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I am not the creator of this mod, it was created by Jallil, who has not been seen for a long time. If he wants it back, it is his. His final version contained a lot of bugs, including a CTD issue, and I have added various fixes and some features, with one also by Prideslayer and by Sunnstor. The original page for the mod can be found here.


This mod is up for adoption by anyone interested (until Jallil returns, if he ever does). It is not my focus.


This mod replaces and contains all features of Sexout Brutal Rapers, with many expansions.


All assets contained in the mod are free to reuse for whatever you want.




Features (all can be optionally disabled via MCM)


Combat Sex


Enemies may attempt to have sex with you or your companions during combat, the chance an NPC is interested is dependent on MCM settings. Success is based on your Sex Assault defense.




Actors may attempt to stalk you and your companions. Once they reach you, success is based on your Sex Assault defense and their facing angle- coming from behind gives them a bonus. You can also attempt to scare them off by either staring them down, or better, pointing a gun at them. MCM options allow variable rates by faction. Being naked, certain cum smells for some creatures, or entering concede mode increases the stalking chance. The stalk chance is 4x lower during the day time for humans and non-feral ghouls. As of August 2014, stalkers use a dynamic strategy which they are capable of refining via learning.


Warning: Stalkers can potentially break some scripted sequences, if you find this is the case, you should disable it until it is finished.


Modders may block stalking during sensitive sequences in various ways:

1. Add your cells to the SexoutNG restricted list: SexoutListRestrictedCell and SA will back off if the player is in one.
2. Add your actor refs to the SexoutNG restricted list: SexoutListRestrictedActor
3. Add your actor refs to the SCR restricted list: SexoutSLActorDataIsReserved
4. Set the NX EVFl "SO:NotNow" on the PlayerREF, and unset it when you are done, because it will not reset automatically.
PlayerREF.NX_SetEVFl "SO:NotNow" 1
Setting the NX as above will disable stalking (including sleep/wait). You must reenable it (by setting the var to 0) yourself, this mod will not do so.
Credit goes to DoctaSax for 'Sexout Not Now' name.



When sleeping or waiting, local characters may decide to take advantage.


Sex Assault Defense


The chance of any attempt succeeding is based on your defense score. This is a variable base value, modified by your unarmed skill and equipped weapon, multiplied by your health percentage.


Full details:

(MCM adjustable base + unarmed skill + equipped weapon modifiers) * health percentage : vs : random 0->99)


You can potentially be a victim with any health, but unless the base defense is set very low, chance is small without conceding (usually 0) at high health and increases until it is almost guaranteed at very low health.


If you win against a stalker by a lot, they will stop, but if it is close then it will only slow them down.


The Equipped Weapon Modifiers:
- No Weapon Equipped ( - 30)
- 2 Handed Guns ( - 10, unless reloading: - 40 (hard to wield at close range))
- Grenades/Mines ( - 10)
- 1 hand melee ( +Melee skill + Weapon damage + 10)
- 2 hand melee ( +Melee skill + Weapon damage - 15)
- Pistols ( + 20, unless reloading: - 30)
- Automatic weapons ( + 50, unless reloading: -30)
- Unarmed weapons (+ Unarmed Skill + weapon damage - 10)



Example: Base Defense = 100, Unarmed = 25, Pistol equipped (+20) = 145


at 100% health: Defense = 145, Attempt Success = 0%
at 50% health: Defense = 72, Attempt Success = 27%
at 10% health: Defense = 14, Attempt Success = 85%


Now, suppose you put your weapon away (careful using the sprint mod ;)), the 100% health defense is now 100 + 25 - 30 = 95


This correlates to Attempt Success chances for the above three health levels of 4%, 52% and 90%


Or, you pull out a combat knife and have 50 melee skill (no one wants a bowie in the balls), the 100% health defense is now 100 + 25 + 65 =190


This correlates to Attempt Success chances for the above three health levels of 0%, 4% and 80%


All the above are with a base rate of 100, which is default for CR, although stalking defaults to 50 (so you want to stare them down early)


Now suppose you're really desperate for a boning, you could press the concede key, or if its a long term kind of thing, set the base defense to -100, then if you have a pistol like first example, then it is -100 + 25 + 20 = -55.
So, at the three health levels (100/50/10) that is Attempt Success of 100%, 100%, 100%. So, you're screwed.


I would recommend keeping the default CR/Stalk base defenses of 100 / 50 to start with, then keep within ranges 50 -> 150 and 0 -> 100 for gameplay, but the ranges are left open to suit your required level of depravity :P.


If you enable debug, you can see how the defense score is changing in the console



When an attempt succeeds there is a chance some of your caps, alcohol and chems may be stolen.


Item Damage and Drop


Attempts may cause your equipped items to drop to the ground and be slightly damaged.




During attempts you may be drugged.


Sex Toys


Attempts may involve any sex toys and BDSM gear available in sexout. Requires that all sex toy mods are installed or you will get big red boxes- see the requirements section below for links, or ritualclarity's SCR installation guide.




To enter concede mode, press 'X' (changeable via MCM). Whilst in concede mode, the Sex Assault defense roll is skipped so that all attempts always succeed. This prevents item theft, damage and drop, and drugging. Sex toys are still available. Conceding is enabled for 30 seconds after you press 'X'.




Via the MCM, you can disable creatures, factions, homosexuals, power armor and high karma NPCs. The rates for the different factions are adjustable.






Sexout '95 release or later
Sexout Common Resources (May 9 2014 or later)


if you wish to enable Sex Toys, you also need:
Spectrum's Toy Pack
GSB's BDSM Items


DO NOT USE with the old SexoutBrutalRapers. This mod contains all of its features.




BSD / Public domain. Do whatever the hell you want to do with it. You can even upload it to some other site and claim to be the creator, but that's bad karma, and when it comes back 'round you'll regret the decision.

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    Sexout '96+, SCR, (Sex Toys + BDSM items), tolerance for depravity


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Change Log from Jallil's final version:





Game Play Improvements

- Instead of just have a chance (is actually broken in OP version) and health threshold, success is based on a defense score, meaning equipped weapons now make a difference, etc (see 27 December update for full details)

- Added Concede Key (default X, modifiable via MCM) which makes all attempts automatically succeed. (see March 1 Update for more info)

- Stalkers can be scared off by staring them down or waving weapons (this, and nearly everything about stalkers was broken in OP version)


Bug Fixes:

- Open the update spoilers.. a lot, including CTD issues



- Removed player rape other ability and everyone stalk everyone option (which was very likely to break things anyway). This is because I felt they were too much*, and had no gameplay value- which I feel is the point of the mod. If you disagree with these decisions you are free to adopt the mod or read the thread for info on readding them, and else other mods exist for both anyway.


* Call at an arbitrary line to draw if you like, but I am, and will not return them


Oldest fixes:


- CTD issue from combat rape

- Stalkers becoming permanently disabled issue

- Brahmin (no animations in sexout) disabled

- Caps are now stealable

- MCM settings work as intended (though combat and stalker rates may not be as expected)



- Added the companion system from Tryouts, so up to 7 (female) companions can partake in the festivities.


October 13


Bug fixes

- Sleep/Wait stalkers no longer become broken (permanently disabled) after waiting in a restricted cell

- Combat rate MCM option is now actually checked (before it did nothing at all)- note: it is rechecked every 3 seconds

- Smart stalking now works properly for non-humans, before they were not given the 'stalk' package so you had to walk up to them yourself

- The stalking chance is no longer rechecked for every NPC every 5 seconds, if the check fails there is a cool down

- A whole bunch of misc logic mistakes (reversed rates/options etc) and code efficiency improvements

- Massively reduced console spamming with debug enabled

- Threesomes no longer sometimes use broken animations- the default Sexout random picker is now used

- TTW should now work (untested: I believe there was a logic error that accidentally disabled the mod if the FO3 intro section was not running (so when it is completed) rather than other way around. Please let me know, because I don't have TTW)



- Some cum smells increase stalk chances for their related enemies

- Whether you get stalker warning messages is based on your perception

- More items are stealable

- Drugging is expanded (Being roofied now affects Another Kick in the Head KO chance if you use that mod)

- Smart stalking no longer blocks all stalking completely until the late night- instead the chance is 4 times lower during day.


Updated 26 October 2013:


- Seperated the stalker and combat cool down periods because the stalk rate unduly affected combat- previously if an NPC failed the stalker check then it would also disable combat effects


Updated 19 November 2013:


- Fixed stalking bugs:

1) Pointing a gun actually works for scaring them off. Looking without a gun now works but is less effective

2) Stalkers now give up after 2 minutes instead of never (potentially)

3) They have to have actually started stalking to act

4) The script now runs once per second per stalker instead of once every frame per stalker (meaning 30-60 times per second.. probably explains

some performance issues)

- 3 other misc fixes.

- Removed the player rape key. I don't know whether or not it actually worked but I think its too far and makes me uncomfortable. If you disagree- adopt this mod.


Updated 24 November 2013:

- Added Sunnstor's fix for 'smart rape' mode creatures


Updated 27 December 2013:

- Bugfix: stalking previously checked all actors in an area, but if they couldn't detect anyone they just gave up and cooled down for 6 gamehours. Now they will not start until they detect someone

- Being naked now increases stalk chance

- New system to calculate rape chance to improve gameplay; this means unarmed/melee combat is not totally misbalanced


Updated 1 March 2014:

- Added Concede Key: Skips defense check so all attempts automatically succeed for 30 seconds, increases stalk chance +10%, avoids drugging, theft and equipment damage

- Fix for not working properly in TTW

- Increases stalker time out from 2 minutes -> 3 minutes

- Made scaring stalkers off by staring them down or waving a weapon a little harder, it was too easy before. This increases the tension and gameplay.

- Some minor tweaks and fixes here and there

- (V2) CR checked the wrong variable for attempt chances, now fixed.


Updated 13 March 2014:

- Changed the faction On/Off toggles to multiplier sliders



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- Removed player rape other ability and everyone stalk everyone option (which was very likely to break things anyway). This is because I felt they were too much*, and had no gameplay value- which I feel is the point of the mod. If you disagree with these decisions you are free to adopt the mod or read the thread for info on readding them, and else other mods exist for both anyway.


Does that mean if you play male character this option don't work at all ?? if the player cannot rape others what is the point of the mod ?? i guess that is why it never worked for me. what version allows the player to rape other and is compatible with the latest sexout.esm ??

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- Removed player rape other ability and everyone stalk everyone option (which was very likely to break things anyway). This is because I felt they were too much*, and had no gameplay value- which I feel is the point of the mod. If you disagree with these decisions you are free to adopt the mod or read the thread for info on readding them, and else other mods exist for both anyway.


Does that mean if you play male character this option don't work at all ?? if the player cannot rape others what is the point of the mod ?? i guess that is why it never worked for me. what version allows the player to rape other and is compatible with the latest sexout.esm ??


There was lots of issues with the original mod as the creator left it. Odessa helped fix many of these issues in her spare time making the mod as stable as possible. She took it in the direction that she wanted to take it while the creator is absent. There isn't a stable version which allows the "player" to rape the NPC's. The original on the thread will do this however has many issues with the mod that makes it almost unusable.


In the thread there was an individual that worked how modify the files to include that function back. It can be done however she stated in the original thread that she wasn't comfortable with that material and wasn't going to work on that part. She brought the mod forward and fixed many of the issues with instability and compatibility. Now if people want to add material to the mod beyond what was done so far they can adopt the mod and do as they please at least until the original creator returns or states otherwise. It might take some reading and some work to add that content back but it can be done.


if the player cannot rape others what is the point of the mod ??

I'd say getting raped and watching rape happen to others.


Yep that about sums it up. :P The only thing that is missing is the Male PC rape option. (and the everybody rape everybody which is immersion breaking in my opinion anyway regardless of if it causes problems or not).

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 'Everybody rape everybody' might be immersion breaking to you, but it's damned entertaining to watch ;

especially when some Fiend dude gets ass-fucked by a dog :lol:


 I still think there's a place for revenge rape perpetrated by a female PC; ever watch  the movie "The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo"?

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LOL, When the old original Brutal rapers had an option for Everyone rape Anyone someone saying how comical the end Dam battle was with legionaires and NCR pumping each other everywhere :)

But yeah, anyone wanting functions that author doesn't not want to provide, is free to write their own version of course.

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On player rape: I think its a mod asking to be made, there is the one already where you just press a button to rape anyone, and in the original version of this one it was the same, but you just had to be in sneak mode as well. It seems like something someone could easily take the old code for and add a few extra features to make something more interesting with.


On everyone rape everyone, you just need to uncomment and renumber a couple of lines in the MCM script to add the option.

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If someone here wants to rape as a Player there are


The Rape Game ( button to rape and to be raped and If memory serves me correctly you don't have to be in sneak mode for it to work )

Sexout Rapist (dialog mod.) This one you can rape to "Enthrallment a victim with a chance of hostility. You can Coerce someone as well.


You can be mindless and rape anyone in your cross-hairs including combat just by pushing a button in the first one. You can imagine the story.

The second one you can watch as they run in terror, summit then run and possibly become enthralled and become your willing slave.


They are a bit old but last time I tested them out they seemed to work well enough. Perhaps some polishing is needed.





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As female player, I agree with Odessa's choice. ;)


Anyhow, this interesting mod worked for me the first time I installed it and used in game. Then, I exit the game.

The next day, I tried to play again anf this mod no longer work.

No way.

I tried almost everything, like disable protection, raising up perc and so on. No luck.


I already saw similar problems with some Skyrim's mods that worked the first time and no longer after a new game session.


Any idea?

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Is it Mojave or TTW?


Did you install any new mods or change version of NVSE?


Could you enable debug and see if anything is there?


Also, try entering into console:


GetQuestRunning XX000add




GetQuestRunning XX000ade


and see what they return

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Mojave standard.


No new mods or new version of NVSE exerpt those I already had:


All DLC.


SCR Common Resources (installed by tutorial step-by-step)

SexOut Tryout (all plugins enabled).

SexOut PregnancyV3.

Sexout Offsprings.

Sexout Drugging.

Sexout Store.

Sexout ZAZ.


Smaller Talker.


Sunny Companion (Improved)  ---------------- She's pregnant.

A couple of outfits.

Unlimited Companions.



Sexout Assault has the number 17 in my FOMM list. So then, should I type:  GetQuestRunning 15000add.  Correct?


EDIT:  Both commands return  > 1.00

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17000add, but maybe thats what you meant. You can also find it in game console by typing GetModIndex "SexoutSexAssault.esp" (must be in " " not in ' ' and if it returns 255 then you spelt mod name wrong)


What about if you enable debug mode via the MCM?


Are sure you have NVSE V4, which was released in the last month or so, and not V3?

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Sexout Assault has the number 17 in my FOMM list. So then, should I type:  GetQuestRunning 15000add.  Correct?



Yes, you meant 17000add, right?


The most useful thing will be enabling Sex Assault Debug via the MCM and then screenshot the console after playing for a few minutes, with a few cell changes, including interior/exterior and fast travel to a location where there are NPCs around.

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I enabled the debug and I read a "lot" of lines like:  "Veronica is potential victim" -- "[Me] is potential victim" --- "Cass is potential victim"  and so on.

Dozen and dozen of those lines but nobody around tries to sneak and stalk. Nobody around tries to do some rape action at all.

Tried in several different locations, friendly, neutral or unfriendly. All the same. Lines as above but nobody tries to rape us/me.

The only approaches are from Tryout, as expected by that mod.


Edit: I tried to disable the mod in the FOMM list and, after played a bit, I exited the game and enabled it again. It worked (stalkers attempts - Cass punched them - message about). Then I exited the game and, in the next session, all returned as above. No more attempts.

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Okay, can you open FOMM -> click 'Load Order' at top -> 'Export' -> save as a .txt file, then copy and post the contents into a [**spoiler] text [/**spoiler] tag (without the **)


Like this:



[X] FalloutNV.esm
[X] CaravanPack.esm
[X] ClassicPack.esm
[X] MercenaryPack.esm
[X] TribalPack.esm
[X] DeadMoney.esm
[X] HonestHearts.esm
[X] OldWorldBlues.esm
[X] LonesomeRoad.esm
[X] GunRunnersArsenal.esm
[X] NVEC BugFixes.esm
[X] NSkies - Vanilla Edition.esm
[X] Interior Lighting Overhaul - Core.esm
[X] MikotoBeauty.esm
[X] Lings.esm
[X] Sexout.esm
[X] SexoutCommonResources.esm
[X] SexoutSlavery.esm
[X] SexoutLegion.esm
[X] SexoutPregnancyV3.esm
[X] SexoutDrugging.esm
[X] SexoutStore.esm
[X] msexBase.esm
[X] msexTopsOffice.esm
[X] Another-Kick-In-The-Head.esm
[ ] rePopulated Wasteland.esm
[X] NCR CF - Sexout.esp
[X] Alice.esp
[X] SexoutSoliciting.esm
[X] NVEC Reduce CTD.esp
[ ] UnlimitedCompanions.esp
[X] Better Game Performance.esp
[X] Caesar Brotherhood.esp
[X] General-Mods-Rat.esp
[X] The Mod Configuration Menu.esp
[X] populatedcasino-medium.esp
[X] BartertownRough.esp
[X] XP_Slower_Challenges.esp
[ ] XP_Slower_200.esp
[X] jsawyer.esp
[X] WeaponJamming.esp
[X] Easy Hacking and Guaranteed Pick Pocket.esp
[X] NV Explosive Knockdown mod.esp
[X] Respawn24HoursImproved.esp
[X] Centered 3rd Person Camera - Unraised.esp
[X] Interior Lighting Overhaul - Ultimate Edition.esp
[X] Sprint Mod.esp
[X] NoPipboy.esp
[X] CompanionDe-Equip.esp
[X] CompanionWeapon.esp
[ ] NVRefugee Outfits.esp
[ ] SexyCorsets.esp
[ ] VegasChokers.esp
[ ] MantisZeroSuit_ForNV.esp
[X] MikotoBeauty.esp
[X] Kaw'sBodyJewelryExpanded.esp
[X] SmallerTalk.esp
[X] MercCharmers.esp
[X] SexoutZAZ.esp
[X] SCS - CombatArmour.esp
[X] SexoutClothingEval.esp
[ ] msexFort.esp
[X] msexCourtesan.esp
[X] scr-over-20-06.esp
[X] store-modd.esp
[X] SexoutSpunk.esp
[X] SexoutCharacterResize.esp
[ ] SexoutSexAssaultODESSA.esp
[X] DLC-Another-Kick-Extension.esp
[X] SexoutSexAssault.esp
[ ] SexoutSTDs.esp
[X] Sexout-Another-Kick-Extension.esp
[X] LingsPrettyThings.esp
[X] K2_Cali Boobs Sexy Leather.esp
[X] CorrosionDress.esp
[X] SexoutLust.esp
[X] SexoutFiends.esp
[X] SexoutKhans.esp
[X] SexoutKings.esp
[X] SexoutNCR.esp
[ ] SexoutPowderGangers.esp
[X] SexoutWorkingGirl.esp
[ ] temp.esp
[ ] SexoutPositioning.esp
[X] CaesarComaStuckFix.esp
[X] Odessa-Eye.esp
[X] K2_GomorrahGirls.esp
[ ] SexoutSpawner.esp
[ ] SexoutHookupsAlt.esp
[ ] TES5SavesEmptyPlugin.esp
[ ] FO3SavesEmptyPlugin.esp
[ ] FNVSavesEmptyPlugin.esp
[ ] msexFortORIGINAL.esp
[ ] LocalizationsTest.esp
[ ] DLC WITM - Complete.esp
[X] AL Black Corsetry and Blanc dress.esp
[ ] RobAr-Alpha.esp
[ ] odessa-rand-check.esp
[X] odessa-preg-mod.esp
[X] DLC-Gear-Integration-Lite.esp
[ ] ClassicChems.esp
[X] Neckchains.esp
[X] Buy-Off-NCR.esp
[ ] Kickable-Addictions.esp
[ ] Rotting-Meat.esp
[X] Sexout-Wear-And-Tear.esp
[ ] SexoutSoliciting.esp


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Ok, here is:



[X] FalloutNV.esm
[X] DeadMoney.esm
[X] GunRunnersArsenal.esm
[X] ClassicPack.esm
[X] MercenaryPack.esm
[X] TribalPack.esm
[X] CaravanPack.esm
[X] Sexout.esm
[X] SexoutCommonResources.esm
[X] SexoutSlavery.esm
[X] SexoutLegion.esm
[X] SexoutPregnancyV3.esm
[X] SexoutOffSpring.esm
[X] SexoutDrugging.esm
[X] SexoutStore.esm
[X] SmallerTalk.esp
[X] The Mod Configuration Menu.esp
[X] populatedcasino-light.esp
[X] NVRefugee Outfits.esp
[X] RaiderChains.esp
[X] KDC_Companions_Removable_Armors.esp
[X] SexoutSex.esp
[X] SexoutFiends.esp
[X] SexoutKhans.esp
[X] SexoutKings.esp
[X] SexoutNCR.esp
[X] SexoutPowderGangers.esp
[X] SexoutWorkingGirl.esp
[X] SunnyCompanion.esp
[X] SexoutZAZ.esp
[X] UnlimitedCompanions.esp
[X] SexoutClothingEval.esp
[X] SexoutSexAssault.esp

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Does combat sex and sleep/wait sex work? What happens if you set the rates to 100% and the base defense to -100?


The stalk rate is 4x lower during the day time  (which is something like hours 0430 -> 1930). If an NPC fails the stalk check, or starts stalking then gives up (after 3 minutes) or is scared off, they cool down for about 6 gamehours- you might need to change cells, sometimes the engine doesn't handle spells on NPCs very well.


You are using the version in this OP, which prints "Sexual Assault Loaded: Version Mar 8 2014" to the console whenever you restart the game? Older versions in the other thread had a bug where stalking got permanently disabled

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Combat sex and Sleep/wait sex worked the first time. Then, as the random, no more approachers.


Even if, sometimes, I see in the logs some lines like:  NCR soldier is not a rapist - or - Merchant IS a rapist - or, again - [NPC] is a rapist.


And, yes, I'm using the version in this thread, OP, whatever. Only this one. I already saw the line you stated about SexAssault loaded 8 march.


Edit:  PS: what about my loard order? Is it correct?

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 I hope this question doesn't insult your intelligence, but have you checked the MCM

settings for this mod recently? The default settings may not allow anything to happen

depending on your character's statistics and other game conditions. Set your base defenses

to -100, rape probability to 100% and walk around naked in Megaton at night, with no

weapons equipped. That should allow something to happen, although I don't know what

effect a very high Unarmed statistic will have on this.


 There is a reset of the MCM settings that happens for TTW users when changing cells

for the first time after the mod is activated; so I'm curious if the same thing is happening

for non-TTW users too. Checking the MCM settings to see if they have changed back to the

defaults will answer this question.

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@NicoleDragoness: I can't see anything in your Load Order that might be causing the problem.


This is a very strange bug, is anyone else having it? (working fine, then not working at all after a game restart), or have any ideas what it might be?


I will make a debug build for you to try and track it down, but it will be a bit later, because I'm busy right now.

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