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  1. Prison Overhaul has two very nice perks. The first is a way to fix the 'stuck camera' bug you get with Skyrim/Sexlab sometimes if an animation ends while in free cam mode with ZAZ animations. Restricting free cam to prevent this has been done by some mod authors to deal with the problem, but that's a really fucking annoying method from the end user's perspective. The other perk is a bound pose system the user can initiate through the MCM which you can use to 'punish' your PC a little more when she's been bad. The bound pose system will also fix the stuck camera bug automatically as long as you leave the pose in third person. If you could figure out how to do this, or even just have a toggle in the MCM to fix the camera, that would be a nice incentive to drop Prison Overhaul. I hate losing game progress because of a stupid glitch.
  2. DePog's Nordic Warmaiden Body Hair for Racemenu has nipple overlays, and you can make them whatever color you want
  3. panthercom

    SexLab Pheromones

    I've run into problems where pheromones interrupts sex animations triggered by other mods, in this case Sexlab Adventures. Is there a way for it to check if animations are already playing, and wait it's turn?
  4. panthercom

    Being a Cow

    I modified the body by opening the mesh in Outfit Studio and using the sculpt tool to enlarge the nipples. Basically you work around the sides of the nipple to increase the diameter, and then build out the length, all done using the sculpting tools. After that I use one of Depog's nipple overlays for Racemenu. The animation is Billyy's Tilted Wheel Facefuck with some offset adjustments. It's not ideal because of clipping, but it works well enough for screenshots. Somebody with some Blender or 3DS Max skills could certainly build a body with holes in the centers of the nipples. I was able to do a crude approximation in Outfit Studio, but the results aren't good enough to share.
  5. panthercom

    Being a Cow

    You think that's big ?! You ain't seen nothin' yet
  6. panthercom

    Being a Cow

    Thanks! I'll see what they do.
  7. panthercom

    Being a Cow

    If I could get one feature added, it would be optional body mesh swapping as transformation into a cow progresses. We could then use meshes that would give better results with very large breasts or butts. I built a body in outfit studio for myself, that gives extremely large nipples at weight 100, but I had to use a custom race and swap meshes in my folders.
  8. panthercom

    Elsie LaVache for MME

    Installed the latest version, removed older version and clean saved first. After recruiting Elsie I was given a choice through dialog to make her breasts larger, did so and she also became enormously pregnant at the same time that her breasts got larger. I hadn't even had sex with her yet. Turned off all inflated belly options in Hentai pregnancy and MME, no luck. Disabled and enabled her, no luck, used Manipulator to look at her body scales, belly scale was normal, changed nothing, closed Manipulator and her belly went back to normal (breasts still larger). Changed cells and pregnant belly came back. I don't use SLIF, causes CTD's on save load and I got tired of trying to fix it.
  9. panthercom

    Being a Cow

    I could remove face tattoos, the problem was a script from BAC kept reapplying them. I also tried turning tattoos of in the MCM before removing them, and they still got reapplied. I finally got pissed off and removed BAC.
  10. panthercom

    Being a Cow

    I tried this mod again recently, and it worked pretty well. The only negative was that my character eventually became too hideous and it turned me off to look at her. I was able to undo the face shape mutations in racemenu, but the tattoos kept coming back. If I could have kept them off her face and got rid of the hunter's tattoos I would have kept playing, because my girl still looked really cute, which made the 'furry' transformation more palatable. If I could make one suggestion; spend more attention on the enslaved portion after you get captured by hunters. The thought of the capture is exciting, and the forced modification, but it passes much too quickly. Also, fix the ceiling in one of the rooms. I enjoyed much of the mod, especially corrupting other women, but I would have to use different settings next time I begin with it. I hated having to lose all my progress when I removed it for aesthetic reasons. You might look at assets from this mod useful when transitioning to a cow: You can change the body hair color. I might skip the armpit hair, as it looks awful when the arms are lifted, but the other hairs work quite well. The nipple color overlay is also useful for simulating lactating breasts, so you could set them progressively darker.
  11. panthercom

    Netflix's 'The Witcher' Cast

    I dumped Netflix well before any of this happened because I didn't like their political posturing. That idiot wanker Bill Nye was the last straw; if he's a 'scientist' then I'm the King of Fucking Siam.
  12. You might start here: Beyond that, I think Billyy and Anub have a few.
  13. There are other sources of rape animations besides FunnyBizness; if you just look for the 'aggressive' tag when calling animations. FB did some aggressive stuff when there wasn't much out there, but his work hasn't held up well compared to newer animators, and he was more about quantity over quality and wasn't interested in trying to improve his existing work. Bottom line, I'm not going to reinstall his stuff. What you're doing looks really cool, and I'll keep an eye out for future versions that have more flexibility.
  14. About the requirement for Funny Bizness animations, is that just so you have a decent amount of rape animations, or are there specific animations that you MUST have for things to work, and if so, which animations are they? He's put out a lot of content, and I don't have room to install it all even with FNIS XL. I'm going to go out on a limb and assume Prison Overhaul Patched is not compatible with your mod? You don't say anything about companion handling, or I overlooked it if you did.