set the affection level you had previously.









Spouses Enhanced is compatible with virtually any marriable NPC, including those added by mods, but it requires the vanilla marriage quest to be unaltered (except for the Hearthfire edits, which are supported). Therefore, mods add multiple marriages, or provide significant changes to the marriage mechanics, run a very high risk of causing issues with SE, depending on how they're implemented. These incompatibilities will likely remain in a save even after you remove the responsible mods, as the changes to the RelationshipMarriageFIN quest are permanent once it initializes, and can only be fixed by starting a brand new game.


Mods that are known to cause issues with SE:

  • Spouses Can Live Everywhere - damages the marriage quest permanently if you have Hearthfires installed.
  • Further Lover's Comfort (and possibly the original Lover's Comfort as well). May be fixed by ensuring Lover's Comfort is loaded before SE.

Feature Details


--- Dialogue:
Almost everything in Spouses Enhanced is accessed by talking to your spouse and selecting the new option, "My love...".


From here, you can:

  • Kiss them (anywhere)
  • Cuddle (when asked to go to a bed)
  • Let them know you want them (access sex acts) (Requires Affection Level depending on act)
  • Access their Wardrobe (requires Affection Level 1)
  • Ask them to put on something specific from their wardrobe (requires Affection Level 2)

--- Affection:
Your spouse's Affection Level determines several things, including their receptiveness to perform certain acts, what Entry Events they will perform, and grants you more options to specify their outfits.

  • Affection Level 0: Able to kiss (anywhere) and cuddle (ask to go to bed). Access missionary (Straight), Anal (Gay), or missionary + lesbian (Lesbian) acts only.
  • Affection Level 1: Unlock "adventurous" acts (standing, etc). Unlock oral. Unlock Outfit Wardrobe access. Unlock all Entry Events. Unlock Lover's Scent spell.
  • Affection Level 2: Unlock anal (straight + lesbian couples). Unlock "body" actions (boobjob, footjob). Unlock ability to specify exact outfit.
  • Affection Level 3: Unlock "rough" acts. Unlock roleplay scenarios. Unlock "Lover's Surrender" spell.
  • Affection Level 4: Unlock Three-Way acts. Choose to include your housecarl, a nearby follower, or a single person you've spoken to about this. This person can be anyone in the game that is at least your Friend or greater, and is accessed by selecting "I need to ask you a question. It's personal." They may decline if they have a particular relationship with the spouse (sibling, child, grandparent, cousin, etc) or if that person is married already.

--- Master Bed:
Spouses Enhanced has a concept of a "Master Bed". This is the bed your spouse will go to when you ask to go to the bedroom. By default, this is automatically selected for you depending on where your spouse lives (even Hearthfire houses).


Keep in mind that, while inside your house, you can approach your spouse at any time. You do not have to be near the bed.


You can manually set a bed as the Master Bed by opening your Alteration Spells and casting the LOVER'S SANCTUARY spell at a nearby bed. You can also clear the manually selected bed by casting the spell anywhere.


If Hearthfire is installed, it will attempt to use the best bed available.


If you ask your spouse to go to the bedroom and then never show up for 24 hours, it will have the same effect on them as turning down an Entry Event (explained below). They will be mad at you for a short time.


While out in the field with a spouse that is also a follower, you can use a nearby unowned bed to perform a smaller set of the ordinary actions available.


--- Outfit Wardrobe:
The Outfit Wardrobe is accessed only through your spouse's dialogue; it doesn't actually "exist" anywhere in the world. The Outfit Wardrobe has 10 drawers, which can each hold a unique outfit.


When asked to put on an outfit, or when your spouse surprises you with wearing an outfit, your spouse will attempt to put on EVERY ITEM that you place in a given drawer. So, use common sense and restraint in terms of what you put in each drawer. Your spouse will also take EVERYTHING OFF before they equip an outfit, so if a drawer only has, say, a set of high heels in it, and they select that drawer, they will come out wearing high heels only.


At Affection Level 1, you can open their outfit drawer. At Affection Level 2, you can ask them to put on a specific outfit.


--- Spells:
Adds the following spells:


Affection Level 0: Lover's Sanctuary. Allows you to manually set a bed as the "master bed".
Affection Level 1: Lover's Scent. Allows you to see your spouse through walls, if in range. Works like Detect Life spell. Helpful when trying to find your spouse in your large estates.
Affection Level 3: Lover's Surrender. Cast to make your spouse immediately amorous (start a random Entry Event). Greater Power; can cast once per day. Since it's a power, use the SHOUT KEY to cast it.


You can remove all added spells by using the Remove Spells MCM option. Uncheck Remove Spells to immediately get them back.


--- Entry Events:
Your spouse will approach YOU for attention every so often, configurable in the MCM. There are, in this version, 7 different possible events. Only two of them will occur at Affection Level 0, but the rest become possible at Affection Level 1 and up. The Entry Event is always randomly selected based on the Affection Level and whether or not you have children awake and in the house at the time.


If you turn down your spouse when they approach you, they will be disappointed, but nothing negative will happen. If you do it a second time (in a row, without initiating an intimate encounter in the mean time), they will be angry for 24 hours and will turn down any of your advances during that time. There are no "long term" side-effects. There is also no long-term side-effect of simply not being home when they become "amorous" or being gone for long lengths of time.


The following is a list of all Entry Events.

** Affection 0: Your spouse approaches you. You can elect to do it right there, or go to the bedroom.
** Affection 0: Your spouse approaches you. Same as above, but the only option is to go to the bedroom (for situations where you can't do it right there).
** Affection 1+: Your spouse approaches you wearing a random outfit.
** Affection 1+: Your spouse approaches you wearing a random outfit and performs an act on the spot or after beckoning you to the bedroom.
** Affection 1+: You come home to find your spouse in bed. You can click them and choose to follow along-side them.
** Affection 1+: Your spouse approaches you wearing normal clothes, and teases you with a peek at what they're wearing underneath. They beckon you to the bedroom and change into their outfit when you arrive. They perform the "adventurous" acts unlocked from Affection Level 1.



--- Other options and features:
"Enable Wake-Up Animation" plays a short cuddling or sex animation once every 24 hours when you wake up in the same place as your spouse and master bed.


"Female-On-Male Dialogue Options" is off by default, but can be turned back on. This prevents dialogue options such as "I want you inside me." from appearing when you are playing as a male character, and talking to a female spouse.





"I think the Affection system is too complicated! I just want to bang my spouse any way I want!"
Open the MCM and click Affection Level Override. Then, set the slider to 4. Poof, you have access to everything.


"I have this really hot fantasy that I'd like to see play out in the mod as an Entry Event or something similar."
I can't make any promises as my main intent for picking up this mod was to fix its bugs and bring it up to speed with the latest versions of the SexLab framework. However, if I like an idea a lot I may dedicate time into adding it. It's not likely, though.


"Is this mod clean / has it been cleaned with TES5Edit?"
Yes. There are some cell edits that are necessary. They only exist as edits because the original author linked some bed references to properties in a script. Your house modification mods should play nice. DO NOT re-clean this mod! You will break it!


"Does this mod support spouses that are also followers?"


"Can you pack the bazillion scripts in a BSA?"
Not really. It's an extra hassle for me every time I want to release an update, and it shouldn't be necessary at all if you're using a mod manager to handle mod uninstalling for you. And if you're not, well, you're just crazy. :P


"Does this mod change the way marriage works? / Does it add divorce / cheating / etc?"
The default Marriage and Adoption systems from Skyrim and Hearthfire were completely untouched. No changes were made to the default way you get married, etc. I do not plan to make changes of this nature. The purpose of this mod is to complement the existing system, not overhaul it.


"Will you add XYZ feature to the marriage system?"
No modifications will be made to the marriage system in the base game.


"Does this mod support multi-marriage mods?"
No, and it will likely never will. Spouses Enhanced was built with a single spouse in mind, and at this point it would probably be easier for someone to make a new mod from scratch rather than try to adapt SE to work with multiple spouses.


"Does this mod support Serana as a spouse / Marriable Serana?"
Yes. See Requirements section for the additional mods you need.


"I'm married to a custom follower. Will this mod work with it?"
As of version 1.6.0, yes. However, if they use a custom voice-type (like many modded NPCs do), their dialogue in Spouses Enhanced will be unvoiced. The lack of voice can be fixed by creating an add-on for this mod that adds new dialogue for that specific voice-type, assuming there's enough voice acting recorded to use in SE's context. This is NOT something I will dedicate time to, so please, don't ask me to provide voice acting for your custom spouse. Check the following question if you want more information on how to do that yourself.
Custom followers that inherit a voice-type present in the base game will have voice acting for Spouses Enhanced dialogue, and don't require external support.


"I want to make an add-on for SE that adds voiced support for my custom spouse."
You'll need to add new dialogue topics for all the dialogue present in _SE_MainScript, with a condition that matches your voice-type. You'll also need to ensure that the voice-type is added to the _SE_SpecialVoices form-list when your add-on is initialized, otherwise SE will revert to the unvoiced dialogue path. You can check the Serana add-on for an example of implementation.





- SexLab Framework requirement raised to 1.60.
- Kissing scene no longer selects incorrect animations.
- Masturbation entry event is now less common compared to the others.


- Threesome scenes now take involved genders into account and will sort actor positions accordingly.
- Entry events are only started if the spouse is in the same location as the master bed. (should fix multiple problems with follower spouses)
- Some entry events still had obsolete conditions that prevented them from showing dialogue if the spouse is also a follower, this has been corrected.
- Fixed a bug where the vacation option wouldn't be available in some situations.
- Fixed several functions that were potentially causing Papyrus error logs if the player is unmarried.
- Serana Add-on: Dialogue for sex while Serana is following you should now display correctly.


- Additional dialogue fixes that weren't covered in 1.7.0.


- Custom beds added by mods can now be flagged as SexLab beds with a new MCM setting. This allows you to cast Lover's Sanctuary on them, and will also allow the SexLab framework to use them for sex animations.
- The dialogue options for several acts (threeways, cuddle, outfit changes) are no longer missing if your spouse is or has been your follower in the past.
- Kissing act should no longer potentially select animations that don't fit the context.


- Serana will now revert to unvoiced dialogue if you don't have the Serana add-on installed, instead of having no dialogue options.
- Fixed a property in the "Might want to clean up a bit, hon." dialogue that was set to null, that would prevent SexLab from cleaning up the actor.


- Added unvoiced dialogue support for spouses with custom voice-types.
- Added Serana's voiced add-on to the download section. Note that you'll need additional mods for Serana to work with this mod, check the Requirements section.


- Fixed the _SE_PlayerScript and _SE_CompatibilityScript mutual dependencies that were causing large amounts of Papyrus log errors.
- 'Days Intimate' stat now counts days correctly through savegame loads.
- Scripts no longer try to access the spouse alias and cause Papyrus log errors if the player is unmarried.
- The wake-up event now has a random chance of playing a full sex animation instead of the foreplay event. (for variety's sake mostly, not many bed-foreplay animations available yet)
- Child NPCs are no longer valid aliases in Spouses Enhanced dialogues, even when you have mods that allow a child NPC to be a follower or housecarl.
- Reworked the animation tag rules to make more sense for the animations available in 1.59c and NSAP.
- Minor changes for SexLab 1.59c compatibility.


What's New in Version 1.7.3


  • - SexLab Framework requirement raised to 1.60.
  • - Kissing scene no longer selects incorrect animations.
  • - Masturbation entry event is now less common compared to the others.

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