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=== Slaver ===


The Slaver path is a separate path that would allow female and male characters to benefit from the slavery setting rather than being subject to it.  You are a mercenary wandering Skyrim, capturing bandits and sell them as slaves for a good amount of money.


Playing as a female


To obtain this rank, you'll have to meet the following requirements :

  • A high enough speechcraft skill
  • A consequent amount of gold for an initial bribe
  • Be a free female and never have been a Slave



Basically, you will still be a free female with an ability to sell the slaves you captures during your adventures.  You won't be going through a training and won't be subject to the drug system.

However, to maintain this rank, you'll have to bring in slaves on a regular basis or pay a fine for failing to deliver.  If you don't, your Slaver rank will be revoked.


As a free female, you still won't be allowed to wear clothes in the cities.  You'll be given an item (to be decided) as a proof you are a slaver.  You'd better not lose it, or you will have to "buy" it back.


You will be generously rewarded for the slaves you bring in.





What happens if you get sent to slavery during a Death Alternative/ Simple Slavery event ?  If you met your deadlines, you'll be freed.  If you didn't, prepare to go the Slave route from the bottom.  You will never be able to be a Slaver again.

Beware, as even a good slaver might make a wrong move and find herself being turned into a slave...



Playing as a male

Being a member of the superior sex, you'll get all the benefits from trading slaves without any drawbacks (no deadlines or bribes to pay).



Mods Integration

  1. There are already a few enslavement mods, I'm considering using PAHE as a requirement for the slaver route.
  2. Sexlab Survival : A female slaver will be given every license she needs, and they will be renewed on the delivery of new slaves.



Recommended Comments

this is the part im most interested in frankly, i like the idea of having the fmc start of as a strong slaver like in slaverun reloaded then end up corrupted or tricked into becoming a slave later on, but i feel like the attitude towards the fmc should also change accordingly, rather than being treated like any other slave she should have a harder time since she used to be untouchable or too strong for the other slavers which means they'd want payback, slaves she enslaved before should also act differently towards her since obviously, she is the reason

why their enslaved, people in general shoud also make fun of her(humiliate her) because she is used to act so strong as a slaver and now she is just another slave, if she was to be sold her value should also be higher.
since no one commented here i thought i might as well give one opinion.


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A question, @mangalo: Could a slave, if risen high enough through the ranks, become a slaver by proving her "commitment" to the organization and its mission? She would still need a "supervisor" of a sort, of course.

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I thing I wish the slaverun reloaded had is companions who react do how you deal with diverse situations.

For slavers there could be mentors early on, and maybe even mentees later on. There could also be slaves.

For slaves, those same people could be your guards and slave sisters.

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Female slaver route in original Slaverun is my favorite so few comments:


Female slaver should basically be a woman that has been given benefit of a doubt (whether through persuasion, gold or winning fight with slavers and making a deal) that she can be as good slaver as man. Gameplay should be similar to male slaver, except that she would have to make sure that she is seen as a) dominant b) loyal c) useful for slavers to make an exception for her.


Female slaver should not only be allowed to wear clothes, but actually forced to do so, since being naked would be considered submissive behavior. Similarly any other acts not suitable for dominant slaver that would be known to slavers - like having sex as bottom, being too nice to slaves etc...  would lead to her enslavement. If she is captured and enslaved by other means it would mean that she is not worthy, so no rescue out of slavery for her.



In general I'd see slaver role as being part of organization, working to extend slavery across Skyrim, women trying to take this role would have to be very dominant and self-disciplined not to give up to arousal.


On the other hand I'd see free woman role more like a mercenary - she would have to pay enough gold for slavers to consider her more worthy as free then enslaved. There should also be recurring tax payments to keep freedom, with more money being able to buy more rights like license to wear clothes, even weapon and armor. If free woman is enslaved by other means she should be freed since she is more useful for slavers this way. She could also do mercenary work for slavers.


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