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About This File

Official conversion of SexLab Pleasure to SSE:


This is a lightweight mod that adds context-specific dialogues to 80 vanilla NPCs in all cities (+Riverwood) that trigger consensual sex. The dialogues are light-hearted mostly but tailored to each NPC's own personality and backstory. You are still able to play Skyrim normally, just with optional sexual interactions. The dialogues are quite gender and orientation-neutral.


For each NPC, you have to pass a Speech check for them to accept your advance. The 80 NPCs are divided into three difficulty levels, based on marital status, morality and attractiveness:

  • Easy - Speech > 25
  • Average - Speech > 50
  • Hard - Speech > 75

The Persuasion perk, Amulet/ Blessing of Dibella, Gift of Charity, Mask of CV, etc all stack up and help your success too.


SexLab Light SE and its requirements - read the installation guide if you're new to adult modding


Like any other mods, manually or with a mod manager