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  1. Yeah, been having fun 😂 Just 'in time', i was about to do the Lucy quest and got the error for the collar 😂
  2. Gotcha. Will do/try now and edit this post with results. EDIT: That did it 😂 EDIT 2: Oh yeah, lights are still fucked. Night time, lights off. Night time, lights on. Nothing that can't be fixed with the pip boy though. 😂
  3. Right.. that might be a problem then. UAP is pretty much a requirement in the 'Fucking Manual', which is what almost everyone is using for AAF/Animations. UAP changes the animation ID to [UAP] BP70 etcetc.
  4. Yep. I just removed the 'hidden' tag and it's not showing up. Do you use UAP and/or staged Leito? I should've asked already.
  5. Nothing overwrites BP. And UAP/Staged Leito have their own custom XMLs, which use the exact same ID and everything. EDIT: Okay, i think i see what's wrong here. Your custom NukaRide_PositionData has a MF rimjob set. First character sent to AAF (M) is the receiver and the second one (F) is the giver. So, the scene at Fizztop where the female player performs a rimjob on a male npc is working fine but the ones where a female player receives a rimjob from a male npc won't be playted/triggered.
  6. Yup.. it's also on 2.7. We don't usually recommend 2.8 in the Fucking Manual because it apparently has some CC requirement, which is referenced directly instead of it being a fomod option. And yet again with George Cooper from the Radio station Curious. Gonna have to fiddle with this some. EDIT: It seems that it's an issue with the tags on your NukaRide_PositionData.xml. The animation itself in BP's doesn't have a "MALERIMJOB" tag, which is what NukaRide is trying to call AAF on.
  7. Which is curious because JB says that it should default to AAF's settings. I'll fiddle with it. On another note, @JB., i was just dealing with the whole Chip stuff and I'm not sure there's even an anim where male performs a rimjob on female? I know there's one for female to perform it on male or male+male. On yet another note, it seems that even if i select BYOP compatibility when installing Nuka Ride, CWSS is still referenced somewhere.
  8. It's weird. I turned them off, left the apartment, then came back and they're working again it seems 😂 Also, thought i should mention, i love Kaiser. He's great. 😂
  9. Nope 😕 I'll make sure it loads somewhere near the bottom. Also, either the lights are now fucked in the apartment or this is a plugin order issue. I'm running Darker Nights but it was still lit up like a christmas tree the first time i went inside. Now it's just almost pitch black. When i push the button to turn them off, the entire place lights up for a split second before just going dark. I'll fiddle a bit with plugin order and xEdit.
  10. Lovely. Got a couple more things to throw your way 😂 Don't want you to feel like i'm rushing you or anything though but i'd rather toss in everything i find before i forget. Odd, because the collar was equipped for this scene. If there was an animation that was supposed to trigger, it didn't, as the error in my previous post shows. But that's besides the point and likely a hiccup. Then, there's this, during the stop at the Atom Cats garage. 😂
  11. To be honest, i was focused on something else entirely to check the Admin tab but I have every animation pack with the exception of Vadermania and Farelle's. And, not to brag but my setup is perfect, i made the damned guide after all 😂 I'm fairly certain it wasn't something to do with AAF but if i had to guess, Kells was 'busy' with something to even get the scene to trigger. I don't know how it would work but if there's a way to keep him just.. standing next to the bike, that'd probably be for the best to avoid any sort of hiccups. EDIT: Good thing i haven't closed the game yet. Here: Which is weird, because there was no scene going on but again, i would guess that he was 'busy' sitting and drinking or something. Somehow. EDIT 2: This just triggered with Adolf i think, after telling him i killed traders and whatnot before he locked me on the X cross. Which.. either has to do with the scene triggering/attempting to trigger while being away from said furniture/location objects or.. something else. Again, i have every animation pack except Farelle's/Vadermania's.
  12. Well, i know fuck all when it comes to modding in general but let me know if you need help with anything. Not like i do much on a day to day basis anyway 😂 Can always reach out at me on the AAF Discord, btw. I'll have to look at the AAF_Settings.ini and its defaults. Might just ask Dago to include as part of the fomod, an option to pick default animation length between like.. 10-30-60 seconds or something.
  13. Dale, no hay apuro. Asi y todo, lo hablas bastante bien 😄 Here's one example at least 😄 "Look at the bright side. You are/You're so good at this/at what you do, that he does not/doesn't want other girls/anyone else." Either way, happy to help out! 👍 EDIT: Just before this dialogue, i went to the studio in order to film the bike scene. The animation just didn't trigger. I would guess it's because Kells was sitting some ways away from the bike itself maybe? I'm not sure about the technical side of things, even if i troubleshoot AAF myself but it would seem that him sitting on the small couch over at the stage prevented the scene from triggering. The quest moved forward though, sent me right back to the boss to collect my payment. EDIT 2: Scenes in general are seemingly ending somewhat abruptly. It's like they're set to last for 10-20 seconds or so? Might just be an issue on the animation XML, to which.. i'd ask @Ulfberto or @dagobaking about that.
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