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  1. Are you a "like" whore?

    Internet 'likes' are just another facet of a modern age that I haven't really embraced, and never will. I'll give them out to others, on the assumption that it it means something to them, but any bolstering of my self-esteem is purely based on personal satisfaction with my own accomplishments. Generally speaking, if you don't like me or what I've done -Fuck You ;)
  2. Seinfeld vs Friends?

    My momma taught me if you don't have nothin' nice ta' say, keep yer' mouth shut... so I reckon I will.
  3. Your Favorite guitarist?

    Um, not including Steve Howe is a serious omission. He's the reason I started playing guitar. Dave Gregory (XTC) and Andy Summers kept me going through the 80's. Kevin Shields (My Bloody Valentine) got me through the 90's These days I'm enjoying Marty Stuart, Hank Marvin and Les Paul.
  4. Shout Like a Virgin

    I've tried two companion control mods and had the whip/aggro problem happen. First was Amazing Follower Tweaks, which I dropped in favor of Enhanced Follower Framework. I can't recall if I've tried it without either of those mods. I'll try it without EFF and with Lydia as a companion and see what happens. That would be a shame if I had to disable the wrist restraints, because I love the lewd idles. How about an option to only equip them in towns or cities, the bystanders would probably appreciate the poses more than the bears and wolves out in the wild ;)
  5. Shout Like a Virgin

    Being whipped when you have the asphyxiation collar on is just not practical when you have companions. If the pose changes while you're being whipped and one of the blows strikes between poses, it registers as an attack and companions will attack the person doing the whipping. It would fix things if you called up only one animation and stuck with it until the scene was finished; I think the scene would flow better too. There might be a conflict with Prison Overhaul Patch. Whenever the PC's wearing virgin wrist restraints the camera is automatically switching from first person to third person right before the idle pose changes. I don't know whether your script is doing that or not, but I do know POP has some script for changing to third person when equipping ZAZ props like crosses and pillories. Whoever's script is responsible, it's really aggravating when trying to use a bow to have the camera keep dropping out of first person. My character is getting an urge to get back at Nocturnal for tormenting her. Any chance of revenge in the future? It needs to be something really good; maybe chaining Nocturnal to a rock and having a dragon rip her liver out once a day for all eternity or perhaps a decades-long troll gangbang; if you're feeling charitable ;) Sexlab does a poor job of blocking animations when holes are plugged in consensual and non-consensual scenarios. I like to role play that attackers and companions use my PC's mouth or breasts (which I keep unblocked) when she's wearing other chastity devices. Unfortunately I keep getting inappropriate animations. Any suggestions on how I might improve the filtering? Thanks for all your hard work and fresh ideas :)
  6. How about the guards throw you a party on your last night in jail by gangbanging you? Something like - "We're sad to see you go, so we want to give you something to remember us by." Funnybizness even made a nice pillory gangbang animation.
  7. Wolfclub [20171120 Alpha]

    I'm looking forward to this. I don't mind the dependencies... follow your dreams
  8. Wasn't there some flap about the Sally character? 'OMG! She's a little girl?!!... how could you?!!' - "No, it's okay because she's really over 200 years old"
  9. How are the guard dialogs identified in the CK (ie. aa_derogatory01, 02 etc)? I want to play around with doing some voice acting for the guards. I'll share my results if they don't suck Now, off to watch some Conan movies to get in the mood...
  10. Is Anyone Using the Creation Club?

    I haven't opened FO4 in months. I'm back to playing New Vegas/TTW with my beloved character who I've been with for thousands of hours. I'm not touching FO4 again until the dust settles with all their bullshit updates. I only buy Bethesda games because I can mod them, and you can bet I won't be rushing to purchase their next Elder Scrolls/Fallout release if current trends continue. I've never bothered to look at the Creation Club; I think it's for suckers and fools.
  11. [BLENDER] Lingerie Armor

    Would you consider making a mushroom dildo replacer that would work with some of the existing Sexlab animations?
  12. Shout Like a Virgin

    I'm not running Cursed Loot. I will keep an eye out for failure patterns. No need to make all new dildo animations, you just need a dildo replacer for the existing ones. I'll ask Aradia about that.
  13. Shout Like a Virgin

    I had a problem looting corpses in slow time mode after interacting with the mushrooms. I tried to access their inventory several times, failed, and then my character got stuck in place until the effect wore off. I could jump, but not walk. I love the mushrooms, BTW. It would be great if their were some dildo scenes where mushrooms were used instead of non-immersive pieces of shiny plastic
  14. SexLab Nude Creatures

    I had a bit of a problem with the mushroom slowed time effect when trying to loot a corpse; I couldn't loot the corpse, and after several tries my character became stuck in place until the effect timed out. I could jump, but not walk. Love the mushrooms, BTW. Any chance of getting Komotor to do a variant of his brutal anal dildo using a mushroom? Some other dildo animations would be great with the mushrooms too. "You select a mushroom with a nice size and shape and begin to pleasure yourself with it"