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  1. Los Lobos covering Buddy Holly... ends up sounding like Tom Waits fronting the house band from From Dusk Til Dawn.
  2. Saw the cat toy with and nibble on a freshly caught mouse in the yard this morning. Somehow that briefly gave me a profound sense of everything being as it should be. Cats be cattin', all's right with the world. I suppose the mouse felt differently, but I don't owe him.
  3. You do know that Beth once scored four touchdowns in a single game?
  4. No, but I bet some delete requests came in late, and staff are perhaps a tad slow in honoring them.
  5. The issue with a lot of financial services, especially the one-off kind, is that they don't like to be associated with porn, so they disallow themselves to be used for that. This is why we can't do Paypal for instance. Other factors also need taking into account, such as the cost of processing and transaction fees. Then again, it's probably true that we haven't seriously looked into other methods recently, so feel free to suggest any.
  6. I thought this was the general support topic for the AAF mod. Let's keep it about that.
  7. Locked, per request. Also that article is dead wrong.
  8. That's what that restraining order is for.
  9. I'm glad it still seems useful for oblivion too
  10. Of course you don't, you're one of them. From what I can tell, for every modder who takes his stuff off Nexus over this, there are more who simply decide to leave it but no longer update or add new mods. It has less of a direct impact but will still be felt. I'm not deleting my stuff either, trivial as it may be in download count, because it's against the spirit of my own copy policies. Other people have files up that are the result of a joint effort, with one side wanting to leave but the other not. Since Nexus only offers 'all or nothing' deletion, they have to go for nothing.
  11. A bit hyperbolic. Collections that are already installed are already installed. The file no longer being hosted doesn't hurt those people one bit. Collections not yet installed are not yet installed. All a collection system needs is a warning pop-up: "you're about to download a collection with missing files". Then they can wait for a fix, or find some other collection, nobody got hurt. By far most deletions are for good reasons (updates etc), not some diva nonsense, and all reasons are legitimate: your stuff, your choice. Deleting your stuff is, for instance, the only way to sever ties with a hosting site: you don't like what they're doing, don't want to be associated with them, you take your mods elsewhere. In a few weeks though modders will no longer be able to vote with their feet over any policy Nexus introduces after that. That's a pretty big power imbalance, imo.
  12. You're a diva if you care about endorsements and download counts, but you're also a diva if you don't stick with Nexus to make sure enough people can download and enjoy your stuff.
  13. I gotta say my avatar's feeling a tad bejazzled now.
  14. The 'grace period' does not alter the fact that there will be no more file deletions by modders after it. I thought you were making a case modders shouldn't complain about the last bit.
  15. It was announced that archived files will remain accessible to users via the API, so that collections remain intact. I may not know much about IT but if a file remains accessible to the public indefinitely, it is not deleted in any sense, neither technically or practically. Even if there are technical reasons for preferring to keep deleted files around to help database integrity, as the announcement claims, that still doesn't mean such files need to be accessible to users.
  16. I can't imagine Nexus itself will trawl the internet looking for updated versions of mods in their collections to re-up them on Nexus. It means work, after all, and a license to host a file doesn't auto-grant them a license to new files, no way anybody can make that stick. If any such updated versions do show up in the collections, it'll be because the list curators put the new links in it themselves. It's a little unclear to me at the moment if their collection system will allow linkage outside Nexus too. In any case, deletions aren't impossible with collections, see Steam and other outlets, and Nexus will be deleting things themselves that are illegal or otherwise problematic in their eyes. They just don't wan't 'arbitrary' deletions, ie deletions by modders, for reasons of their own. That position is hard to defend, which is why we're supposed to take it on faith that you can't have a collection system if modders can still delete stuff. I don't know about you, but once I've built an install, no matter how, and it runs fine, I don't download entire mod collections anymore but get to playing. As a user, my install is either worked on, or functional. If a modder deletes a file from Nexus that I already have in my install or on my drive, it doesn't affect me one bit. If I haven't downloaded it yet, nothing is yet broken by what I can't download: my install is still in flux. All that can happen is people trigger an auto-install of a mod collection with stuff missing, which I'm sure you can warn them about somehow in the UI. Whoever composed the collection can either fix it, or not, no skin off anyone else's back, really.
  17. The thread you speak of also had its fair share of insulting all Nexus modders and members. Weirdly enough, almost all LL modders and members at the time were Nexus members too. Anyway, this led to tension and reprisals that damaged modding across the aisle, and hurt LL in more ways than I care to explain. Any attempt on our part to tone at least that part of it down was cheerfully ignored and shouted down. Additionally, it had too much of the playground bullshit you're displaying in that post. DarkOne's nationality or sexual orientation are neither here nor there when it comes to the way he operates. We have British members, we have gay members, and this isn't middle school.
  18. It's been years of people trying to redefine 'cathedralism' and free open software to mean 'bend over'. It was always about voluntarily giving other creators a leg up to see more stuff get made, not slaving away for the masses without having a say. "We love the modders! We love the mods so much the modders shouldn't have control over them!"
  19. I think you skipped the point of AJ's original post, which is simply describing the WJ experience, good and bad. She doesn't need absolving.
  20. When the announcement was first made in the private sections of Nexus, there was no talk of this so-called grace period at all. That was only added due to the massively negative feedback: people who disagreed with file deletions being impossible couldn't delete their files in response anyway. It was a done deal. The grace period isn't exactly very gracious, it's short, you can only choose to delete all your stuff or nothing at all, and the process has you jumping through hoops. That game media articles about all this clutch onto it as a sign of good faith only goes to show they've been spoonfed the right talking points.
  21. On the issue of modpacks and who has to do tech support, I do hear that quite a few WJ list creators provide excellent support, and overall the WJ community discourages people from taking their issues to the original authors. It's what I hear, do with that what you will. Presumably, the same could apply to Nexus's own collection system, and the ones that are best curated will be the most popular. I think the fear of or disdain for such systems, as well as the money issue, sort of draw attention away from the main issue, which is Nexus stopping modders from deleting their own stuff, including outdated versions and what not. I can't help feeling a bit of schadenfreude here, given a long history of eg Arthmoor and the like proclaiming Nexus is much more respectful of modders' IP than LL. It's petty, but I'm only human.
  22. Topic closed, see the 'no politics' rule.
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