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Abduction - SSE 0.51.5

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About This File


This is a very work-in-progress WIP project and as such comes with no guarantees or warranty regarding safety or function. Please make sure to read this description before deciding to use it and do not run it on that super important save you have no backups for or expect the mod to be uninstallable without problems either immediately or down the road.


TLDR: Skyrim version of the Fallout 4 mod with the same name


NON-TLDR: The goal of this mod is simple - allow the player more options in their encounters with NPCs. If you ever been disappointing in yet another quest culminating in a simple kill-or-be-killed situation, felt unsatisfied with the fate of a NPC or maybe wished they had a more prominent one in your gameplay this is the mod for you! Some examples:


Assassin and tired of having to kill people you're not getting paid for? Avoid combat entirely by sneaking and restraining NPCs on your way to your target!
Thief and problem with patrolling guards keeping an eye on "your" valuables? Tie them up with a blindfold so you can work in peace.
Finished the quest by killing the boss but though the punishment was too harsh? Resurrect them and give them a jailcell as new "home"
Want to be a bandit chief? Beat other bandits in battle and recruit them to your gang
Dissatisfied with the limited home owner options in Skyrim? Take ownership of any location as your own!
Want to live wild and free with the forsworn? Best the camp in battle and make them recognise you as an ally with the abduction feature!
A necromancers life for you? Find a nice damp cave and obtain wandering travellers for your experiments with the bag feature!
Found growing more interested in a merchant than their wares? Marry them and bring them on your trips!
Want to reunite that workholic mother and her daughter? Have mom come and live with her with the set home feature!


And so on, the options are generally available for all NPCs and can be combined allowing for many possible scenarios.


Install the mod, the necessary perk and control spell should be automatically added to your character. Next you need to find (or "make" ahem ) a NPC eligible to put in a restrained state. There are three different categories of "candidates"


* NPCs sleeping or knocked out
* NPCs in bleedout or the optional knockdown state (see below)
* NPCs unaware of a sneaking players presence


By activating them the option to "Restrain" them will be displayed which upon selection will put them in the bound animation and the following options
* Restrain - Normal use
* CloneKill - Makes a copy and kills the original if possible. Try this if the NPC is having their behaviour controlled by quests or scripts causing problems if abducted normally
* CloneCopy - Makes a copy and keeps the original untouched. Use this to abduct vital NPCs without breaking them. May still cause problems since some data is still shared between the versions so make this decision based on the assumption the original will break.


Activating them again will offer some more options
* Abduct - strips factions, hostility etc and makes them friendly towards player
* Bag - puts the NPC in a bag so you can transport them elsewhere.
* Release - Frees the NPC which will attack you. Sheathing your weapon may stop combat. Another option is simply leaving them, the restraints will be removed once the target is unloaded.
* Strip - Unequips all items
* Inventory - Shows targets inventory
* KIll - As it says


There are also some extra options available through the Abduction spell


Bag/Summon Menu
* Unbag - Releases all NPCs in the bag at your current location
* Unbag-Abduct - Same as above but also automatically abducts everyone
* Summon All - Summons all NPCs, both bagged and abducted to you
* Summon All Restr - Summons all NPCs, both bagged and abducted to you in a restrained state
* Re-abduct All - Re-applies the abduction stuff to all registered NPC in case the game did a reset or despawn on them


Capturing Menu -> Restrain Options
* Restrain hood - Equips a hood over restrained victims which is removed once they're released or abducted. Uses default game asset, purely cosmetic.
* Quick-Restrain - Skips the verification popup and immediately restrains the NPC in normal mode
* Trigger hostility - When active restraining and abduction counts as a criminal action that will prompt the NPCs nearby allies to attack


Capturing Menu -> Abduction Options
* Auto-Reabduct - Re-applies the edits on game load to all abducted automatically on game load (only use when needed)
* FactionQuery - Pops up a window when abductin where you can decide to keep the NPCs factions or not. Keeping them *may* keep custom dialogue and functions. This is handy if you want to make a merchant your friend keep their services, not so handy if you use it on a bandit so they're seen as enemies by every friendly NPC
* AutoOutfit - Will automatically applied the currently active outfit on abduction. More about outfits below
* Adoptions - This will add the necessary faction for adoption options to child NPCs missing it.


Capturing Menu -> Knockdown Options
* Enable knockdowns - Puts NPCs in bleedout mode when the health limits are met, player HP is MORE THAN value and enemy is LESS THAN value. Triggers on physical melee or ranged attacks. It's recommended to keep this on since the default bleedout is between 0-10% and very easy to overshoot killing the NPC instead.


Capturing Menu - Regarding the "Target" option
You can toggle if you want the mod to work on only humans (default) or any NPC. This feature is in testing and not recommended to use.


Outfit Menu
* Enable Outfit Edit - Makes Abduction register any wearable item you equip or unequip. Easiest way to set an outfit up is to put on the stuff you want to wear, activate this option and then simply unequip/requip the items. After that disable the edit mode to "lock in" the outfit.
* Apply Outfit to All - As it says
* OnLoadRequip - Applies every NPCs outfit whenever you load the game. Is normally not needed as long as you've applied the outfit once. Recommended to keep off since it takes a few seconds to check every registered NPC.
You can have five different outfits. Applying an empty outfit is a quick way to strip one or all NPCs


Home Menu
* Take ownership - Will turn the current cell ownership including all items and containers over to the player.
WARNING - owning things/places you shouldn't may interfere with quests/npcs/whatever assuming you're not. This will NOT disable respawning (if enabled) so stored items may vanish and enemies re-appear.
* Set as home, sleeping or work area - Does as it says for all abducted NPCs. Requires My Home is Your Home


The tool menu accessible by sneaking and activating an abducted NPC offers the following
* Restrain - Puts the NPC in tied up position again
* Release - Removes the NPC from Abduction entirely, useful if you want to manage them with other mods and avoid the summon, re-abduct and other functions to mess them up. Don't worry their factions, allegiances, aggression settings and so on will remain.
* Resurrect - Resurrects and puts the NPC in restrained state. Useful if they're accidentally killed or dead already when found. Won't work on NPCs set to start out as dead, they're dead-dead Jim let it go.
* Kill - as it says
* Vendorize - Turns the NPC into a merchant. Uses the same merchant chests as spouses setting up shops in Whiterun do. Note that it takes a few seconds for the dialogue to activate on the first activation and even longer when you change from one merchant type to another. Waiting a few ingame hours and/or travelling elsewhere and back may speed up the process.
* Outfit - Brings up the outfit menu so you can apply one


Amazing Follower Tweaks SSE - Allows you to recruit more than one NPC at a time as well as making them much more useful and tweakable
My Home is Your Home - Makes it possible to give the NPCs a home as well as designate them areas to work/guard/sleep in
Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - Greatly extends the voiced dialogue for a multitude of NPC voices
Animated Prostitution and/or Flower Girls SE - If you want sexy time options
Public Executions - If you want to bring criminals to justice. Or innocents to injustice if that's your thing I'm not judging.
Hearth Craft and/or Placeable Statics - Allows placement of various furniture, workbenches and other items. Useful to turn locations into comfy/functional homes for your abducted.


General note: Re-abduction now skips stripping allegiances from NPCs in the CurrentFollowerFaction to prevent active companions from breaking but if you use any mods handling followers applying different/more factions for their functionality this protection won't work and they'll likely still break. If you abduct a NPC you intend BFF up it's recommended to remove them from this mod once abducted/pacified and only put them in the follower mod system once that's done.


* Some abducted NPCs won't fight - Non-aggressive NPCs often lack a combat style which means they have no idea how to fight and will run away instead. Use AFT to assign one manually and the should work fine.
* Abducting NPCs can break them - Just assume it will and don't use this on anyone important
* NPCs may vanish, change gender/gear or act odd/hostile - This mod does not remove any attached quests/scripts/packages/etc from NPCs that control their behavior. Catching these problematic NPCs with the clone options *may* help.
* Wrong amount of NPCs displayed or some missing - The registry for bagged and abducted NPCs is very simple so NPCs suffering the problems from the previous point may throw a wrench in it
* Some NPCs won't be possible to recruit at all - If they lack the vanilla voice support for the necessary dialogue it won't show
* Mod is not tested with Oldrim - While it actually works it's unsupported.
* Bagged NPCs still talk and show the dialogue option in their spot - To prevent the NPC being unloaded by moving them to a storage cell and risk having them reset or disabled they're instead made "invisible" by having their scale set to 0.01. This will keep them persistent at least for as long as the player is in the same cell.
* Abducted NPCs may turn hostile towards former allies - Many groups are set to be friendly to only specific factions and hostile to everyone else including those with no factions at all. Provided they're allied with the player recruiting the NPC will stop this but in some cases combat will prevent the recruitment dialogue. In these cases use the bag option to move the restrained actor somewhere safe where you can abduct/recruit them without interruptions.
* Unbagged actors may briefly or permanently be freed - If you use a lot of HD skins, armors, script intensive items or have a slow rig dumping a bunch of NPCs near instantly at you will make the game work hard to load everything causing lag/glitches in the script checking hostility.
* Can't marry certain NPCs - The mod only adds the PotentialMarriageFaction nothing else. If the NPC misses the dialogue for marriage or you fail to have fulfilled the pre-quisities this option will not be availible. You may "marry anyone" mods for it to work or issue the command "setrelationshiprank player X" where X is the required level for them to like you enough.
* Some options missing for child NPCs - This is intended and will not be changed. If inappropriate actions still show up you have a mod that's changed that individual or NPC type to be read as adult for whatever reason.
* Custom dialogue not showing up - In some cases you need to save and reload once for them to work
* Certain Win 10 setups will block the mod from working - Unknown why, possibly related to built in or added security software.

What's New in Version 0.51.5


  • 0.1
  • * Initial Release
  • 0.11
  • * Abducted faction is set to neutral towards restrained faction
  • * Added clone-kill-restrain
  • * Added clone-restrain
  • 0.20
  • * Added support for Flowergirls SE BDSM
  • * Added option to execute restrained NPCs
  • * Abducted NPCs are now added to the WINoBodyCleanupFaction
  • * Abduction menu no longer overrides talk option allowing dialogue in restrained mode
  • * Reabduction function will now retroactively apply the necessary faction for Flowergirls SE BDSM if installed
  • * Mod moved to adult section, nothing personnel kids!
  • 0.21
  • * Changed erroneous aggression setting in the Abduct stage - Dismissed NPCs should no longer randomly attack everything
  • 0.30
  • * Added tool menu accessible by crouching and targeting Abducted or dead NPCs
  • * Added FlowerGirls BDSM options to restrained and tool menu
  • * Added option to summon and automatically abduct all bagged NPCs
  • * Added option to remove NPC from abduction, useful if you have set them a new home and don't want the summon or abduct commands to touch them again
  • * Added option to compress the database removing slots reserved for removed NPCs
  • * Added option to toggle quick-restrain where the mod will restrain the current NPC without popup using normal non-clone mode.
  • * Added option to put naughty abducted NPCs back in the restrained state from the AbdTools menu
  • * Changed re-abduct so it will no longer remove factions from NPCs in the "CurrentFollowerFaction"
  • 0.31
  • * Added option to toggle extended bleedout mode "Knockout"
  • * Added option to toggle equipping a hood on restrained victims
  • * NPCs are now set to protected status in restrained mode if they're not that or essential already
  • * Changed menus around to accommodate new windows
  • * db Maintenance option removed, it's now run when needed
  • * Changed the safety checks on the summon all function to also skip stripping factions from NPCs in the "CurrentFollowerFaction"
  • 0.32
  • * Internal release
  • 0.33
  • * Added some vanilla NPC spoken lines to Abduction actions
  • * Added option to toggle flagging the player for a crime when restraining or abducting.
  • * Fixed invalid assistance value from 3 to 2
  • * Fixed invalid confidence value from 5 to 4
  • 0.331
  • * Added confirmation box for removing NPCs from system
  • * Added confirmation box for killing NPCs from system
  • * Added detection for MHYH to prevent removing factions from its NPCs
  • * Added support Public Executions, activate by talking to the NPC in restrained mode
  • 0.34
  • * Fixed abduction menu not reading dead state disabling sex option
  • * Fixed FlowerGirls scene detection so sex animations with restrained NPCs should work again
  • * Changed spell into lesser power
  • * Changed Abduction menus to only be visible when power equipped, should improve compatibility with other mods
  • * Changed bagged function to now set NPCs to ghosts, disable their ai and activation option (talk menu will still show though)
  • * Due to change of Abduction main menu from spell to power a "clean install" may be needed
  • 0.35
  • * Added option to toggle popup for faction-stripping in abduct menu, may help keeping custom quest and dialogue functions for already friendly NPCs
  • * Added option to claim ownership of current cell, useful if you want to make a new home for yourself or your abductees
  • * Added option to add vendor function to NPC, all use the whiterun spouse vendor chests
  • * The necessary relationshiplevel to allow follower mode is now automatically set whenever the AbdTool menu is activated on a NPC.
  • 0.36
  • * Added option to summon all abducted in restrained mode, useful to keep them in place for change of equipment/home
  • * Added option to create a custom abductee outfit
  • * Added option to apply the above globally, individually and automagically on abduction
  • * Changed menus for easy of use and future options
  • 0.37
  • * Various changed added to allow MHYH use without having to recruit abducted as followers first and take up spots in follower manager mods. Note that assigning a new home will clear sleep/work/guard assignments so do that first.
  • * Added option to set current area as home when auto-abducting bagged NPCs
  • * Added option to set current area as home when summoning NPCs
  • * Added option to set current area as sleeping are area to extended HOME menu
  • * Added option to set current area as working are area to extended HOME menu
  • * Added option to set current area as home location to extended HOME menu
  • * Changed release so it no longer remove the _MODAbductionIsAbducted faction meaning freed NPCs should still be friendly with other abducted
  • * Fixed Unbag so it will now also resurrect dead and enable disabled NPCs
  • 0.37f
  • * Added function to instantly re-abduct released NPCs for management if the Abd Tool is activated on them
  • * Added option to re-bag abducted for ease of transportation
  • * Fixed bug causing unbag in some cases to restrain the player if a NPC had been removed from the mod prior (needs confirmation)
  • * Minor menu changes
  • 0.38
  • * Fix: The game marking abducted NPCs for deletion should no longer cause CTD
  • * Change: database and NPC maintenance are now run automatically on game load
  • * Change: NPCs registered to wear an outfit will have it reapplied on game load
  • * Change: Main menu will now also show number of bagged and abducted
  • * New: Added four more outfit slots for a total of five
  • 0.38f
  • * NPCs set to wear an outfit are now first issued an empty one effectively removing, and hopefully preventing, their default from being re-equipped
  • * Outfit pieces are now equipped with the "prevent removal" flag, remove the items by issuing "unequipall" or applying a zero item outfit
  • * Added option to toggle the OnGameLoad outfit re-equipper on or off. Keep it off unless you need it.
  • * Due to changes on how outfits are handled re-applying them is advised
  • 0.39
  • NEW: Added detection code for TKAA 3.x. If hostile TKAA NPCs aren't flagged as children Abduction will still treat them as such blocking inappropriate actions.
  • NEW: Added toggle to add the necessary faction for adoption options to standard and TKAA children. Default ON
  • NEW: Added option to remove humans-only limitation of mod. Still in testing, not recommended to use.
  • CHANGE: Dead actors are now baggable for ease of body disposal (unless they're set to spawn as dead)
  • BUGFIX: Restrained animation will no longer override finishers
  • MISC: Added more checks to make sure only relevant menu options and dialogue is enabled
  • 0.39f
  • BUGFIX: Invalid assistance and confidence values in the re-abduction function have been corrected
  • NEW: Added detection for TKAA skeleton children
  • CHANGE: BDSM bound animations are now played for NPCs in restrained mode, unbound variants otherwise
  • 0.40
  • NEW: Dialogue Mode. When active combat RESTRAIN and ABDUCT popup menu are replaced with conversation options for xtra emmershaun
  • NEW: Added toggle for protected status in knockdown and restrained state
  • CHANGE: Adults released from restrained state will now only attack if lower level than the player
  • CHANGE: Children released from restrained state will never attack
  • BUGFIX: Abduction knockdown will no longer trigger with the power unequipped
  • BUGFIX: The HOME menu is now unavailable if MHYH is missing
  • 0.40.1
  • BUGFIX: Added a couple of checks to prevent duplicate registrations and remove existing ones
  • CHANGE: NPCs subjected to the menu kill command are now removed from Abduction
  • CHANGE: NPCs tagged for Public Execution from restrained state are now removed from Abduction
  • 0.50.0
  • NEW: Basic SexLab Light SE support. If FlowerGirls BDSM is also installed SexLab will take precedence.
  • NEW: Custom Menu for sleeping NPCS
  • NEW: Added option to initiate sex in dialogue mode
  • CHANGE: Paralysed NPCs should now also count as restrainable
  • CHANGE: Extended support for non-humanoid NPCs in unrestricted mode
  • 0.51.0
  • NEW: Follower can now join sex scenes
  • NEW: Follower can now start their own sex scene
  • NEW: First draft SkyGUI menu
  • NEW: Added sex option to vulnerable state
  • NEW: Sex dialogue option for abducted NPCs (SL req)
  • CHANGE: Improved FlowerGirls scene detection
  • CHANGE: Improved sex scene support for dead NPCs
  • BUGFIX: NPC released with hostility toggle off will no longer go hostile
  • BUGFIX: Added missing unrestricted mode check to Abdtool menu
  • 0.51.1
  • BUGFIX: Hostility toggle wasn't properly set, freed NPCs should now act as intended
  • BUGFIX: Follower keepbusy wasn't properly set, follower will now properly attempt to start a new scene as long as the player is still in one
  • BUGFIX: FollowerAsk dropdown now properly updates with the current setting
  • CHANGE: Tweaked the follower matchmaking, reducing risk of "double matching"
  • CHANGE: Tweaked the restrained and knockdown effects to more accurately re-trigger after sexscenes
  • CHANGE: Tweaked the SexLabs keyword to allow a wider selection of scenes
  • 0.51.2
  • NEW: Added SEQ file, may help with system not initializing properly for some
  • CHANGE: Modified _MODAbductionInSceneFaction to reduce risk of hostilities interrupting scenes
  • BUGFIX: Fixed follower handler not re-deading NPCs after scene finish
  • 0.51.3
  • BUGFIX: FlowerGirls handler should now properly tag NPCs as "busy"
  • BUGFIX: Fixed dialogue trigger always including follower even if non-human (sorry Meeko)
  • CHANGE: Dead NPCs will no longer be resurrected before sex scenes in order to prevent limb and inventory resets
  • 0.51.4
  • NEW: Added support for SkyUI SSE in addition to the Oldrim version
  • 0.51.5
  • BUGFIX: Fixed player and NPC switching places in FlowerGirls scenes
  • CHANGE: Improved the detection of running FlowerGirls scenes

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