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  1. I'm not sure what could be wrong. Tbh, I'm still a pretty novice modder. Which version of the mod did you try? A lot of people reported V1.0.3 worked well. Maybe I broke something in V1.1.X. Although @cadejocr reported that V1.1.1 worked for them.
  2. No worries. Did you manage to get it working in LE?
  3. @Angel_frey seems you and Onerobone might have had the same thing. @Onerobone did you manage to figure what was wrong?
  4. Holy damn that's a lot of mods. Maybe...? Since you're on Vortex, it should be easy to test if that's the reason. Are you familiar with the mod profiles feature? It is at the top in the left side panel. Add a new profile and only install Meat Farm and its requirements on it. If it runs with that then maybe it is a mod overload. EDIT: also, put that long list in a spoiler. I think the moderators don't like it when ppl post long uncollapsible lists.
  5. Nope, unfortunately they've already been donated to the Thalmor (In theory though, it is technically possible to make it so they are recoverable. I made it so they're deleted because that was easier) Do you mean the "..." in them? That is just part of the message. For reference, here is what the first message of the Female Breeding is supposed to look like:
  6. Hmm that's odd. I use Vortex too so I don't think it's that. Do you have all the requirements? SKSE, SkyUI, etc. only tricky bit is ZAZ. There are a couple different versions of it out there and I only know for sure that it will work with the one I have provided the link for. EDIT: just to clarify, the link for ZAZ that I gave leads you to a page with a download button. But the version you want isn't the one from the download button, it should be in a link to an external download website (the link is about halfway down the page) EDIT2: Could also be I fucked up somethin
  7. I'm surprised no one reported this sooner. Alright, just uploaded a fix in V1.1.1. It should be good now, I think. Thanks for the bug report.
  8. Ok. So go to do what I said to do in the compatibility section. Just read, it's not hard. EDIT: I'm happy to elaborate if what I wrote there just wasn't clear.
  9. Read the mod page again. I already went over this. It's the section called Mod/Edition Compatibility.
  10. Thanks. I will look into these. The mate is supposed to have a chance of being chosen, but I haven't added anything yet to detect when it gets killed. I think I might add "difficulty" sliders in the MCM that will let you increase the amount of marbling you get from eating. That way if your goal is to become overweight it will be easier.
  11. I will be again soon. I'm taking care of some real life stuff ATM. On a sidenote, the breeding program is almost finished. Just have to work out a few kinks, and work in a few more, if you know what I mean
  12. Read Note on Non-Consensuality Requests Good idea. Might use. Thanks ...this may or may not already exist...
  13. Yes, I really should put that in the post... Ok, doing that now. (thank you for the pic, haven't had the chance to download that mod) Agreed, he could be more convincing. Maybe I can come up with some more options there. Nice. I'm happy it worked out that way No one else has said anything yet, but I think I had found a bug in V1.0.2. The minor events (Hunger + Flu) weren't linked properly so they won't work. Should be ok in V1.0.3 tho. Still, the intrinsic monotony of being trapped in a cage is one of my biggest long-term concerns for this mod. I'm hopin
  14. The way I understand it. Each mod has two pages on this site. One is the forum post (where anyone can post comments on the mod) and the other is the file page. You can only download from the file page (as the picture of the person above me shows). I think that could be confusing if you're new. If you're on the forum post, go find the first post on the first page. There will be a button at the top: "view file". Press that.
  15. Hi LL, I'd like to make a request to any modders out there that are more artistically inclined. I'm looking for a dolcett themed Slavetats Tattoo Pack. Specifically, something that adds the names of meat cuts to the body (see pictures below) with dotted lines representing "where to cut". It could also have tats like "Prime/Choice/Select Meat" or "Approved for Slaughter", probably on the front or ass areas (as is shown in the picture for example). And finally (perhaps this already exists) I would like to have number tattoos for high numbers, ex: tattoos numbe
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