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Auri - Song of the Green SL Patch (out of date) 1.2

About This File

This is a mod I was asked to create by @Corbaine

SOTG author Waribiki has given her permission and supports it :)


What it does:


this mod has 2 plugins, the main SL one and an EFF compatibilty mod which is optional in the installer.


EFF plugin:

This makes SOTG compatible with Expired's Extensible Follower Framework mod (obviously there is no reason to install this if you don't use EFF)



The main mod, this adds Sexlab animations to the SOTG quests, some outcomes can be more lewd than others!


So far it is pretty straight forward and replaces "fade-to-black" scenes with SL animations but I might make some new additions in the future, we'll see.

It should be compatible with cosmetic Auri replacers and is flagged as ESL so no load order bloat.

AuriSLPatch.esp should load after 018Auri.esp

AuriEFFPatch.esp should load after EFFDialogue.esp


Credit to Monoman1 and Lupine00 for the SLEN interface soft dependency method.


LE Version added by request. This requires testing so any feedback would be appreciated.


Edited by Pfiffy

What's New in Version 1.2


Added LE Version (resaved as form 43 with esmified version of 018Auri.esp) untested but should work fine, please report any issues!


Added proper soft dependency support for SLEN. Previously this broke the mod if SLEN wasn't installed, now it will work fine with or without SLEN.

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