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  1. My request is exectly to have a pex file from here that has ONLY the values I have described in my post. I'm not able at all to edit and recompile a script.
  2. IF the SLAL json file of the animation is correctly set, you have not to care about female moaning. What I mean is: - In the female's stages of the blowjob animation in which the penis is inserted in the mouth, the stage itself MUST have the command: "Silent": true. This will prevent the female to moan during that stage and so then to change her mouth state. There is an exception, btw: If you are using some mod for PC headtracking and, maybe, you have set the Player to react with smiles or other expressions to a somewhat nearby NPCs (a sort of player greeting), the above setting will be overwritten and the female will loose both the open_mouth state and often the head alignement.
  3. For my own game, I found out that the good combinations are two: 1. For vaginal and anal sex: Smurf Average Size 5 or 6 (better). 2. For blowjobs: Smurf Average Size 4 (better) or 5. Plus, for my character (UUNP "european style", cup B, normal head size, normal mouth size), I found the best settings for the open_mouth values (phoneme) are: MP 1 = 62, MP 14 = 70. I really wish to have these values set in the sexlab file but I don't know at all how to do.
  4. Just for information (and because it works): With the mod CellBuilder you can build "libraries" of placeable objects: furniture, food, weapons, static or not, various decor and ... also the working devices by Pama. You spawn them with console, using Jaxon Positioner you can correct their alignement (or you can play with console: getpos - setpos, getangle - setangle). After that you select the device and add it to a library (mine is called: "Torture Devices") using the cellbuilder spell. So then you can place them where and how many you want, ready to be self used or to command a NPC to use. Jaxon Positioner, again, helps you to place them in the right place, space, direction. This way, the objects will be physical part of the game world until you decide to delete them, if you want. Refere to the related mods for more infos, if needed.
  5. @373977538 The 9dmgame forum request something I cannot understand to download the version that allows the Player. Do you have it? Could you provide it here, please?
  6. Other Unique Items that don't have display: 1. The Longhammer 2. Windshear (a scimitar of Nazir, Dark Brotherhood). 3. Horn Of Jurgen Windcaller.
  7. If the chopblock will be a "placeable" furniture like your other items, it could happens that the user place it somewhere there are no guards at all. So, maybe, the chopblock itself should "spawn" the executioner and the guard taking them from a poll inside the mod? After all, if there are no guards at all, could your follower him/herself become unwanted executioner? Btw, it could be nice that also the garottes could have a "spawnable" executioner who activates the wheel. Or not?
  8. With "change stage" I meant the progression of a sex animation, nothing about quest. Sorry if I wasn't able to explain better but, as I wrote, I'm totally nweebie with scripting.
  9. @Nymra First, I'm the most ignorant person about modding, scripting and so on but ... If I understood well some things, SexLab produces some "events" during an animation. Orgasm, for example, is an event, change stage is another, end animation another one. Maybe you could "intercept" one of those events and use it as "trigger"?
  10. P.S.: I "wish" to be an honorable person. A heroine who wants to help and save Tamriel. At least into a game. And exactly for this I'll never fight in the Civil War. Nor for the Emprie, that allow thos ficking Nazis Thalmor to do what they want, but also nor for Ulfric who is a selfhis worm, probably connected too with the Thalmor (see dossier found during the quest "Diplomatic Immunity") and one who only wants power for himself and doesn't care of victims, doesn'care of different races and so on. The Civil War concept is one of the worst development I ever seen into a RPG. Whatever choice you make, it will be horrible. Thank to the Divines, there is Smart Modder who created, at least, a "neutrality" book that erases the forced quest to join a faction or the other.
  11. FIRST: amazing work! Thank you very much. Expecially for a collector fanatic like me, this is a "mandatory" mod. SECOND: as reported above, it's a bit too bright but I solved myself using Jaxon Positioner and Cell Builder to remove unwanted too bright lights and adding my own. Now is almost perfect. Btw, some lights in the Kitchen and Follower quarters suffered of the infamous effect of the "striped shadows". Removing them all, the light level is perfect as is and the bad effect is gone. THIRD: maybe I'm wrong because it's really a huge, gigantic work but I feel the lack of display for some Unique Items it seems you forgot (the Yellow ones are important, by my point of view): 1. Pale Blade. 2. Ogma Infinium. (Sorry, I found it). 3. Shield Of Solitude. 4. Movarth's Boots. 5. Ironhand Gloves. 6. Mikaela's Flagon. 7. Jiub The Saint BOOK. (While the necklace is provided). 8. Staff Of Magnus. 9. Staff of Hevnoraak. 10. Staff of Grelka (Eye Of Grelka, the Hagraven). 11. The Skull of the Ancient Traveller. 12. The Skull of Kolbjorn (Dragonborn DLC). 13. Torygg's War Horn (quest given by Elisif The Fair but the object is available). 14. The Jagged Crown (if you have a mod to avoid the Civil War, it becomes available). 15. Grace Of Predator Boots (at least I think it's the name. Nearby a big fornsworm's Dungeon in the Volskygge area). 16. Exquisite Sapphire (gem given by Sapphire, Thieves Guild, related to Dragonborn DLC). 17. At least two unique staffs (even with vanilla meshes) I don't remember the names. Probably Halldir's and another one into a bear cave near Riften. Anyhow, you can find all the Unique Items, availables or not, consulting the UESP Wiki. FOURTH: a request, in fact. A "Lite" version without the three more Armories (for the ones, like me, that don't like too much mannequins). In any case, this is FOR SURE the best collector's home I ever seen. As said, amazing work! TY.
  12. Thank you for your patience and clarification.
  13. I'm not sure to understand well. I took a look at the entire SexLab.esm in Tes5Edit and I didn't notice any "real" Faction as the ones I suggested. I know there is already a "sexual preference system" well working inside SexLab but it's not exactly what I meant for. My idea is to introduce a sort of "Sub Framework" or a new Module for Sexlab in which those specific Factions are expicitly defined AND the Player can use to Personalize sexual preference of all interesting NPCs. And the central point of everything would then be the "rules" I wrote above. PS: It would be a problem with group animations but in these cases the rules will be ignored and everything will be based on the rock solid tags : FMM, FMMM, FFM and so on. PS2: it's only an idea because the Covid-19 quarantine ... nothing to do all day. PS3: sorry if I'm bothering you.
  14. Off Topic (maybe not so much) discussion. I don't know if it is doable but I think on a "Sexual Preference Factions" system. There will be some new Factions: 1. Hetero. 2. Bisexual. 3. Gay. 4. Lesbian. Named actors (or even not named) will be added to one of the faction randomly at the first met with Player (maybe with some percent that follow real life statistics). Player will be added manually to the preferred faction. After that, ALL sexual mods should use only 4 simple rules to start sex. A. Hetero will have sex with Hetero OR Bisexual (but not same gender). B. Bisexual could have sex with Hetero OR Bisexual (even same gender). C. Gay will have sex with Gay OR Bisexual (ONLY same gender "Male"). D. Lesbian will have sex with Lesbian OR Bisexual (ONLY same gender "Female"). The Player, od course, could change the Faction of a NPC, maybe using console or a MCM function. What do you think?
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