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[WIP] SexLabWorkingGirl version .7 (Updated December 30 , 2015)

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About This File

What this mod does:


This is a simple prostitution mod that allows sex between the player/companion and other npc's. You progress by unlocking skills (currently 11) each skill you unlock gives you another animation set "Oral" for example. You also get a little more gold for each act (5-150) the more you progress. I will work on and add to this mod in my spare time and take all suggestions under consideration.


Current Features:

-Supports all PC sexual orientation slightly limited in straight male content but still worth using
-Sex through dialogue in exchange for currency
-unlockable skill sets "Oral" for example. Starting skills are non-penatration types then after 5 clients you unlock "oral" 10 more unlocks "vaginal" and so on
It currently takes 60 successful clients to reach stage 50. The final stage unlocks the "3-way" option
-Clients have a random chance to refuse your services based on speechcraft x<22 (This will not count towards quest progression)
-Clients have a random chance not to pay and rape you instead based on speechcraft x<60 (This will not count towards quest progression)
-Ability to have clients follow you even through load doors and fast travel works with all follower mods and the vanilla game.
-Ability to auto-pimp your companion/InnServer/spouse/hireling (only one at a time for now)
-A Random Approach Option for your PC works indoors/outdoors can be toggled in the MCM or with a hot key.
-The prostitution part of the mod works fine with Straight female/Gay-Male/Lesbian Female PC's
-Some Straight male content you can pay for sex with InnServers/Beggars. You can get paid for sex from Jarl Elsif, You can have Sex with Ofina Greymane
All solicited NPC's can follow you anywhere you want to go including fast travel and through load doors.
You can pimp your follower and have casual sex with followers/housecarls/hirelings/spouses with lots of choice's for how you have sex.
-Custom follower/spouse dialog for sex options supports all PC sexual orientation types with lot's of choice's for sex options.
-Guards have custom dialog events when solicited directly or when Random Approaches are on and they notice you.
-Abilty to have sex with vendors for discounts based on which type of sex (oral,random,anal) which are picked at random and avilable based
on speechcraft. Does not reduce fixed text options like renting a room or buying a horse.
-Speech Craft increase with successful prostitution attempts (Configurable in the MCM)



Skyrim latest version
skse latest version
FNIS by fore latest version
SexLab v1.60.2 by Ashal and all requirements for SexLab
Fuz Ro D-oh by shademe version 6.0 or higher if you don't want to use this then just use the optional sound files and enable subtitles in game.
SkyUi by SkyUi team


Not required but highly recommended:


Prison Overhaul by xaz This mod goes very well with the guard refusal option in this mod. I would recommend setting the Major Crime Threshold
in Prison Overhaul to 1000 so you can get the full punishment when triggered with my mod (I'll change this to the default PO value in next update)
The mod features guard rape in your cell,whipping, the jailer taking gold from citizens to have there way with you among other things. The perfect compliment
to this mod.


Just drop the data folder in the skyrim directory
The SexLab Working Girl sound file is only needed if you don't use Fuz Ro D-oh
In testing using the optional sound files also reduces the delay in most of the dialog


Special Notes:
Before Updating to a new version make sure you turn off Companion Whore mode in the MCM and collect from any companions
that you used if you have not already.. Make sure PC whore mode is off as well.
In order to use the companion whore mode in the MCM you must first talk to the companion/innserver/spouse you wish to
pimp out then activate the whore mode toggle key. Do not deactivate companion whore mode while there having sex wait untill they finish up.
The mod officailly supports one companion at a time but if your in a crowded enough area you can normally use more than one
Both Random Approaches and Companion whore mode work indoors/outdoors there is a limited range so make sure if you outdoors
to be in a semi-populated area not out in the woods. Although both modes work through load doors and fast travel I would recommend disabling it first
except in the case of Random approaches after the client is following you your free to go where ever you like, just not while waiting for one to Approach.
If you play a straight male PC I would recommend turning off the Gay/female PC dialog option in the MCM and activating the Straight male PC dialog.
If you refuse to service a guard you will be arrested I currently have no additional content after being arrested so you need a mod like Prison Overhaul
to enjoy it further also once arrested random approaches are automatically stopped so you will have to turn it on,off and on again
to get it working after your arrested.


MCM Options/Dialog added by this mod:



Enable Disable Dialog options
Female/Gay-Male Dialog on/off - Turns on/off the dialog option "You look a little lonely I could keep you company? For a price." On by default there are no gender checks for this option but the dialog and animations is more suited for female PC's or Gay-Male PC's
Straight Male Dialog on/off - Turns on/off the dialog options "Do you provide any other services besides food and drink" for InnServers, "How would you like to earn a little gold?" for female beggers, "I think the reason you seem to hate men is because you need some cock" for Ofina GreyMane, and "You look troubled Yarl" for Yarl Elsif in solitude. Off by default. Again no gender checks but the dialog and animations added are more for a straight male PC or dominite Female PC.
Merchant Dialog on/off - Turns off the merchant discount dialog "Maybe if I was willing to do you a favor you could give me a discount?"
Random Approach Options
Player Whore Mode - When turned on this will cause NPC's too approach the player for sex for money. Off by default.
Player Whore Mode toggle key - Allows you to set a toggle key for the Player Whore Mode default key ">."
Companion Options
Companion Whore Mode - After selecting the follower/InnServer/Spouse you wish to whore out with the dialog option "I've noticed you enjoy watching me work do you want to give it a try?" you can use the Whore Mode Option to make them start and stop working. Off by default.
Companion Whore Mode Toggle key -Allows you to set a toggle key for companion whore mode default key "<,"
Companion Sex Dialog on/off - Turns off/on the dialog option "I don't charge anything for friends if you are interested?" for Followers/Spouses/ and some temporary followers. On by default.
Reset Quests - If anything gets broken (stuck follower for example) use this option to clean the mod up and also use before updating to a newer version. This option will not reset quest progress and can be safely used during game play. Alternatively If something stops working for the Whore Mode and Companion Whore mode options you can simply turn those options of and back on again.
Uninstall - This option should only be used when you intend on removing the mod from your game or if you are trying to do a clean save before updating the mod. If you used during normal game play it will break the mod and you will be unable to use this mod untill you make a save without the mod activated.
Cheat Option - This option will give the player the highest rank currently available in the mod.
Other Dialog added by this Mod:
"I'm ready to collect my gold" this option appears on Followers after they have earned any amount of gold.
"I don't need you to work for me any more" This option appears on followers who have been selected with the "I've noticed you enjoyed watching me work do you want to give it a try?" Note it will only appear when Companion Whore mode is turned off.
"Maybe if I was willing to do you a favor you could give me a discount?" This dialog is available on merchant type NPC's. Note the option may also appear on bartenders and horse salesman but will not give you a discount on fixed dialog rates such as rent a room and buying a horse only buy/sell type venders will give discounted prices.



Updating from previous versions:

Always turn off companion/player whore mode before updating and fire all companions who have worked for you and use the reset quest
option in the MCM before updating.(reset quest will not cause you too lose quest progession in the mod)
If updating from .6.1 or higher to .6.7 overwrite files, load game, wait/sleep for a few hours,save game, exit game, load save and play
For ver .4.1 and higher
Load the game then under the SexLabWorking girl menu in MCM check the Uninstall option wait a tick save game and exit.
Uncheck SexLabWorkingGirl esp. load the save game wait a tick save the game again then delete the SexLabWorkingGirl.bsa or SexLabWorkingGirl.bsa ghost
and the SexLabWorkingGirl.esp or SexLabWorkingGirl.esp ghost then drop the Data folder from the updated version into the skyrim directory and enable the esp.


For ver .4
Load game open the console and type "stopquest _SLWG_ClientFollower" without quotes save game and exit.
Uncheck SexLabWorkingGirl esp. load the save game wait a tick save the game again then remove the SexLabWorkingGirl.esp or ghost esp and
the SexLabWorkingGirl.bsa or ghost bsa drop the Data file from the updated mod into the skyrim directory and enable the esp.


From ver .3 and earlier
Uncheck SexLabWorkingGirl esp load saved game, play for a few minutes save the game and exit.
Remove the SexLabWorkingGirl.esp or ghost esp and the SexLabWorkingGirl.bsa or ghost bsa then drop the Data flie into the skyrim directory and
enable the esp.


For version .6 and higher
Load game turn off Player Whore Mode ,Turn off Companion whore mode, collect gold and fire all companions that you haven't already, then under the SexLabWorking girl menu in MCM check the Uninstall option wait a tick save game and exit.
Remove the SexlabWorkingGirl.esp and SexLabWorkingGirl.bsa. from the data folder. Remove the SexLabWorkingGirl SEQ file found under skyrim/data/SEQ
and remove the SexLabWorkingGirl translations files under skyrim/data/interface/translations.
For ver .4.1 and higher
Load game then under the SexLabWorking girl menu in MCM check the Uninstall option wait a tick save game and exit.
Remove the SexlabWorkingGirl.esp and SexLabWorkingGirl.bsa. from the data folder. Remove the SexLabWorkingGirl SEQ file found under skyrim/data/SEQ


For ver .4
Load game open the console and type "stopquest _SLWG_ClientFollower" without quotes save game and exit.
Remove the SexlabWorkingGirl.esp and SexLabWorkingGirl.bsa. from the data folder. Remove the SexLabWorkingGirl SEQ file found under skyrim/data/SEQ


From ver .3 and earlier
Uncheck the SexLabWorkingGirl esp. remove the SexlabWorkingGirl.esp and SexLabWorkingGirl.bsa. from the data folder.
Remove the SexLabWorkingGirl SEQ file found under skyrim/data/SEQ



Italian translation by RocMic
German Translation by zaira
German Translation by Blindmankind version 6.7 (can be found in the Download section)
Russian Translation by Torn
Russian Translation by Huili for version .6.4 (can be found in the DownLoad section in previous versions)


Known Issues:

-Some NPC's (one that I know of) will require you start there vanilla quest for that npc if approached with Whore Mode activated before starting that quest.
-MCM Hot keys are on a game reload event to change your hotkey load game pick your hotkey save game exit. When you load your save the selected hot key
will work. You only have to do this one time and is not required when updated with versions that already have the hotkey mapped.
-Do not deactivate companion whoring option during sex wait until there finished
-Try not to go through load doors while Random Approaches or Companion Whoring is active
-If you have any problems with dismissing a client or if you lose the starter dialog you can use the clean up option in the MCM menu without
losing any quest progress.

Future Plans:

-ZaZ animations( Pissing on female while they are masterbating will be in the next version after all reported bugs are fixed in this one)
more will come in a future update when the proper quest content is included for bondage type animations.
-add more straight male PC content
-add some brothels possibly a strip club too
-add some quest content (I need to play through the game first so I know the characters a little better)




Version .7
-December 30, 2015
-Added a few scripts related to companion auto whoring that were not packed in the BSA.(sorry about that)
-Fixed companion options to be compatible with most custom companions and serena
-Added some more conditions/script options to make companion auto whoring
a lot more reliable.
-Added 3-way chance to companion auto whoring (25%)
-Added some more checks in the script to get NPC's to quit screwing around a little quicker
(when there chopping wood, cooking , ect.)
-Added an option in the MCM so companion auto whoring would work with
EFF (I was unaware of this issue) this option will also make any companion that
you can trade with work with auto whoring (Trade the Pimp Follower Ring)
-Add speechcraft Skill advancement for successful prostitution attempts(can be
configured with a slider in the MCM)
-Added companion options for merchant dialog, guard and normal prostitution options
-Added MCM options to turn Random refusals off and Random No pays off.(on by default)
-Added MCM options for companions and Player to only do lesbian animations with females
in auto whoring, merchant, and most normal prostitution options(On by default)
-Added creature options to normal prostitution for player and companion (12 different creatures
random chance for which one will be used)
-Added creature support to auto whoring for player and companion(can be turned off in MCM)
-Added options in the MCM to turn off male,female and guard approaches for auto whoring (player)
-Added a slider to adjust time between client for player auto whoring (10 to 90 secs)
-Added an option to use dog campanions for auto whoring (female clients only) yea it's stupid but
it's there if you want it.
-Redone every sex related script in the mod to be more efficient and reliable.
-Made many, many changes in both companion and player auto whoring to keep from failing under multible conditions
-Added a timer to keep from repeat clients for auto whoring player and companion
-Added a four-way option to normal player prositution (the only human 4-way I currently know of is all males you've been warned if you use it)
-Added a slider to adjust gold earned in normal prostitution (multiplies the amount earned up to 10x)
-I started on this update over a year ago so there could be fixes/changes I've forgotten.
Version .6.7
-December 11, 2014
-reversed some FF oral animation to match dialog
-added some additional flags to prevent npc's that are not able to perform sex from approaching the player
-changed some animation tags to make better use of the current SexLab version (159c) most notably for the anal option
-fixed the merchant anal option (misnamed script so it did not get packed in the bsa for version .6.6)
-fixed the "gold added' and sound when getting paid (SexLab framework got quicker while I was gone)
-Reduced the minimum speechcraft skill for refusals for some animations (>=22)
-optimized follower scripts for follower whore mode
-added a merchant dialog toggle to the MCM
-added a "cheat" option in the MCM. Gives the player the highest rank currently avaiable in the mod.
-other tweaks that I can't remember since I was in the middle of this update before I left 6 months ago.
NonZaz version .6.6
-April 23 ,2014
-removed Brynjolf from random approach and player approach options
-added more condition checks for Companion/Player whore mode
-added a conditon check to exclude spouses from merchant dialog
-Reversed lead for Female Oral options
-Added more conditions for normal working girl options and Player
Whore mode to make it possible to do both at the same time(still a small
window of error but possible)
-added condition check for merchant discounts to keep from stacking effect
-More script tweaking to older parts of the mod
-made fully compatable to SexLab version 1.51(should still work with 1.39b)
NonZaZ version .6.5
-April 19 , 2014
-Fixed issue for some users where the dialog would not come up after the client follows you in normal player approaches
-Fixed issue in MCM where key conflict control was not working
-Changed default toggle key for Player Whore Mode to >/. to avoid conflict with SexLab Hot key
NonZaZ version .6.4
-April 18, 2014
-Added more race/faction checks to companion/player whore mode to avoid things like horsecarts/deer/foxes ect.
-Added a sex option for vendor discounts based on speechcraft and a random chance on the vendor below speech craft
23 you will not have a discount 23+ will be level one about 20% 30+ will be level two about 25%, and 40+ will be
level three about 35%. after you reach level 23 in speechcraft the vendor will select a type of sex at random
(which types will depend on speechcraft) each type wll give a given discount ranging from oral giving 20% to
taking it in the ass(or giving if a male PC) for a 35% discount.Options are available for all gender types be warned
if your a straight male PC a female vendor may ask to do something you don't want. The option to refuse is there.
This option only works on vendors that buy/sell it will not work for vendors with a fixed price dialog option
like renting a room or buying a horse.
NonZaz version .6.3
-April 17, 2014
-Removed Gender check from 3-way and restricted it to the
2 male one female gender type I will add the FFM one in a later
update and make sure you know which your using before solicting*
-Fix female oral options in Random Approach*
-Fix solo gold collection for player approaches*
-Made more adjustments to player and companion whore mode to keep from
breaking it should be about impossible now to break it
NonZaZ version .6.2
-April 16, 2014
-Fixed MCM so that the message boxes come up again for the "Whore Mode Activate" and The "Companion Whore Mode Activate" toggle
NonZaZ version .6.1
-April 16, 2014
-Fixed major bug with the Whiterun Crime Faction
-Added a togglekey for companion whore mode
-Added a way to collect from companions/innkeepers 50% of what they made no cap on this amount
-Made major adjustment to the Random Approach feature to eliminate problems with picking the
same client twice in a row,grabbing invalid actors,stopped issues when you advance animations two quickly
or set them for too long,and made the toggle switch work to stop whore mode no matter when you hit it(still
not a good idea to turn it off in the middle of an animation)
-Made some adjustments on companion whore mode to make sure it doesn't grab invalid SexLab actors,repeat clients,and
shut off more reliably(still don't turn it off in the middle of an animation) Both companion and PC whore modes
should be a lot harder too break now.Also tweaked distance for both modes to work better both outside and inside
-Removed the cap(was 150) and increased the amount of gold on some sex acts with yarl Elsif
-Added Translation files for the MCM
-Fixed issue(It didn't work) on the "Do you want to stick it in my ass" option for companion sex dialog
-Added quest progression to the random approaches (forgot to do it the first time)
-Removed Journal Entries
-Fixed and lowered the speechcraft to 18 for refusals on Random Approaches most players will never see them
-Added flags to prevent child beggers to keep from being solicited by the straight male dialog
-Made changes in how to collect and fire your companion whore to avoid confusion. You can collect from the
companion whore at anytime but to fire them you must have the companion whore mode off and you can always rehire them
-Made some changes in the scripts that should speed things up a bit on slower PC's
-Probably others things my fix list is blank now and don't remember everything that was on it


version .6
-March 30 , 2014
-Added Random Approaches for PC via toggle key and MCM Toggle
Supports both Straight Female PC's And gay Male/Female PC's
-Added the abilty to have your companion automatically start whoring
for You.Also included InnServer for this (Currently only one at a time
can be whoring future quest content will add more)
-limited the amount of septims that beggars can offer for sex >20 for
Player approaches >10 for Random Approaches
-Changed Guard behavour towards prostitution expect to be arrested
if you refuse when they ask for a free service.Happens both when you approach them
and when Random approaches are on.
-Removed dialog from companions/hirelings/housecarls/spouses for prostitution
and added custom dialog for sex with them. Supports all types of players including
Straight male PC's
-Fixed/added gay-male PC support so that the dialog makes since when playing a Gay-male
-Added some straight Male content you may now approach Innservers for sex (you pay them)
Female beggars for sex(you pay them a little),Jarl Elsif who pays you depending on
how much you do for her (up to 150 gold), and Ofina GreyMane who doesn't pay or get paid but she's a bitch
Towards male PC's so I decided she needs some cock to shut her up.
-Added a message for the clean cock option to let the player know the client isn't done
with them.
-New MCM options Companion sex dialog on/off, Companion whoring on/off,Straight male
Dialog on/off, PC random Approches on/off also a key toggle for that.Female PC/Gay male
PC dialog on/off (For straight male characters)
-Brought the 3-way option back added footjob to starter skills (you guys need to let me know when there are new animation types if you want to see them added)
-Fixed the reset quest option in the MCM should work properly now
-I can't remember what else I did I'ver been working on this one off and on for a while.


version .5.3
-March 10 ,2014
-Added an MCM toggle for the dialog in SexLabWorkingGirl
-Added a blocking branch to the dialog after the client follows you. I found having to look through the vanilla dialog to
find mine annoying while playing.
version .5.2
-December 5 ,2013
- Another attempt to fix an issue with the client alias for some users
- Stopped the message from showing when quest items are being removed
- Minor clean up of some unused dialog and scripts in the mod from previous versions
version .5.1
-December 4 ,2013
- Fixed issue where the client alias was getting prematurely cleared causing certain NPC's to get stuck following and breaking the quest
- Fixed issue where most of the female-female specific dialog wasn't working properly
-Added a debug box to MCM to show up after checking an option
version .5
-December 4 ,2013
- Added BoobJob,HandJob,Lesbian (random animation),and Dog Show to skills also changed solo option to include the client
- Added Random Rapes based on speechcraft skill,Random refusals by the client based on speechcraft skill
- Added a lot of female specific client dialog and almost all other dialog has been tweaked
- Removed the "my gold" option you now recieve the gold when sex takes place unless being raped (you still have to collect for clean cock and the new dog
- The "clean cock" option after anal is now random
- Updated the tags for animations it was especially needed with the female-female oral
- Major script changes and overhaul to make it easier for me to add things
- A lot of other tweaks/fixes I'm probably forgeting something I've added


version .4.1
-October 27 ,2013
-Fixed a goof up when I packed the bsa I had accidentally put default skyui scripts in the bsa(will not cause an issue untill skyui is updated)
-Added MCM support just an uninstall option to use before disabling the mod and a reset option to use if the quest breaks
-Removed 3-way option for now (its too buggy the way I have it set up)
version .4
-October 26 , 2013
-Added a new Follower system to be compatible with all follower mods and the vanilla game
In testing the follwer system works well and consistantly even through load doors and fast travel
-Some bug fixes for quest stopping issues(I belive there 100% fixed now let me know if there not)
- Fixed issue where you could collect gold from any one you can now only collect from the client
-A few minor tweaks


Version .3
-September 21 ,2013
-Small bug fix to help eliminate problems with the quest stopping due to items being removed/not removed from player
-Added gender specific dialog for "oral" options so that the dialog makes more since
-Added "Fisting" to the starter skills
version .2
-September 7 , 2013
-Fixed clean cock refusal bug


-April 25 ,2013
version .1 Initial release





Ashal: For making a great framework to use and offering excellent support with any questions I had
Fotogen: Special thanks for helping me with the 3-way problem
Skse: For making the ck function like it should have to begin with
Fore: For making it possible to use animations in skyrim
Modders: For making the meshes,textures,items and all the other things we take for granted to make the game more enjoyable
Lovers Lab: For giving me a place to put this
Lovers Lab community: for trying out the mod, reporting bugs, and all the idea's which may be used at somepoint
RocMic: For providing an Italian Translation
zaira: For providing a German Translation
Blindmankind: For providing a German Translation
Huili: For providing the Russian Translation
Torn: For providing a Russian Translation

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