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About This File

Just a fun little mod I made because I lost a bet to someone a while ago. I figured that instead of keeping this on my Nexus, I could upload it on LoversLab as well because we all appreciate a good laugh every once in a while.


Questions you may have:


What does this mod do, exactly?
It replaces the descriptions of all perks and traits to something more goofy. That's all, really. There's two versions: the Vanilla and GOTY. Download Vanilla if you don't have all DLC's, download GOTY if you want all descriptions of the base game and the official DLC's to be changed.


What's happening with the mod from here on out?
Not much. Unless, of course, people show high demand for stuff like a TTW version, in which case I'll probably make one of those as well.


Why nothing sex related?
Because I can.

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