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With this mod, if you find some human dignity in yourself, you have an option to redeem yourself. Once per day you can pray at and Shrine of The Nine Divines to raise purity(Sexlab "Sexual purity") and reduce lewdness(Sexlab "Sexual perversion").


Required Mods





Hello there adventurer, can i ask you a question. YOU believe in The Nine Divines. I haven't seen you yet in our sanctuary, you must pay it a visit and pray there or something bad can happen. In our times Skyrim is full of depraved souls, that need Divine guidance, as an adventurer you must have been having a lot of sex, sleep with dogs, breed with chauruses, and other do carnality. Divines forgive!

Pray The Divines and redeem your sins. Wait, what? You are not one of those dirty perverts? You hate all that debauchery going all over Skyrim? Well that good to hear, maybe you can become a Nun, no, not those depraved Dibella sluts selling their bodies for flowers, you can become a real Nun - fortress of purity and chastity! Don't hesitate, visit our sanctuary at once!




By playing Skyrim with Sexlab and its mods you are basically turning you character into slave-slut-whore-breeding-piece of meat whose sole reason of existence is have sex with everything that moves. Your sexlab stats and everything you do are pretty irrelevant.

That is until you install SexLab Separate Orgasm, where stats matter and eventually you character can be broken to always horny nympho that is always craving and can never have enough satisfaction.




Works with (10) npc's too.

Mod works without SLSO.

there is no MCM, everything configured in json file

Cool-down is reset everyday at midnight





You can change default values in SKSE\Plugins\StorageUtilData\SL_Shrines\Config


                                (purity, lewdness, arousal), can be negative

        "shrine_of_talos" : [ 1, -10, -100 ],
this will raise purity by 1, lower lewdness by 10 and reduce arousal by 100



You can add message that would play for player, when using shrine


        "shrine_of_talos" : [ "I must support author on Patreon", "Here could be your add", "Did you know that Ed86 is Talos?" ],



You can add additional spell effects to blessing, spell id is saved as DEC in json, you'll need to convert it from HEX used in tes5edit/CK


        "shrine_of_talos" : [ "1030554|Skyrim.esm", "1030554|Skyrim.esm" ],

Mod supports 10 npc's. You can manually add/duplicate more aliases to quest if your want.




Mods that change TempleBlessingScript and DLC2TempleShrineScript scripts of shrine activators



Wintersun Patch:


Wintersun Patch guide



Edited by Ed86

What's New in Version 1.6



made global sla script, so i dont have to update sla and non sla descriptions and compile both versions
changed lewdness reduction, so if you reduce lewdness by value bigger than current lewdness, it will be set to 0 (rather than not doing anything)



added detection of shrines based on their name(English only)



reversed lewdness values

added SLA version



added support for npcs (9), alias clear 24h after using shrine



support to dlc shrines

added ability to change pure/lewdness gain effects per shrine
possibility to display random message when player using shrine
possibility to apply random custom spell when using shrine



optimization for the sake of optimization

if you are human - you wont see difference, but if you are an AI (yes everyone knows you play skyrim, Alexa), you can appreciate this ~1 ms boost

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