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  1. panthercom

    Sex in the front of the children?

    Speaking from my own memories as a child, I was repulsed when I saw my mom partly naked one time. That certainly didn't apply to seeing other women naked, as I enjoyed looking at Playboy magazines or any representation of a naked female at least as far back as six years old. I didn't like seeing family members kiss each other either, so I certainly would have been appalled to see them having sex. I never got the whole incest thing; it's naturally abhorrent to me. So I can say if I'd been forcibly exposed to anything involving immediate family members it probably would have been a traumatic experience for me... other people's family members?... I was a horny little goat and would have probably enjoyed playing 'doctor', although I much preferred people my own age.
  2. panthercom

    Show us your character!

    Photos from the Utah Territory with Peggy... feeling like a badass because she's got wheels
  3. Music was commercialized even before the Victrola was invented, back then you made your money from sheet music sales... or rather the publisher did and the composers got fucked in the ass. The 60's had their share of made-up bands, the music was done by a bunch of studio pros who didn't want to tour because they made a better living as a studio musician, with professional songwriters composing the material. Some of it wasn't too bad, when you had people like Carole King and Gerry Goffin writing. Now, there is a very small pool of people writing most of the top 40 hits, and they stick to proven, money making formulas. The consumers are basically rats in a cage, drinking sugar water from a bottle. The door isn't locked (yet) and if they bother to wander outside their little cage they can find more interesting fare. Some of it may even require some intellectual effort to get into - oh! the horror! If you don't like what's on the menu don't pay for it, simple as that. I look at how many hours of entertainment I can get out of a game before I pay for it. I might overlook that if I think the game will put me in an interesting head space. I'm waiting for governments to get in on the act, producing or manipulating game content intended to control their citizens, if they haven't already done that already, beyond censorship. I'm sure the Chinese will be the first, or maybe the Japanese will try to do something to get their young people to fuck each other and procreate
  4. Years ago I modified a cheap handheld game controller by adding a couple of foot switches to control side stepping. The idea was sound, but the switches weren't the best design for that application, and the cables for the foot switches would get tangled around my feet. The system I have now is better, and can store different configurations, including key press combinations.
  5. Well, it wasn't supposed to be funny, but my writing style does involuntarily resemble that of a slightly demented Victorian-era scientist, upon thoughtful examination. I'm happy to have elicited a mirthful reaction from my unwitting audience. 'Dear diary, tried implementing voice commands. Condensors couldn't maintain an adequate charge. Substituted electrolyte with cod liver oil, now holding sufficient charge.' 'Attempted voice control of avatar: she exposed her posterior towards me and raised a middle finger, but was otherwise unresponsive. Back to the drawing board.' 'Dear diary, another attempt at voice control. Attempted to purchase vegetables from vendor in market. Avatar simultaneously lost bowel and bladder control instead. Raised middle finger again; I can't help but think it's not a coincidence.'
  6. I know I'm not the only one who uses Skyrim for 'pleasure'. I use my left hand for playing the game when my right hand is busy, but it's hard on the left wrist after a while, so I'm exploring other ways of controlling the game. I have zero interest in VR, so that's completely off the table. I did just purchase a set of usb foot switches that can be configured to trigger key presses, or even a combination of key presses: https://www.gamingmouse.com/gaming/fragpedal/quad/ My initial experiments are promising for both pleasure and regular gameplay, starting with the dual switch, and I'm waiting for the 2nd set to arrive to make the 'quad' setup. The most obvious key to control by foot is the 'w' key. I set backstep as the 2nd foot switch, but it's not that useful, so I will try the crouch key instead. Additional foot switches may be used for the 'e' key or the 'block' mouse button. I should add that I've been playing guitar for nearly 40 years, and I'm used to stomping on switches or pedals to activates different sound effects, as well as a little work with organ bass pedals, so it's fairly easy for me to adapt. Now I'm researching using a head tracking controller to take over some of the mouse movement. I think it could be fairly useful and cut out a lot of mouse work. Another possibility might be voice commands to trigger key presses. I'm curious to hear if anyone else is experimenting with this.
  7. panthercom

    Prison Overhaul Patched

    Once upon a time, in an earlier version of this mod, the PC could get pulled out of the pillory and get fucked by the townspeople. It would also play other pillory sex animations besides the ZAZ ones. Damned if I can get that to happen anymore with any combination of MCM settings. Any suggestions on how to set it so this works, if it still does? Bound sex? Slave sex? Some slider chance setting or combination of slider settings? I can get non-ZAZ animations during other events such as the cage and cell.
  8. What is required for my female PC to get other women pregnant, besides having a penis? I gave her an SOS penis and set her to be male in Sexlab, but she can't impregnate anyone. She can still get pregnant, and NPC's can impregnate each other.
  9. panthercom

    Sexlab Adventures

    My PC spends most of the time looking like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, until you put a dick in front of her. Well, at least there aren't any centipedes in Skyrim...
  10. panthercom

    Sexlab Adventures

    I think it's more realistic to give the PC a chance to move, despite the potential drawbacks, because it looks like she's trying to run away and not quite making it. Aye, the chickens are lusty creatures, they actually raped my character this morning. The stalking is the rape part not quite happening. It's not like the mod is broken, it's supposed to allow creatures a chance to have at you. It just looks silly to get overpowered and gangbanged by chickens, or rabbits. It's alright if it's mixed into a sequence where more powerful creatures, or sentient beings have already knocked you down, in fact it makes it more degrading when you're the 'leftovers' at the mercy of small creatures. Regarding the Sexlab animation name not being updated, it's really just a nuisance when you want to adjust and save the offsets per stage in Sexlab.
  11. panthercom

    Sexlab Adventures

    I know about being able to move the animation, the problem is subsequent animations puts you right back in the same shitty spot when you're in a gangbang sequence. It kind of spoils the mood to shout 'coitus interrupus, darling!' and try to barge your way through the crowd to find that romantic spot over and over. Thanks for the suggestions, though.
  12. One 'rapey' 3 way human animation I'd like to see is the old classic - one guy holds the woman's wrists while the other one does the penetration. Funnybizness did one, but it's one of his earlier works and hasn't held up well. Any good skeever beautification mods you can suggest? Those guys are just too scabby for me. Makes me think of the time I visited the zoo; in the monkey house they were all running around playing, except for a lone monkey sitting on top of a rock, covered in sores and scabs... and he was jerking off At that moment, the spirit of the monkey entered my body and... nah... I'm full of shit about that part.
  13. panthercom

    are females in anime Lesbians

    It's an acceptable form of greeting for women to grab each others breasts in Japan... apparently. Also, Japanese uterus's (uterii?!) are made from the most elastic, indestructible organic matter in the known universe, although they are prone to dropping out after particularly hard use. Japenese women also frequently have one large milk duct in the center of their nipple, and you can shove your cock, or any foreign object in their and actually fuck their tits. I know it's true, because I saw it in a live action movie!!
  14. panthercom

    Sexlab Adventures

    This could really use a 'can move between turns' feature like Defeat during gangbangs, otherwise the animations are always starting in the same (frequently bad) spot. I suspect it might need a bit more time delay between turns as well, or some form of check, because the animation names don't update in the Sexlab MCM during gangbangs. It gets stuck on the first animation played. I think you already know about the chicken stalkers? They follow my PC sometimes but don't do anything, and they are immortal - only in Skyrim... I can stop them by using the debug menu to reset things.
  15. Luna Follower has a short hair option; I found her to be pretty tomboyish... especially after I swapped her body for UNPetite and gave her a big, fat cock https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/80959