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  1. Avec une version non traduite est ce que tu as aussi le problème ?
  2. Salut @Harllaown, merci pour les trads c'est cool de voir des mods récents traduits Si jamais ça t'intéresse il y a le club francophone sur lequel tu peux héberger tes fichiers traduits (ça éviterait qu'ils soient enfuis dans les commentaires de cette page). Je peux t'expliquer un peu tout ça en MP si ça te tente
  3. Hmmm Defeat est un bon mod mais parfois cesse de fonctionner pour X ou Y raisons... Est-ce que tu as le même phénomène sur une nouvelle partie ?
  4. Maybe an external patch requiring Slaverun as a master would be the solution
  5. Good find about the Message box, didn't know about it and wondered why my character didn't change sex during the quest
  6. Exactly, I couldn't reply fast enough but I was going to suggest disabling that feature in SLS. It's a known bug for SE
  7. How I feel towards this mod as the author vanished three months ago :
  8. Could someone explain to me how the Dibella quest is supposed to turn your character into a female ? (using spoiler tags) I just put the belt and bra on my character be he stayed male, is it supposed to happen later ?
  9. Somehow my mind mixed you with the moderator role, my mistake. Maybe the user that shared his patch made the same mistake and removed it, taking your message as a warning. Sure, in the end it's mostly frustration on my part regarding the rules, and I think it's the same for many users. And I understand the staff doesn't want to state on this case as it would make a precedent (or simply isn't aware of this mod). For what it's worth, in my opinion, we should allow those patches as long as Kenjoka doesn't say otherwise.
  10. I don't think "inappropriate" is the term to use given the circumstances. Reloaded is already a takeover, the author hasn't forbidden the re-use of his code and hasn't given sign of life for years. Where would be mods such as "Submissive Lola: Remastered", "Paradise Halls Extended" and many others with this reasoning ? We're not in a Deviously Cursed Loot scenario where the author is active and specifically forbid all those things. What is there to win here it but a false sense of rightness ? And if, in the unlikely event of Kenjoka coming back, he wants to have the patches rem
  11. I might have overstated the issue, but I supposed there's quite a bit of overhead using a "manual" unequip like SLS does compared to using lower-level techniques. My idea was mostly to inform you of this alternative that could inspire you
  12. Will keep an eye on it. My keyboard layout isn't qwerty though, wonder how it will affect things
  13. Too bad this is only for SE but this could replace the daydreaming (heavy) processing on NPCs : https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/44097?tab=description
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