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  1. Hello, I have just one simple yes or no question.. Does AAF update automatically?
  2. That's it! ZeX is in requiremets because of BodyTalk! I haven't noticed that earlier. Thanks for clearing things up! Take care!
  3. So if I'm using CBBE and the physics mod I've provided earlier my AAF and all the themes/animations will work without ZeX 4.0 which is a requirement?
  4. I have CBBE. I'm asking since the sait mod requires CBBE KneeFix, and I don't know whether that will have conflicts with ZaZ Extended skeleton that is required by AAF and its stuff.
  5. Hello. I have just one question. After installing everything as this handy guide suggests, is this physics mod compatible with AAF? It just came out today and looks very interesting.
  6. I really like this redesign. It looks refreshed while still being the same site I've used for some time now. It's a redesign done right and I hope that it will stay that way! Great job! Also, so far I haven't noticed any bugs (I'm running dark mode with fluid width) and everything seems to be working as intended. Take care and stay safe!
  7. Currently in the process of doing the same. I've already made a backup of all the LooksMenu presets as well as body presets. As for mods that have been removed from public - I have all the mods downloaded on my HDD. I didn't buy the 4TB drive just to look at so much empty space lol I'm thinking about going with MO2. Do you have any tips for it? Also, if I manually put mod files in MO2's directory, am I going to be able to activate it there or do I need to install the whole mod (usually .rar or .7z archive) through it? I have tried MO2 a few months ago (on a fresh install)
  8. I don't. I always install manually. Most faulty mods I'm able to fix myself, except AAF. I'm never able to fix it
  9. I already have a backup of all saves. I can load the game before the issue, but still the AAF isn't functional. Is there any way to bypass this? Like if I delete the complete AAF directory in Fallout 4\Data and reinstall only AAF and its stuff? Again, uninstalling everything would cost me valuable time (which I don't have) and only AAF is the problem. Everything else works just fine.
  10. You mean HUDFramework? It's the only HUD-related mod I run and honestly I cannot remember why I have it installed in the first place EDIT: Tried disabling it, still the same. Looks like I'm left with only one option now
  11. I have a problem. A big one. My AAF got messed up yesterday (wasn't responsive whatsoever, it was there but it was like it wasn't). Just recently I followed this useful guide again and I installed everything, step-by-step according to this very guide. I don't get any errors, but when I wanted to test the AAF - I couldn't. The game loads fine, same as before, and when I hit HOME key on my keyboard AAF menu pops out. And that's about it, really. I hit enter in order to start a scene but nothing happens; two small dots jump around the AAF logo in the top right of my screen and I'm stuck
  12. When my PC surrenders, no animation will be played. PC just stands there with hands up in the air and nothing will happen. Violate worked well for me, but I wanted to check out this mod's abduction system. I have tried disabling Violate - didn't fix it. Then I enabled Violate and the issue still persist - nothing will happen whatsoever. Any help on this?
  13. Hello! It's me again lol I have just one question this time... Is it possible to disable this mod (or pause it) when PC is in a suit of power armor? When my PC used PA, 'strip sound' was playing all the time (similarly to the previous issue I reported a few days back). It even unequipped power armor's right leg (although that's probably because I biped that slot). It'd be amazing if there was an option for this in the MCM, like Combat Strip Lite has 'Disable when in power armor'. Just a recommendation! Happy new year and stay safe!
  14. Many thanks! I'm going to give it a shot. If I find bugs I'll report them here. Take care and stay safe!
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