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  1. If you search here on LL, there is still a mod (probably the original one) "SexLab Approach" that is a backport from SSE. Similar to the Baka's one but it allows approaches between NPCs. I agree. Normally I use the console, clicking on all elders (and also the ones I don't want to be involved in sex) and I type: addfac xx049068 1 , where xx is the two digits for SexLab Framework. This faction is the "exclude from sex" faction inside SexLab, so then the elders selected will never be involved.
  2. The first arousal mod that seems to work as it should be a "real" arousal system! Thank you. The only things I feel a bit of lack are: 1. Option to set the "legacy" exposure value while no other mods have it. 2. Option to set different exposure values for genders (I really think that females should have a less exposure than males.) Anyhow, great work and keep it, please. Thanks.
  3. Please, how exactly can I achieve the permanent real-time process priority? Need I to edit some properties of the main exe file?
  4. You MUST install the Requirements and, mainly, the PAPYRUS EXTENDER and the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2019. Follow links in the OP.
  5. SLAX 21-10-2019 with TenriFix 8 on Oldrim 32bit. I noticed that my console is clogged every few seconds by reports like: "Notice (SLAX): mudcrab init in empty stats." or something similar. Dozen and dozen of this sort of lines. I suppose it's the SLAX scanner. BUT ... I don't use Creature sex. Creatures are not installed in Sexlab nor activated nor I have animations for. So my question is: - does this repetitive scan (and related script running), influence my game performances.? - if yes, but even if not, there is a way to completely remove animals and creatures from to be scanned? Sorry for my bad english.
  6. Well, I didn't notice differences. Your bat file works as espected. It removes bounties (paying the bill in case), it does not sent you to jail and makes the guards neutral again. It works even if a guard has already spotted you when you have a bounty. The bat in console makes the guard to return to its normal routine. Cheers.
  7. Ok. Not counting the Raven Rock bit ... The first half of the two files (yours and mine) are the same. The second part is different for one parameter: - Mine = Player.paycrinegold 1 0 (ID) - Yours= Player.paycrimegold 0 0 (ID) Yours, accordingly with UESP Wiki, should be correct BUT I can assure that I was never sent to jail even with mine. So I'm a bit confused. Next report after I will have a chance to try your file. Cheers.
  8. I can assure you that I've already used several times my bat file and I was never sent in jail. The worst happened was that I paid the bounty "to no one". I mean that the bounty amount was taken out from my inventory even if I was out in the wilderness, were I stay. And this happened ONLY when the vanilla system failed to recognized that all witnesses are gone. Stolen items were never taken out, anyway. But you're right I forgot Raven Rock. I'll give a try to your version, of course.
  9. Maybe you could be interested to include this little file into your collection. I called it "nocrime" and what it does is to remove the crime tag from all holds. I made it because I normally attack "on sight" all Thalmor patrols (with or without prisoner) and I was tired to always need to talk to them before and then I went attacked by the guards. Note 1. It removes the crime tag from ALL holds. Note 2. If the tag is already set (mainly because the vanilla system fails very often to clear your status even if every witness is gone), using this bat file cause you to PAY your tag anyway. Note 3. It works even if a guard has already "spotted" you, causing them to calm down. nocrime.txt
  10. Maybe you could be so kind to make a version WITHOUT the DD dependency?
  11. Well, as female I prefer more the consensual types but I don't dislike some rough sex, sometimes. Your idea about 2F+1M dominating (kind of gentle) the last F could be my preferred one. Ideally, it would be a high number of stages animation, with cunnilingus, fingering, blow and handjob, terminating with several penetrations all holes (ehm). P.S.: probably the best animator for large groups is Byilly. His group animations are all amazing.
  12. After a lot of searching: - there is No One MFFF animation on SexLab or Nexus. The two from FB are both MFFFF (Four females). - and there is No One MFMF (or MMFF) animation. So ... I hope someone talended animator could fill this lack. Bye.
  13. OK. Many thanks you both. Found out FB animations and installed the Group folder.
  14. I'm not sure to understand what you mean, sorry.
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