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  1. Nibbles' Animations

    You could always do some 'utility' animations; not the most artistic but sorely needed in some instances. As an example: paired pissing animations. Every time I see watersports in a mod there are two separate animations being played at the same time for the two actors and they rarely wind up in the right place relative to each other and it just looks stupid. Having an actual two (or more) person animation would solve that problem. Having some group bukkake animations would be nice too. Then there are always solo bondage furniture animations or bound animations. I think some really lewd dancing/masturbation animations would be cool too. Some primal dances with weapons or musical instruments would be interesting. I could just imagine some Orcs, Falmer or Forsworn dancing around a fire. I'm sure you could find a 'scripting buddy' and make custom animations for some really innovative mod, and it wouldn't even have to be an adult mod. I wonder if part of your block is because Skyrim bodies are not as flexible as human bodies, and look like shit when bent certain ways. That's enough to discourage animating outside the box. I certainly wouldn't mind seeing more conservative bread and butter animations from you, because you are honestly within the top 3 animators, ever, for Skyrim.
  2. I think this is komotor's favorite band https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RBSkq-_St8
  3. I'm using 2.13. Who is Igor and where is he? I'm supposed to see him but I have no quest marker or description of his location. Thanks
  4. Proxy's Animations

    If anyone would know the answer it would be FunnyBizness.
  5. POP has an MCM option you can set up, and it will cycle through different poses. I tried Display model and liked the content, but I suspect it was causing some stability issues and had graphical problems in my game.
  6. Shout Like a Virgin also manages to lock the player in place while being whipped. As for Prison Overhaul Patched, I've actually used the bondage pose feature during a Slaverun Whipping scene after I got pissed off from being knocked halfway across Skyrim one too many times. It wasn't ideal, but it didn't seem to break anything.
  7. Chat [Reboot]

    I turned my sister on to 'Vikings'. She added a visit to one of the areas in Ireland where they shot some of the scenes during our vacation there last fall. Lagertha is hot, and I don't normally care that much for blondes (before you give me any shit, I'm a blonde... well, I used to be before I got old). And yes, Guinness really does taste better in Ireland.
  8. Reasons to keep a slacker man around: He helps look after the kids, he fixes shit sometimes, he makes her feel safe, she has low self-esteem and doesn't think she can do any better, she doesn't like being alone and is happy just to have a warm, inoffensive body around, he deals drugs and they're not about to tell that to someone they just met.
  9. Request: open mouth mod

    You install the tongue mod, type help tongue in the console, look for some items listed as armo, and they will probably be the tongues from the mod you installed. Look at the eight digit alphanumeric ID for each armo item labelled tongue, click on your character so their name shows up in the window that opens on the right of the screen and type additem XXXXXXXX 1 where XXXXXXXX is the item number for a tongue and 1 is the quantity you want to add. Do it for each item until they are all added to your inventory.
  10. Request: open mouth mod

    That's just inside the city of Whiterun. You can also just open the console and type in tongue and additem the tongues into your inventory.
  11. Request: open mouth mod

    The ZAZ framework has some settings in the slots section of the MCM to open the mouth and apply expressions. There's also a tongue mod (not Halofarm's) the will equip a tongue and open the mouth.
  12. Prison Overhaul Patched

    I'd make up an overhaul for my own use, but if I had to patch it every time you did an update that would get old after a while. I don't have a problem with her face, and yes, she does have freckles I'd just give her some Apachii hair with a short style. I'm already using Manipulator to give her tattoos. If you spend an extended period of time with an NPC it's natural for the player to start imagining a personality for them as an antidote to boredom. From that standpoint even giving some of the guards names makes it a bit more interesting. I think the Nexus is calling out to you... 'Skyrim More Immersive Sadistic Rapist Guards and Prison Employees'
  13. Prison Overhaul Patched

    Have you ever considered sprucing up the lady jailer a little? We see an awful lot of her at times. Give her a nice hairdo, a few tattoos and piercings and a bit of makeup. She obviously enjoys her job so why wouldn't she dress up a bit?
  14. Nice work! I can't really say they look good, because... well, you know but they look anatomically accurate.
  15. Nibbles' Animations

    I was enjoying your female chair masturbation with dildo animation yesterday, and thinking how nice it would be to have some versions where NPC's are watching you and jerking off onto you while you masturbate. It would be a 'relatively' easy way to add some group sex animations and would go well with the bukkake textures mod here on LL.