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About This File

Vaginas that open and close in reaction to penis or strap-on movement during a Four-Play sex scene. Also comes with jiggling titties and bums.


Early version, nothing too fancy, but it works! Actually synchronizes quite well, especially for the slower animations. Compatible with Diverse Bodies (actually thanks to Nahka, I can add vagina shape customization to DB quite soon) and Family Planning. You can use any male body mod/ erection system you want.



Like any other mods, but make sure you overwrite everything when asked and don't let another female meshes mod overwrite files from Animated Fannies.


You only need to install Animated_Fannies__x_x.zip for the mod to work, but then if you want, you can also install the specifically-made body textures with detailed vaginas (recommended), or if you think the default breast and ass physics (which is Cherry Hotalings) is too erratic, you can also overwrite the base mod with one of patches for less jiggling (CBBE Standard Physics) or for no breast and ass physics at all.


If you use a Unique Follower/ Unique Player type of mods, make sure you copy the femalebody.nif and femalebody.tri from Data\meshes\actors\character\characterassets and overwrite whatever body meshes those unique characters use.


I want to use a specific Bodyslide preset: this will work straight out of the box with default CBBE or Diverse Bodies' system of 'in-game Bodyslide', but will require some manual work and some knowledge If you want to fiddle around with Bodyslide to make this work with your favorite bodyslide preset: You can start by downloading the orginal Bodyslide files here, courtesy of Nahka: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3bmup3899g6ohs2/CBBEVagMorphs.rar?dl=0


Future Plans:

  • Animated buttholes. Nahka is looking into it.



  • Nahka for the absolutely fantastic 3d vaginas, body texture with detailed vagina, and sliders
  • BringTheNoise for the original 3d vaginas that Nahka's work is based on
  • Alan (from the Arrow N Knee team) for UN7B, which BringTheNoise's work is based on
  • Expired for F4SE and LooksMenu
  • Caliente and Ousnius for CBBE and Bodyslide
  • Cherry Hotalings for the default breast and ass physics of the mod
  • Avallonkao, OniNigma and zentience for the various texture mods that Nahka's body texture is based on

What's New in Version 1.1


  • 1.1 - More improvements to performance and synchronization
  • Minor improvements to performance and synchronization
  • Make sure the pussy closes after sex finishes (just in case the sex animation happens to end with a frame with the dick inside)

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