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  1. panthercom

    Proxy's Animations

    Regarding the hanging animation, I don't think someone would be able to move their head that freely. I would expect to see the arms and legs flailing or trying to grab the rope. I would keep the head immobile but allow the body to swing at first and rotate slightly afterwards. If you wanted to get more kinky you could have the victim masturbate for a bit while she slowly rotates back and forth. The head is really a sort of fixed point, which should make it easier to keep the rope anchored in one spot on the gibbet. All the action centers on the body, and I would focus on making the struggles look as erotic as possible, pelvic thrusts and so on.
  2. Steal a bunch of shit, walk through women's locker rooms when they're occupied, pull people's pants down and shove their cell phones up their asses, drag motorists from their cars after they run red lights or fail to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks, and set their cars on fire, pour booze in people's lattes in trendy coffee shops and then watch to see if they drink it without saying anything. I could go on all day
  3. I've just started this mod, and I'm enjoying it so far. Forgive me if you've already done this, but having Ivy ask the player if she still has milk in her breasts from nursing and telling the player what she would like to do about it would be funny/hot. Really nice attention to detail with the dialog, telling little 'stories' to turn on a female PC You should start a tip jar to raise funds to hire a voice actress, you could incrementally replace the artificially generated voice through a 'restoration' of Ivy's original files by adding a holotape with voice samples each time you replaced some more dialog. No quarrels with the way you've done the voice, though. It works.
  4. panthercom

    Games: Why can't WE be the bump in the night?

    Don't forget about Stubbs the Zombie. Eating brains, throwing your rotting guts (that explode) slaughtering the innocents in a shopping mall. Yeah, it was pretty silly fun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_Kz3le_wk8
  5. panthercom

    Loli Body shape

    You might have a look at the UNP Petite body, which shouldn't prompt anyone to give you dirty looks for mentioning it.
  6. Skyrim needs partially evolved slaughterfish, with some bony front fins they can use to drag themselves out of the water with - OR - you could base an animation on this legendary escapade: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shark_episode
  7. Douse him in lamp oil and set him alight? Shave him completely bald? (Don't worry, I like cats even though I'm horribly allergic to them) You might try Prison Overhaul Patched to get your feet wet.
  8. panthercom


    I've got a copy of Vampirella #2 that was my Dad's. I can remember reading those when I was a little boy back in the 70's, and they made me feel kind of funny inside
  9. panthercom

    HDT Anus Physics Update PE/SMP

    You might take a look at this site for hosting your work. https://nsfwmods.com/ Just don't start any arguments with someone named Kendo
  10. panthercom

    HDT Anus Physics Update PE/SMP

    You know, if you feel like you need to tiptoe around Loverslab because of some undiplomatic behavior in the past, you should just apologize to the potentially offended parties and get on with your life. People are pretty forgiving here, and you've got goodies to share. It's hard to stay mad at someone when they give you something that helps them get their rocks off. This is NOT the Nexus. The basics are simple here - no religion, politics, kids or piracy... and be excellent to one another
  11. panthercom

    RohZima Animation's SLAL

    The Patreon description implies possible compatibility with 'petite' body types, and I think petite is a much less controversial term to use if your not planning on making animations for RCOTS or other child mods.
  12. The animations spawning rocks were really useful, because they effectively compensated for uneven terrain, and got the PC out of the weeds where you could actually see the action. I'd love to see a lot more of that sort of thing (rocks, logs, tree stumps etc.)
  13. panthercom

    Nibbles' Animations

    You could always do some 'utility' animations; not the most artistic but sorely needed in some instances. As an example: paired pissing animations. Every time I see watersports in a mod there are two separate animations being played at the same time for the two actors and they rarely wind up in the right place relative to each other and it just looks stupid. Having an actual two (or more) person animation would solve that problem. Having some group bukkake animations would be nice too. Then there are always solo bondage furniture animations or bound animations. I think some really lewd dancing/masturbation animations would be cool too. Some primal dances with weapons or musical instruments would be interesting. I could just imagine some Orcs, Falmer or Forsworn dancing around a fire. I'm sure you could find a 'scripting buddy' and make custom animations for some really innovative mod, and it wouldn't even have to be an adult mod. I wonder if part of your block is because Skyrim bodies are not as flexible as human bodies, and look like shit when bent certain ways. That's enough to discourage animating outside the box. I certainly wouldn't mind seeing more conservative bread and butter animations from you, because you are honestly within the top 3 animators, ever, for Skyrim.
  14. I think this is komotor's favorite band https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RBSkq-_St8
  15. I'm using 2.13. Who is Igor and where is he? I'm supposed to see him but I have no quest marker or description of his location. Thanks