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Light version requires:

Naked body/armor replacer with Belly and Breast nodes



  1. Install MO or NMM, don't even think to ask for support if you install mod manually and its not working.
  2. Install all requirements and their dependencies
  3. Install latest Assets and Scripts
  4. Run FNIS.
  5. if mod doesnt work(no MCM/poll 0 error) - disable mod esp, Finish Helgen/Alternate start, enable esp, if that doesn't help try Save, Load


Below description is for light version(development on hold), Full SE version can be found here, for full version description refer to Legendary Edition thread description.

This version is intended to work without skse or other mods, therefore its very limited in functionality compared to full mod



To become Milkmaid: 
buy Lactacid from npcs through dialogues and drink it, use milkpumps

Soft linked plugins - not required but supported:


Dawnguard (adds locations to economy)
Dragonborn (adds locations to economy)
HearthFires (adds locations to economy, adds milk conversion into Jug of Milk, which can be used to craft something else from HF)
Basic Pregnancy Cycle(player only)


MCM menu:


some features do not work


Pain system:


To make your life harder/immersive, mod features pain system.
When somebody is milked their nipples will hurt and eventually they will become sore and apply exhaustion debuff reducing stamina regeneration and blocking further milking.
You can remove debuff by sleeping 6+h or drinking lactacid.




Currently mod applies these effects (can be disabled in mcm): 
Well milked buff - has 25 levels, increases max carry weight by 2 per milkmaid level.
Unmilked debuff - has 25 stages, if you don't milk your breasts, they will become bigger and will have negative impact on character stats ((Unmilked debuff level) x 4 OneHanded, TwoHanded, Marksman, Sneak, Pickpocket, CarryWeight, Speed, MP/SP Regen and max Stamina).
Exhaustion debuff - reduces stamina regeneration, removed by sleeping 6+ hours or drinking race Milk/Lactacid.
Mental Exhaustion debuff - reduces magicka regeneration, removed by sleeping 6+ hours or drinking race Milk/Lactacid.


Milk and food this mod has to offer:


Immersion mods:
-RealisticNeedsandDiseases: All Milk, Semen, Cum have moderate decrease thirst, slight decrease hunger, adds empty bottle.
Cheese and Sweet Rolls - decrease hunger.

  1. Normal milk (4 tiers): 1(HP/MP/SP) + 1*tier regen for 10 sec
  2. Sperm/Cum: male/female - you can get it from milking during boobgasm/orgasm or in milkpump fuck-machine mode for males or masturbating. If drunk by succubus = decrease hunger greatly(RND), if PSQ is installed = raises energy by 10%
  3. Special Cheese - crafted with 10 normal milk bottles
  4. Special Sweet Roll - crafted with 3 wheat and 1 Sperm/Cum bottle
    Special Milk you get after milking if milkmaid had boobgasm: 
  1. Default Race milk (4 tiers): +5HP +5MP +5SP regen + Race effects for 15*tier sec
  2. Exotic (Custom) Race milk (4 tiers): +10HP +10MP +10SP regen + 10Elemental resists for 15*tier sec
  3. Vampire milk: +10HP +10MP +5SP regen for 30 sec, skill buff: illusion, alternation, speech, destruction, 50% frost resist, Vampire lord transformation if you are vampire, require Dawnguard (in mcm you can enable forced transformation even if you are not vampire, this is probably not safe do at your own risk)
  4. Werewolf milk: +10HP +5MP +10SP regen for 30 sec, skill buff: 1h, 2h, block, 50% frost resist, Werewolf transformation if you are werewolf (in mcm you can enable forced transformation even if you are not werewolf, this is probably not safe do at your own risk)
  5. Succubus milk: +5HP +15MP +5SP regen for 30 sec, skill buff: illusion, alternation, speech, barter, 50% fire resist (in mcm you can enable AE increase arousal, this is probably safe)


Mod features few flavor stories that are displayed randomly during milking start/end, you can enable/disable them in mcm.


1 Story shown when player becomes milkmaid by drinking race Milk/Lactacid


  • 1 story start when player becomes milkmaid, when you use MilkPump
  • 1 story end when player becomes milkmaid, when you use MilkPump
  • 5 stories randomly displayed at beginning of using milk pump
  • 5 stories randomly displayed at ending of using milk pump
  • 3 stories randomly displayed at beginning
  • 3 stories randomly displayed at ending
  • 2 stories randomly displayed at beginning
  • 2 stories randomly displayed at ending
  • 3 stories randomly displayed at beginning
  • 3 stories randomly displayed at ending

Spriggan armor: disabled(no armor support w/o skse)
Hermaeus Moras Caress armor: disabled(no armor support w/o skse)
Living armor: disabled(no armor support w/o skse)

You can write your own stories(who am i kidding) and they might be included in the mod, the requirements are: plain text, ~500 symbols (including spaces) max.
Texts of stories can be found in script source files(MilkQUEST.psc search for ";Stories"), if you want to correct or translate something.




NPC Comments:
When Milk Maid breasts full and leaking milk, npcs might make comments. By default 10% chance, you can change global variable MME_NPCComments

NPC milking:
NPC Milking is disabled by default,
you can enable it by changing gloval variable MME_NPCMilking to 1,
do it at your own risk, im not sure if anything can get broken

NPC Dialogues milking:
Dialogue starts with "Hey there!"
You can make npc milkmaid, you need 1 bottle of Lactacid + 1 female npc.
You can start milking, you/npc need to be milkmaid and have milk.

Supported Armors:


-Milking Cuirass (this one comes with this mod and is equipped during milking, can be crafted at forge)


Known issues:



Milk leaking from anywhere but nipples, idk how to fix that

lots of <unknown self>.mme_storage. errors, but everything is working, no idea how to fix




Might conflict with other mods that:

  • -change locations where Milk Pumps are placed (if you installed Milk Pumps plugin).
  • -change potions/food prices (Economy part will probably be broken).


If you repost/share this mod to other sites, you must add link to mods thread and provide descent translation of everything written on this page.
You are not allowed to post/host/share this mod on cloud storage, torrent sites and file hosting services that:
-force you to wait 15+ seconds and watch advertisements while "your file being prepared" or buy premium to get file instantly crap.
-force to buy premium and sms crap.
-give you money for file downloads/uploads/views/clicks.
-install adware, crapware, trojans, viruses, miners, etc


What's New in Version v 11-04-2018


moved full version to separate download


Light version:



    v 11-04-2018

Assets: removed unp preset, was probably broken anyway


    v 10-04-2018

Moved armor meshes to other location


    v 09-04-2018

You need to Re-run FNIS after updating to this version

Assets: changed animation names

Scripts: changed animated objects names



    v 24-02-2018
fixed mcm maid debug(msgbox debug spamm) page
added toggle to disable Exhaustion Debuff
reduced Exhaustion Debuff strength 90%->50%
added toggle to disable cum bottles production
added toggle to disable animations play during mobile milking
added description of fuckmachine toggle
added toggle to disable 40% milk fullness requirement for mobile milking


    v 25-01-2018
fixed mcm translation
disabled few unused mcm options

    v 09-01-2018
some minor fixes
fix maid mastery progression counters

    v 03-01-2018
fix cuirass milking not giving milk
fix for milkpump animations(feeder, dildo parts etc)

    v 19-12-2017
enabled breast enlargement/reduction buy dialogues
fix for multibreast uneqip during milking with cuirass

    v 06-12-2017
enabled breast enlargement/reduction effects

    v 04-12-2017
enabled lactacid for maids, again

    v 02-12-2017
separated mod int 2 parts
fixed breast enlargement/reduction dialogues, potions still disabled
     v 01-12-2017
enabled lactacid for maids

   v 27-11-2017
fixed bug with wellmilked spell milking getting stuck

    v 21-11-2017
restored skse hotkey functions, to enable hotkeys setup hotkey in mcm or reset mod variables

    v 15-11-2017
fix for feeding loop interrupion(now it plays in 1 go)
added permanent milkpump bound mode for mods(player will be stuck in bound pump untill released by other mod)

    v 14-11-2017

fix for mcm bugs
fix skse debuffs bugs
fix for milkpumps feeding

    v 09-11-2017
finished non debug mcm translation

    v 01-11-2017
added breast scaling
probably fixed most of mcm

    v 25-10-2017
added pregnancy detection for Basic Pregnancy Cycle, EggFactory, BeeingFemale

    v 24-10-2017
added skse base framework
added mcm, broken due to lack of translation support

    v 20-10-2017
ported bodyslide sets, though they seems to get neck gap
fix not allow "use" of more maid slots than mod actually has

v 17-10-2017

fixed esp







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