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GitHub:EC V4.xxED V4.xx


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Required Mods
Estrus Chaurus+ v4.xx and everything Estrus Chaurus requires


Optional (Sexlab animations for dwemer automatons sexing through sexlab):
SexLab Animation Loader
or other animation pack that adds dwarwen animations

You must put this mod after Estrus Chaurus


If you use Devious Devices, install:

  • Devious Devices - Integration
  • ED DDI Patch


You must put this mod after Estrus Chaurus+ in your load order


Notes(TODO n STUFF):

Consider mod Alpha Early Access Beta, so make backup saves.

Hatchery is not implemented as automatons are mechanical and dont really grow up, so im not sure how to handle it

Only machine attacks were tested as im not sure how to install SLAL and all that fancy stuff

As dragonborn, you can eat birthed dwemer spheres, dont forget to pour some dwemer oil for better taste. LOL


wait for someone to make mcm picture with dwemer sphere racing and spiders hanging from top and sides, cuz why not xD




Estrus Chaurus but with Dwarwen automatons, because everyone loves steampunk tech!
This mod is an addon, so it is compatible with EC+ v4.31 and, maybe, future versions.


There are four methods by which the ED effect can be applied to the player or a follower:

  • Dwarwen attacks can trigger machine attack - the chance of attack is configurable via the MCM
  • Dwarwen attacks can trigger paralyze attack - the chance of attack is configurable via the MCM(disabled by default as it needs SLAL and animation pack installed)
  • Sexlab scenes involving a Dwaren Spiders, Spheres, Balistas, Centurions
  • ED+ scenes triggered by other mods through mod events


Known Issues


Mod will conflict with other mods that modify:

ShockDamageFFAimedDwarvenSpider - Lightning Bolt

crDwarvenSteamBreath - Steam breath




Ed86 =D
Bane Master

What's New in Version v4.342-3


  • v4.342-3

  • disabled paralyze effect


  • v4.342-2

  • added non english mcm translation files


  • v4.342-1

  • fix for SSE Nio
  • v4.342
  • patch for slif_butt node
  • added 60s cooldown spell for animations, so 2+ paralyze/machine animations wont trigger on same actor
  • added detection for hentaipregnancy, if actor is pregnant Oviposition wont happen

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