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blog-0716120001419647967.pngI absolutely adore decorating, creating something from essentially a blank space, making it look absolutely pretty. (With the talented help of oh so many wonderful creators)


Today... (Oh and merry christmas everyone! Happy holidays and all that festive horseshit :heart: )


Today I'm bringing you screenshots of the garden home I'm working on. I can do this crap for hours and hours and hours. Just placing the little stuff that matters. Things here and there and the ambiance.


You know what was hard though? Setting out the damned blueprint! Oh my -gawd- size is so hard to gauge when you're not able to see what you're editing real time and having to jump from one program to another and dealing with a decrepit old computer like my lovable dinosaur. :dodgy::lol:

But I've gotten the hang of it I think and I think it's not too big of a difference compared to the outside of the house.


Just to refresh memory, this is the house I'm working on:




Yeah yeah, there's a couple anomalies with it, but I love it. What can I say.


Anyhow, the interior is far, FAR from finished, but I really wanted to share what I've got so far:













What's this? Double ovens!!?? (Yus they work, but I can't figure out how to put the animation marker back in yet to get actual animations.






Got to love vertical space :heart:



Not all the windows are in yet, (obviously :3) And a lot of stuff is missing but you get the general idea. I'm calling this the Garden House, because of the pretty garden outside and the interior garden. I have to learn how to make plumbing work like what is in some mods. (seriously that stuff is COOL) but you can see the 'filtration system' for the interior garden. (that was fun)


Soooooo, yeah. This is what I've been up to. Figuring out collisions and whatnot. I've also got an old wizards tower that's going to be a little difficult to enter. It has an entrance going through an old cave system and up through the underside. Sort of re-establishes the upheaval of the ground and whatnot.


Hope you liked this round of screenshots :heart:


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No boobs...thumbs down..lol..I kid. 


That looks spectacular so far. I wish I was as creative as this! I can't wait to see the finished product. Have you any plans on making this a mod or are you keeping it to yourself? (for which i wouldn't blame you at all! )

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lol, I sometimes feel my blog is lost in a sea of bewbs! 


Thanks very much. It's definitely been a learning process and I'm figuring things out as I go. Sometimes I feel like I'm doing more research than I am actually creating anything. 


It definitely will be released as a mod when it's closer to being completed. It's a fantasy world that's near and dear to my heart and I like to share. It's been a living, breathing concept for 3 years now and lived in another 3D platform people could visit (you probably already read the boring stuff lol) This entire blog is dedicated to it's re-creation in Skyrim. 


At it's peak it should be 2 full worlds (This is because I worry about the little numbers at the top of he ck while working), the ground set of islands are probably almost double the size of Whiteruns real estate, and then the skyward islands will be roughly about the same size (I've yet to start on the sky islands). I want it to feel like a living place with npc's. But that's going to take some learning. So far, with my knowledge, it's a giant player home space (with options!) lol

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Looks fine to me as the base for further decorating. I hop you will add some naked female servants in to the house when it's done. :)

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lol! No I won't be adding anything like that. :P 


I don't see how I missed your comment Germanicus. Sorry I'm late!

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