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  1. LE environment, 32bit. SLU+ v. 20211127 (latest). (Note: I have a SKSE plugin called "SexLab - Hide HUD elements" that includes a DLL and an INI file. Just for information). About Ahegao tongues: - It seems that using the "Free Camera" tool of SexLab (or TFC), the tongues applied by the change expressions system have some issues: 1. Sometimes the mouth doesn't open (this never happens in normal camera), or it opens much less (like the "original" open mouth of SexLab for blowjobs). 2. Often the tongue, once equipped, remains stuck on the character even if the expression changes. Exiting from the Free Camera mode restores everything and removes the unwanted tongue. Secondary Note: The #1 happens also in all Blowjobs animations when I change from the standard camera to the Free one, it happens ONLY in Free Camera mode and it corrects itself after few seconds. This insignificant issue happened also with all previous versions of SLU+. I suppose it's only a script or animation lag while in the Ahegao events is not because it's systemic.
  2. @ruddycray I totally agree with your vision about aggressive and anal actions, even if for this last a lot of men are "into it" and don't understand that, really, it hurts (a bit or more) and it's not really pleasant. But I also understand that in this sort of job, the client should be (almost) always right. In fact, the suggestion made will make this mod the most complete prostitution one. On my side, I was able to obtain the Windhelm license so the only one left out for now is Riften. From what I see in the TESEdit, it seems that a lot of interesting quests are just from this hold but I'm really a bit scared to start this part, mainly because it seems that my Player will be "tied" forever without an option to be free again. What are your plans? Should I wait?
  3. Btw, I forgot to mention that, after I have destroyed Alduin, Harkon and Miraak I killed in sequence Elenwen, General Tullius, Ulfric and Galmar. They are no longer "essential" in my games, only protected. And I'm still waiting for a skilled modder who can accomplish a storyline with this, sending the Civil War where it should stay. Into the Oblivion.
  4. Still enjoying this excellent mod (v0.9) even in my LE environment. Atm, I had no issue. Only once, after I "did it" and talked with the ghost in morthal, the argonian wife appeared from nowhere while I was sleeping in the Moorside Inn (it was late!) and started to talk with an "invisible" husband locking the quest. Reloading a previous save and everything went fine. Mysteries of the Most Bugged Game ever created in the Universe. Anyhow, I have a note about Windhelm: Personally, I HATE (deeply and with all my strong feelings) the entire Civil War thing. So, I have some mods to skip almost everything, including the idiotic Season Unending and another one to achieve Hjerim WITHOUT being a Stormcloak. Thinking I was fine with this, I asked to the Windhelm's Steward about the License and he pointed me to Ulfric because "I joined the Stormocloaks". WHAT?!? Well, it's not confirmed but it seems that owning Hjerim and obtaining the Housecarl makes the Player a Stormcloak by default. Maybe I'm wrong but if I'm right this is another nonsense by those brain-damaged, unskilled and idiots Bethesda's programmers. The question is: if I "cheat" adding the License with AdditemMenu, will it be valid?
  5. @Pfiffy I'm still an LE 32bit user but the original author is vanished and doesn't provide support at all. Sometimes I'm not happy with the animation choices by the SLEN's options (dialogues) and I found the they should be ruled by the skse plugin "SLEN DialogueChoice.json". I wish to edit this for my personal tastes but my problem is I'm not sure what all those values mean. Could you, or someone, kindly give me a deep explanation?
  6. I think it's the opposite. The bounty for being reported is much less than 100 and it leads (in LE) to the infinite loop. But only with this mod, I must say. I tried to steal an apple (minimal bounty of 5) and I didn't have any infinite loop and everything goes as expected. In the meanwhile, the bounty for unlicensed work is higher (I set is as max 150) and it leads once again to the "Wait, I know you ... " dialogue but then there are all the next dialogues availables and I can complete the payment (or persuasion, or bribing, or Thieves Guild discount). About the Stallion Quest: - Amazing even if it could be better to have different Player's responses on the 3rd and 4th round. Maybe: 3rd ---> Wow! You're a fuck machine! Well, I'm a bit tired but go on. and: 4th ---> By Divines, I almost exhausted! Well ... ok, once again but no more. - It could be interesting if the Player could be part of the "prostitutes' chain" while waiting for the cure. Too much difficult to do? Anyhow, a greato work as always. Thank you.
  7. And THIS could be the problem. The TAP crime report adds a little bounty and this makes the guards to have the dialogue "Wait, I know you ... ". But then there is no more dialogue because this bounty isn't probably recognized as the vanilla ones and the guards will be stuck on that dialogue. Forever. Luckily, I have a BAT file to auto pay crimes/bounty in every hold so I "unlocked" the guards, but for other users could be a problem. Expecially if they have, like me, some mods that add more immersive dialogues to the guards themselves, like Infos on the nearest Inn, Blacksmith, Vendor, or who is in charge in that city, how they feel about their post and so on. Something nice and immersive that the "Wait, I know you ... " hides forever. About the mod I use for random sex based on arousal level, it is toggleable on/off. So I can use it when and where I want.
  8. BTW, maybe I found a little issue. Or two ... As stated, I never started the "Brothel initiation" nor I brought any license. So officially I should not be a whore and, in fact, for no one NPC I have the dialogue to offer service. Then, I was in the Silver-Blood Inn and (coming from another random sex mod I have), one of the patrons had sex with me just in the middle of the Inn (the "ask for bed" option from SexLab didn't run). At this point ... I saw the message: "You have been reported to have public sex". What?!? And the guards outside have the infamous dialogue "Wait, I know you ... " but then nothing happens. Never. So, btw, I lost the new dialogues with the guards added by the mod "More To Say". The second issue, or simply strange thing considering the above is that using a furniture (I have SexLab Utility Plus installed) there is ANY report for crime. Like a furniture is considered by TAP as a "Inn's bed". Could it be?
  9. Yes but I like to have her walking around naked and boom-raising the arousal of the Sisters so then they have a lot of lesbian sex together.
  10. I did the job that @Lilzt3hcat suggested and it seems to work for now ... BUT ... I forgot I already did the "Restoring Faith" quest and the vanilla "Heart Of Dibella" too (the only one quest related to Dibella's Garden) but not the license because, as I said before, I not started yet the effective work with Dibella's Garden. So Sassa disappeared from the Temple, from the Inn, from Markarth. Entirely. Please, I need her RefID to try to summon her at the Temple.
  11. Yes but Benjen is NOT associated with the Dibella's Garden, right? He could make use of females slaves taken from the market that is, btw, just in Riften. Anyway, SS++ is not a hard dependency. The mod gives only a "hook" for other slavery (or not slavery) mods.
  12. Is 0.9 still potentially working in LE 32bit environment if I extract everything from the bsa and then delete it? EDIT: Just a note: I didn't yet started any of the DG quests even if I already finished all the Vanilla, Dawnguard and Dragonborn (almost) quests. Can I upgrade anyway without the need of a new game?
  13. Talking on Benjen, I don't know which are your next plans but I have some suggestions. First: it feels strange that a supposed rich man (who is in the wealthier family of Riften, btw) stays outside in a dirty alley no matter which weather there is. And, of course, I feel really sad seeing those two naked girls under a heavy snowstorm or rainstorm. So, I think it should be mandatory to give them a warm place to stay. It matches better, also, the roleplay about a Pimp and his girls. In fact, an extension for his line could be (as he himself states at the beginning) that he finds also "generic" clients for the Player and a place where the action runs is a good choice. Second: considering the "bad side" for working for Benjen, it could be nice that Simple Slavery ++ (soft dependency) can have an outcome on him. At least until you will (or IF you will) find a way to get rid of him for good after the Player understand the wrong choice to have joined him.
  14. On my LE 32bit environment it seems to work fine. No issues to report, atm. All layers are displayed correctly and they stay as long as is the SexLab timing. My only complain is that they are not cleared out (before natural expiring) when I use the mod Bathing In Skyrim (even if I have the needed correction for cum). Without this mod, the single layers of cum were always removed by Bath. I know that there is the option to clean out the player and it works fine and with nice fade effect, but ... Maybe is it possible to provide a patch for Bathing In Skyrim?
  15. A nice one (by my point of view) could be "Death Is Highly Overrated Redone" on Nexus. (The file is "cursed.esp"). Totally unrelated with sex, rape after defeat or similar but ... nice.
  16. You could think to a sort of "Divine Resurrection" as implemented, for example, in the old (and new, I think) ShoutLikeAVirgin by VirginMarie, or in the "Death is Higly overrated" mod on Nexus (in which the killed Player resurrect under some conditions and items into her inventory). Reloading the game is always useless and boring.
  17. Maybe stupid and already asked but ... - At this moment there is no way to get rid of Benjen Black-Briar if you accept his contract, right? - Just out of curiosity, could I kill him, eventually?
  18. Auto Unequip Ammo is a bit old and not always it works. I prefer this couple of mods that, btw, are both SKSE plugins only, no esp: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/106105?tab=description https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/88347
  19. @Nymra Please, where I can found the MSRTs Stabilry Guide you were talking? What about the reverse, using Form44 (SE) esp in the LE? I tried before and they seem to work. It's only important to have HKX for LE and unpack the SE BSA using the loose files with LE, if I understood correctly.
  20. hehe ... I'm like you, in fact. And btw I'm on LE 32bit because I still have a 32bit computer (cannot afford a new one).
  21. It seems it doesn't work this way. I did it and SexLab refused to install itself claiming some "basic file missing". So the way is: 1. Install SexLab and do it in game. 2. Uncheck all standard animation in the related pages. 3. Use the native SexLab option to "hide excluded animations". 4, Save and exit. 5. Install your mod. 6. Restart the game. Still, there is a waste of about 1.6 Gb of space that could be made free manually removing ALL the hkx files related to the creatures BUT it's very important to maintain the "fake" behaviour files anyway or the game CTD on start.
  22. Yes it is. But I'm curious if it is possible to avoid the animations BEFORE installing SexLab just to reduce time, mistakes or possible problems.
  23. Due an HDD failure I had yo reinstall my Skyrim Legendary LE 32 bit from scratch. Succesfully, of course. And I already have all the prerequisites (SKSE,JContainers, Havoh,HDT, etc ... ) installed. My question is simple but maybe the answers will not: - I don't care at all of the standard sex animations included in the SexLab Framework. Much less, also, I care about Creatures and I will never use Creatures animations at all. Can I DELETE all of them (this means deleting the entire "meshes/actors" folder included with the Framework) BEFORE installing SexLab?
  24. Did You already corrected the file in the SLU+ 20210910 LE?
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