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  1. Drugs aren't really a fetish of mine either, so my intention isn't to go overboard with them. Magic was, to this point, the only generic and believable alternative I found to drugs when it comes to force the player to submit. Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad way of doing things, but I find it boring and it has some flaws. Some people play as god-wizard and others as magic-immune characters, having a spell turn them into a total slut is ... kind of weird. Having magic enforced on you supposes a very powerful character with that sort of power. Anyway, a bit too easy to me, I want the play
  2. The tech used for the UI in ORomance looks very interesting, might be a good compromise...
  3. The MCM description for the "Allow chain collar" in the "Settings" tab (v661) seems to be off, is it just me ? It's talking about the price of homes etc.
  4. Immersive Fashion is a great mod, glad people are still maintaining and improving it
  5. Bellow are listed the various steps of progress of the project. First phase [ Done ] Setting up dev environment (CK Fixes, VSCode support, MO2 profile, Git - private until first alphas); [ Ongoing ] CK Baby steps; Currently creating a prototype cell for the slave training grounds. Made a basic MCM. Mostly trying the basics, starting a quest, create a drug item, placing NPCs, that sort of stuff. Basic rank implementation (Street & House), ranking some NPCs and put Devices on them; Nudity enforcer; Uniforms definitions an
  6. Well, bringing back escaped slaves could be a Slave Agent task. My plan is to first make generic mechanics (tasks) and only then start doing quests with scenarios etc. As you said, tinkering with vanilla NPCs AI is not something I think I should do On a side note, your comment reminds me of another "issue" that I have to solve which is the length of dialogue menus. Multiple tasks suggest a lot of dialogue tree entries and I only see two solutions : À la "SexLab Dialogues" : There is a [More Dialogues] entry that leads to a subtree. À la "Defeat", "Sexlab Su
  7. I like the idea. We'll have to see what is possible to do with the vanilla crime system and if bypassing it is possible. @Snook001 Well it's a nice idea, but it's a very specific use case and probably won't be in the scope of development at short and medium term. But once the groundwork is done, we'll see what can be done with the framework
  8. Thanks for the feedback. I think I need to polish the part about devices and uniform in general. Basically, I'd like to keep an horizontal uniformity but a vertical diversity. A slave rank gets a device color and a few "mandatory" devices. For example: - Street sluts (current name but could change) : Black color, basic devices : Collar X + Boots Y - Maid Slaves : White color, basic devices : Chastity belt A + Latex suit B ... If you ask for additional devices, ideally they'd be the color of your rank (when applicable) so you don't break the uniform.
  9. I also use those NPCs overhaul mods, I can understand the appeal The thing with generic NPCs is that I don't have exclusive control on them, someone could be using some mod or play some quest involving those NPCs that could break something in Slaverim. A fair trade-off is to include them, but not as essential parts of the mechanics. The way I see Maid Save is first to sell you to some generic NPC (that has a home in the city), though. For added NPCs, I'll try making them not too ugly (Kenjoka tried that too by using Apachii hair etc). About the initial shaving, I'll probab
  10. As @Darcaan2012 said, by shadow realm I meant that the mod was being forgotten. DD 5 is indeed bundled in one package, but it's still three (four?) plugins with their functionalities. DDc looked interesting because it supports Devious Devices in bondage furniture, however it lacked furniture. Your version of Zaz, on the other hand, has a lot of furniture but doesn't really integrates Devious Devices, correct ? If I recall correctly, at some point, Kimy and you planned to add your furniture in DDc, which would have been the best of both worlds. I'm not here to judge the choi
  11. I have, and the policy on abandonned mods recently changed to allow people to take them over. But to fix Slaverun would mean keeping it the way it is, and fixing its scenario flaws. It wouldn't allow for a lot of things I have in mind. If anyone is up to it, however, it'd be a good initiative.
  12. A bit off-topic, but weren't there plans to merge ZAP and Devious Contraptions ? I feel like DC is being slowly pushed to the shadow realm.
  13. Yes, I intend to have an entry point for mods such as Simple Slavery. You'd wake up in a jail under Dragonsreach where you would have your rank 0 training. As for other mods, I'll try to keep the slave inside the city as much as possible (lowering the chance to be captured and resold to slavery). I think Simple Slavery plus plus is sending modevents that I'd be able to catch to know when a slave has been sold somewhere else. Obviously, I would discourage using multiple slavery mods in parallel.
  14. The basic principle is that tasks aren't mandatory in general. You don't HAVE to ask for extra devices, and you don't HAVE to ask to get shaved. It's your choice, but you'll get a reward if you agree. I agree that Street Slut is imperfect as a name. I'm still looking for better but I want it to be degrading and descriptive of the function. They basically are meat holes wandering the streets. It's more degrading for a slave to admit she's a "street whore" than a "common slave".
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