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Introduces Heat mechanics for Player-Vampire-Succubus-Werewolf

Sex Animation Framework LE/SE
Sexlab Aroused LE/SE


Recommended mods
Dripping When Aroused LE/SE (fancy arousal effects)

Some mods with Vampire-Succubus-Werewolf mechanics/transformations


Rate Mod if you like it, that might keep me motivated, oh and of course support me on Patreon





When player become one of mentioned creatures(Vampire-Succubus-Werewolf), it will be introduced with new arousal gain mechanics:



Player will again arousal depending on a Moon cycle phase(24 days), closer it is to full moon , the higher arousal gains are:

at Waxing gibbous arousal will start rising by 1-3 hourly

at Full Moon phase arousal will rise by 10 hourly

at Waning gibbous arousal will rise by 3-1 hourly and then stop until next moon phase



Player will again arousal depending on a day time starting at 20:00 and ending at 4:00 and state of vampirism:

arousal gains based on time since last fed/level, so if you dont feed for few days, arousal will hit hard



Player gets an energy "needs", the lower its energy, higher arousal gain:

at 75% energy player will start gaining arousal on a hourly basis

you can set energy decrease per hour in mcm

sex partner(s) orgasms refill energy(no, yours or masturbation doesn't), amount can be set in mcm


Built in succubus detection:

-Succubus race

-Angrim apprentice


PSQ patch:

uses energy values provided by PlayerSuccubusQuest


If you are unlucky and none of above, you can manually set yourself as succubus in mcm.


Mechanics are not mutually exclusive, so if you are Vampire-Succubus-Werewolf, you're fucked!

What's New in Version 1.4



fixed mcm werewolf customThirdQuarter error


removed separate orgasm checks(why have i added them in a first place?!)



small fix for separate orgasm detection

merge of mishki WW changes
some descriptions changes



fix for werewolf day 0 bug

added psq patch

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