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About this blog

A personal blog to write and design a long time project of mine : a rebuilt Slaverun.  Its primary goal is to gather ideas and have a solid vision of how things should work.

This blog is a work-in-progress.  Entries are being written.

Entries in this blog

Slavery Heaquarters - Training Grounds

(Disclaimer : There will be one blog entry per new cell, and I'll update them with their progress)     The training grounds are planned to be a large facility dug deep bellow the surface.  Slaves get their training and hard punishments there.  You won't get to see the sunlight again until you've learned to be a good toy. You can only get in through the headquarters, rest assured they'll be well guarded.     07-06-2021 Designing the tunnels leading to your


mangalo in Progress

Slavery Heaquarters - The inside

(Disclaimer : There will be one blog entry per new cell, and I'll update them with their progress.  To get notified on updates, I suggest following this entry)   I'm slowly starting to get a grip with the level design of the CK.  It's a great tool, until you have to fit different architecture styles together ! As the Headquarters are located kind of dug under Dragonsreach, I wanted to keep a "stony" feeling to it.  The idea is to have three main parts to the HQ :   - One


mangalo in Progress

Slavery Heaquarters - Entrance

Sooo, I haven't given you a lot of news lately.  Quite busy to be honest, and I warned you, it might take time.  But I found some time to think about the architectural styles and what would be where.   As planned, I chose to put the headquarters in Whiterun and not a remote location (a bit too decentralized to my taste).  The problem with Whiterun is that : 1) There isn't a lot of space 2) City overhauls take the little space left   Which means I had to come up with


mangalo in Progress


Bellow are listed the various steps of progress of the project.   First phase   [ Done ] Setting up dev environment (CK Fixes, VSCode support, MO2 profile, Git - private until first alphas); [ Ongoing ] CK Baby steps; Currently creating a prototype cell for the slave training grounds.  Made a basic MCM.  Mostly trying the basics, starting a quest, create a drug item, placing NPCs, that sort of stuff. [ Ongoing ] Slavery headquarters design


=== Slaver ===   The Slaver path is a separate path that would allow female and male characters to benefit from the slavery setting rather than being subject to it.  You are a mercenary wandering Skyrim, capturing bandits and sell them as slaves for a good amount of money.   Playing as a female   To obtain this rank, you'll have to meet the following requirements : A high enough speechcraft skill A consequent amount of gold for an initial bribe

General feedback and Ideas

General feedback and ideas   Here's the place where I'll list the ideas I don't want to include in the general design yet, but keep warm as inspiration. Feel free to use the comment section of this entry to suggest changes.   - @DocClox On Magic use : Add a jewelry item charged with a limit amount of magic.  Allows the slave to cast a few spells. - @Sidewasy On Maid Tasks : Make some tasks mandatory - @Catnapper2 On Level Design : Include Milk Farms - @Syn

Maid Slaves

=== Maid Slave ===   The Maid Slave is the personal fuck toy of its owner, its only goal in life is to please her owner.   You must bring back 15 tokens per day to your owner.   Tasks : Tasks from Street Sluts   Clean up dust and spider webs in your owner's home (2 tokens, once a day) Prepare a meal for your owners (2 tokens, 3 times a day max - 4 hours interval between meals) Fetch requested items by your owners (2 tokens)

Street Sluts

=== Street Sluts === Looking for a better name !   This is where you'll start.  After your training, you'll be put on the streets of Whiterun where you can perform various tasks for tokens.  For details on the training, see the "Story" blog entry.   You must bring back 10 tokens per day to the Masters.    Tasks : Prostitute yourself (1 token), Relieve an animal (2 tokens), Eat scrubs/feces on the ground (1 token), Agree to equip an

Slavery highlights

Adding diversity and freedom of choice in a game with so much mecanics as Skyrim.  Slaverun has basically two scenarios : you get fucked or you play normally and bring back money.  I absolutely agree with the fact that the game should only be halted at certain stages of Slaverim, and you should somehow be able to wander the region and play the actual game as a slave.  On the other hand, I think there should be more to the "locked" stages of the mod.   Classes   I want to give

Introduction and core ideas

First of all, welcome on this blog and thanks for the attention you gave it,     The goal of this blog entry isn't to write an auto-biography so I'll try to keep it short and simple. It's been a few years since I joined Loverslab and I was lucky to see the birth of many great mods.  Among all of them, there's one masterpiece to my eyes : Slaverun.   Already the first version of Slaverun and its enforcer were genius to me.  The player being treated like a common rag,
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