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  1. I suspect I gave you something strange to think about ... Anyway ... these are notes, side observations. I don't meant to list them as bugs. The only one real suggestion could be #4, or maybe for Jaxon.
  2. WOW! probably I'm blind but I wasn't able to see the new animation editor settings. I was stuck on the default "global/Profile" alternative. Now I can change the position/angle of an entire animation. That's great! About the overwriting thing, I made a copy of my SexLabOffset.json adding another externsion ( .Personal). I have only one question, still: inside the offset file there are a lot of animations listed that I don't have and I will never have (for example, creature related). Can I edit the json deleting them all? Thanks again (A l
  3. @osmelmc I'm a big fan of Billyy's animations and also his invisible furniture's ones because they fit perfectly with your "extra" plugin. Well, not all perfectly: 1. Table Missionary, Table Behind and the new Table Doggy are clipping with the "Common Square Table". The Male is "inside the table. 2. This happens, much less, also with the Common Round Table and some others I'm not sure which the englis name is. 3. As above, there are some new animations that are not covered by the SexLabOffset.json file and they clip a lot more or they are at wrong angle.
  4. I'm for a "definitive" solution even if not so realistic. I had this but not always it worked so ... "removed follower collision". As said, not fully realistic but solves a lot of problems with followers. They no longer "bump" into you when you stop, they don't clutter a little dungeon's corridor, they don't block a door, and ... amd ... and. Even fighting, considering that the vanilla combat system was programmed by a brain damaged idiot, is better that way. And when dismissed, they return "solid" as always (and stupid as always).
  5. Hmm, thigh ... leg's part between ass and knee, right? I don't think it has physics here. Never had problems with several thighs armor pieces from Tawoba, for example. No clipping.
  6. WOW! Your thread just became ... HOT!!!
  7. This one, a little semplified version of BHUNP, less graphic demanding. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/106150
  8. Ai slow: maybe. Using an "intelligent" follower framework as Nether's one makes them more "lives". There is also the Serana Dialogue Addon (frequently updated) that "really" makes her a "living person who accompanies you". Stretching HDT: it's a problem ONLY with the wrong settings. I made some substantial modifications that solved almos ALL my HDT problems: 1. Do not use Vsync (set iVsincPresentInterval=0 in the Skyrim.ini). 2. If you have LE 32bit, better to set your monitor to work at max 60 Hz even if capable of more. 3. Inside ALL xml files that control the vari
  9. Yes, like Apropos/Apropos 2. But they are too much "advanced" for my tastes and fullfilled with features I don't need and don't care, like messages about different couples or group than Player, like Wear&Tears system, and so on. Technical question: it's clear that the "enjoyement system" that leads to orgam/s in SexLab is based on a Timer (at least). By your knowledge: 1. Is it a fixed time or is it based on sexual skills/experience/ time on sex? 2. If only time based, do you know what is the time in seconds (real life) to reach climax?
  10. Interesting mod without esp. But I'm no longer using SLSO so my entire HUD is already hidden automatically by SexLab when the sex scene starts. (At least, "I" think it's hidden by SexLab).
  11. I don't know if it is possible but ... I would like to see (even if HUD is disabled during sex scenes) some messages like "[Name of Player] is cumming!" and "Name of Player's partner] has a massive orgasm."
  12. Very good news, even if I probably will wait for a non beta version. Please, could you consider a "game with NO creatures" setting? (Maybe it can avoid unnecessary scripts running).
  13. Inside Solitude itself, between the Winking Skeever Inn and the Angeline Aromatics shop there is a little alley. You could place the entrance at the end of it, in the wall below the mountain and Castle Dour, so simulating the mansion to be "inside" the mountain itself. Less need to build exterior walls, by the way. Note that I'm pretty sure there are some mods on Nexus that uses the same alley for other things. At least one for a "portal" (teleport) from a custom house. Another entrance location, with the same "spirit" (mansion inside a mountain), could be placed nearby
  14. I have it, yes but I prefere a more "rock solid" solution if happens I forgot to activate the registration function of SLATE. BTW: my "Relocate Scene" function works fine, both with PC involved animations and in NPC-NPC with PC taking control. EDIT: I reduced the timing for preliminary (less that 10 secs for each stage) and activated preliminary itself in the setting page with your patch about "foreplay timing). This way it seems that my PC and NPC no longer orgasm at the end of the preliminary animation. Still researching, tho.
  15. I can assure that, for example, my kissing animations DO NOT have the "sex" tag simply because I carefully removed them ALL from my LeadIn/Foreplay animations that don't have involvement with the "reproductive organs". At the same time I carefully check that there is the "LeadIn" tag along the "Foreplay" one when needed. Rewriting tags is the first (and most annoying thing) I do when I install or upgrade one SLAL animation pack.
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