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About This File

Git: https://gitgud.io/Ed86/rjw-ex





What's inside:

Fuck machines

Three models, one automatic with restraints which chooses one of six modes:

- Normal (50%) - 0.5-1.5 in-game hours, rest to sex conversion (1-to-2) modified by machine's quality;
- Intensive (30%) - faster (0.25-0.75 hour), significant exhaustion, lots of pleasure;

- Long (10%) - slower pace, same exhaustion as normal but longer time (1-3 hours), more pleasure for longer session;
- Maximum pleasure (5%) - raising sex need to max at fastest rate, even for humpshroom addicted (this mode only), moderate exhaustion;
- Tease (3%) - time from short to long (0.5-2 hours), pawn left at horny threshold (0.25 by rjw default), gains joy from session;
- Exhaust (2%) - moderate pleasure gain, lasts down to 0% rest need, but 2-3 hours minimum, capped at 6 hours;


For humpshroom addicted pawns with withdrawal every mode except Maxpleasure works for 1/10 of normal, but with full exhaustion.

Machines without Auto-mode works on Normal mode

Machines need researching to unlock: complex furniture, electricity, microelectronics


Some technical info:



New machines may be added via XML for different quality-auto-restraints combinations.

Height offsets for pawns on machines and thrust intensity/direction also configurable.

In case of auto/normal machines without restraints pawn can stop at any time if satisfied or tired.

If non-auto machine with restraints, session lasts it's minimum time and may be continued if pawn wants more

(continuation probably broken by my last changes, may be fixed later. May be not).

In case of auto and not restrained, pawn can stop at any time, but machine shuts down after program finish.



All machines have Private/Public switch. In case of Private machine can be used only by room owners (bedrooms only, want something private - keep it private).

Pawns will use machines by themselves, preferring available ones with highest quality (masos have small bonus for models with restraints).

Mechanics similar to fappin', but doesn't replace it.

Men will also use machines with chance based on orientation.

Stats time counter for time on machines.


Anal plugs

Three sizes ordinary plugs, working like normal apparel and one expandable plug with hololock.

Plugs derive bondage gear mechanics, so can be equipped on downed pawns and prisoners by others.

Right now there is not much difference between normal and locked. Pawns won't remove or equip it themselves.

Still locked plugs have "blocks_anus" property, and prevents anal sex. (assuming normal plug could be removed any time for any need and placed back right after).

Gives "plugged" hediff with 5 stages depending on difference between plug size and orifice.

All stages except the lowest (loose) gives sexdrive bonus and various small debuffs in higher stage cases.

Gives "Plugged" moodlet with similar stages, higher stages work different for pawns with nympho or maso traits and those without.

Expandable plugs always fits very tight, except for the most loose cases.

Stats time counter for time wearing plug.


Anal plugs divided into tiers and need researching to unlock:

wooden(light)-> Neolithic, none, CraftingSpot

stony(heavy)-> Neolithic, tech - Stonecutting,  TableStonecutter

metal(medium)-> Medieval, tech - Smithing,  TableMachining/FueledSmithy/ElectricSmithy

inflatable -> Industrial, none, TableMachining


tail butt plugs


Visible gags

No other mods needed, no conflict with hairs and most of headgear (probably still conflicts for slots with some full helmets or something like, need to test).

Fits to different head shapes (though some sprites may mismatch slightly, need to verify every single one)

Gag graphics from original RJW, needed to re-include it in archive just because of files naming.

NO stats counter for time gagged, thought about it only when writing this. Is it even needed at all?




-remove old rjw-ex folder if present,

-unpack this (should look like RimWorld\Mods\rjw-ex),

-load after RJW;


Existing savegame friendly, removing from save is not tested.



Original author of mod for 1.0 ekss

Any related ideas about rebalancing/expanding/fixing are accepted but without any guarantee of implementing/attempting/reading.

English is not my main language, so I apologize to all who suffered from this fact.



Edited by Ed86

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