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Slavery Headquarters - Training Grounds



(Disclaimer : There will be one blog entry per new cell, and I'll update them with their progress)



The training grounds are planned to be a large facility dug deep bellow the surface.  Slaves get their training and hard punishments there.  You won't get to see the sunlight again until you've learned to be a good toy.

You can only get in through the headquarters, rest assured they'll be well guarded.




Designing the tunnels leading to your new home was a bit tricky.  You're not the only slave, so, many people should be able to go through them.  I had to resize most of the assets, which makes it a pain to fit them together.  But it's okay enough for now.

I'm using the Riften ratways style for this cell.  We don't need anything to be fancy, no customers will ever see what's going on in here.









Time to attack the last big architectural piece.  I feel like I'm overkilling it, making such a deep complex, but I decided I don't care.  I'll have to find a reason how the slavers managed to build that much and dig that deep, but I can always pretend it took time or it was mostly already there (because ... reasons...).  It needs to be the central place of slavery, so all the reasons to make it big.

Anyway, there's more of an underground Riften style here, the inspiration comes from a cave from this mod .  I'll expand it a bit more with the same style.






Went through two quite busy weeks and only resumed yesterday.   The bridge to the grounds is kind of done, which leads to only minor details in that room before the last big piece which are the grounds themselves.  But I think I'll try to release the store before that. 









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On 9/6/2021 at 6:51 AM, Sidewasy said:

Looks neat. Where are the various exits leading to?


The exit you were seeing is still part of the architecture I'm taking inspiration from, it will be gone in the end :) 

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18 hours ago, mangalo said:

The exit you were seeing is still part of the architecture I'm taking inspiration from, it will be gone in the end :) 

I see.


The drawbridge is a neat idea, assuming this is the only obvious exit from the training grouds. You could walk up all the way to the drawbridge and with no way to lower it, freedom still may as well be 1000 miles away.


I also like the s-bend before the drawbridge cavern. Makes the path down to the training ground seem longer.


I must say I'm honestly hyped for your mod.

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