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About This File

All credits go to the original author of this mod, Jbezorg. Since he has taken a hiatus, I will be maintaining this mod for the time being. Thanks to Min for helping to keep the Mod alive by updating it for SL1.5+


Original Mod Description by Jbezorg


Chaurus spit attacks or Sex with Chaurus can trigger an Estrus Tentacle attack and impregnation. In roughly 3 days, they Chaurus Eggs will be expelled from the host's body.



  • If the skeleton supports node scaling the breasts will enlarge during that time. MCM will auto-configure Estrus Chaurus based on your skeleton and it will be available if the skeleton and body mesh supports it. If this is available, you can set how large the breasts will grow.
  • You can set how long the impregnation will last.
  • You can turn on / off impregnation by enabling / disabling the pregnancy option. The tentacle attack will still happen but no impregnation.
  • You can turn on / off the chaurus eggs hatching by enabling / disabling the Chaurus Infestation option. An impregnated NPC will still lay chaurus eggs. They just will not hatch.
  • You can choose to have some residual breast growth. Breast size is not returned fully to the original size.
  • You can remove all impregnation effects from NPCs, Companions & the Player by enabling "Prepare for uninstall" ( this can take a few min. to run).

The breast enlargement feature is very experimental. It's very likely to cause CTDs. You can disable this feature in MCM by setting breast growth to "NONE".


Don't update to a new version without first enabling "Prepare for Uninstall" and letting it cure everyone.

  • Estrus shout abilities AND THE ESTRUS MOD ITSELF is completely unrelated to this mod.
  • When the pregnancy effect ends:
    • The original breast scale is restored.
    • The victim is removed to the Chaurus Faction ( if still in it )
    • The perk is removed.

    [*]Don't save or game wait while the Estrus Tentacle magic effect is active. You'll most likely CTD. Wait a few min. before to allow for the first NiNode update to occur. [*]Breast enlargement and pregnancy will only work on body meshes that support skeletal scaling e.g. TBBP, BBP body meshes. [*]If You don't see MCM updating, use the following console command.


setstage SKI_ConfigManagerInstance 1


EC+ Version 4.390


As version 4.390 has major changes to the esp file I do not recommend trying to upgrade - a new game is required


For the LE version NiOverride and XPMSE are required for pregnancy scaling to work in EC+ 4.20 onwards


For the SE version SKEE and XPMSE are required for pregnancy scaling to work.


Thanks to t3h0th3r for providing the updated scaling code!


There are three methods by which the EC effect can be applied to the player or a follower:

Chaurus Spit can also trigger Tentacle attacks on non-follower NPCs! At present NPC pregnancies will be lost if you or the NPC changes cell.




Updating from version 4.381 to version 4.390 requires a clean save or new game.


For Modders



;The EC interface uses ModEvents. This method can be used without loading EC as a master or using GetFormFromFile
;To call an EC event use the following code:
; int ECTrap = ModEvent.Create("ECStartAnimation")   ; Int      Int does not have to be named "ECTrap" any name would do
; if (ECTrap);    ModEvent.PushForm(ECTrap, self)          ; Form Pass the calling form to the event
;    ModEvent.PushForm(ECTrap, akActor)                     ; Form  The animation target
;    ModEvent.PushInt(ECTrap, EstrusTraptype)              ; Int      The animation required:

                                                                                       ;  -1 = Impregnation only with No Amimation, 0 = Tentacles, 1 = Machines 2 = Slime 3 = Ooze
;    ModEvent.PushBool(ECTrap, true)                             ; Bool   Apply the linked EC effect (Ovipostion for Tentacles, Slime & Ooze, Exhaustion for Machine)
;    ModEvent.Pushint(ECTrap, 500)                                ; Int      Alarm radius in units (0 to disable)
;    ModEvent.PushBool(ECTrap, true)                             ; Bool  Use EC (basic) crowd control on hostiles if the Player is trapped by tentacles
;    ModEvent.Send(ECtrap)
; else
;    ;EC is not installed
; endIf
; Setting the animation required to -1 applies EC breeder effect without any animation or visual effects, alarms,
; chastity device ; checks, or crowd control however ALL 6 parameters still
; need to be passed for the modevent to function. To use impregnation only
; the required parameter values  are: self, akActor, -1, False, 0, False; To register a callback to trigger on a specific stage of the next animation played

;Use this modevent immediately BEFORE calling the EC event
; To register for a callback when an EC event triggered by your mod reaches a specific animation stage use:
; SendModEvent("ECRegisterforStage,"MyModsCallbackName", CallbackAnimationStage as Float)
; **NB** Only one stage can be registered & the callback registration is cleared once the animation plays, it must therefore be
;             sent each time you trigger the EC animation event that needs a stage callback
;             Don't forget to Register for the callback event (e.g. RegisterForModEvent("MyModsCallbackName", "OnECStage" ) in your own mod
;             (and handle any potential failure by unregistering as well!)


;To call an EC Birth event use the following code:
;    int ECBirth = ModEvent.Create("ECGiveBirth")      ; Int              Int does not have to be named "ECBirth" any name would do
;    if (ECBirth)
;        ModEvent.PushForm(ECBirth, self)                    ; Form          Pass the calling form to the event
;        ModEvent.PushForm(ECBirth, akActor)             ; Form          The actor to give birth
;        ModEvent.PushForm(ECBirth, akItem)               ; Form          The Item that the actor will give birth to -  if None the actor will birth Chaurus Eggs
;        ModEvent.PushInt(ECBirth, aiNumItems)           ; Int             The number of Items to give birth too
;        ModEvent.Send(ECBirth)
;    else
;        ;EC is not installed
;    endIf
;   **NB** The birth event will not fire if the actor is already infected with the Chaurus Parasite effect
;               The birth event is unaware of calling mods effects on Breast/Belly/Butt nodes - Any changes to inflation of these nodes at birth must be handled

;               by the calling mod



EC sends the following ModEvents:


  • "ECBirthStarted" After the actor completes the lay down animation and as the roll onto back animation starts.
  • "ECBirthCompleted" when pregnancy and Egg birthing are complete


Please do not link directly to EC functions - they are likely to change and break your mod!

Required Mods and Versions


Legendary Edition 

Estrus For Skyrim V2.41r1 (Must be installed but the mod does not have to be activated)

Sexlab 1.62
FNIS 6.1+
FNIS Creature Pack 6.1+
SkyUI 5.1
XPMSE 2.80+
Net Immerse Override 3.2.2+ or Racemenu 3.0+ (includes NIO)


Special Edition 

Estrus For Skyrim SE V2.45 (Must be installed but the mod does not have to be activated)

Sexlab 1.63 Beta 9+
FNIS 7.6SE +
FNIS Creature Pack SE 7.6+
SkyUI 5.2SE
XPMSE 4.80+
Racemenu SE 0.4.16+ (includes SKEE - required for pregnancy scaling)


Known Issues


None - please report any problems (or success) and I will try and sort them.




qotsafan for the Sexlab Inflation Framework integration cod

osmelmc for the automatic EC animation registration patch



Edited by Bane Master

What's New in Version V4.390 (29/08/2021)


  • Added fully converted SE Version
  • Replaced deprecated "Tentacle Double" animation with "Tentacle Upright"
  • Reworked all animations for compatibility with current Estrus for Skyrim LE/SE Versions


Full ChangeLog




  • Added additional checks to armor stripping functions to prevent removal of Devious/SOS/SLMC items
  • SLS notifications of eviction will no longer appear if SL Survival is not installed




  • Updated: Devious Devices soft dependency code to provide improved mod compatibility 


V 4.375

  • Merged the patch provided by osmelmc - Many thanks!
    • Added: EC will automatically re-register its animations if the SexLab animation registry is reset
    • Bugfix; Fixed some papyrus log errors



  • BugFix:  Specifying the number of items to be birthed when using the "ECGiveBirth" ModEvent now works as intended



  • Added native support for SLSO - thanks to Xiaron
  • Updated Tentacle Double Animation support  



  • Fixed Tentacle Double Animation when using  assets from Estrus For Skyrim V2.41r1 - thanks to Code Serpent for tracking down the issue
  • Added support for TAWOBA - Strips Bikini Bottom and Tasset during animations (also supports SLS TAWOBA slot patch)
  • Fixed a condition that could result in ModEvents not firing



  • Added a "ECBirthStarted" ModEvent out
  • The MCM and the EC+ updated message now display the full EC+ version number



  • Converted the deprecated Uninstall function left over from aeframework into a Cure all Infections debug function 



  • Added a check to prevent impregnation on Chaurus orgasm if wearing a devious chastity belt



  • Fixed a bug that was preventing impregnation from functioning correctly
  • Added a ModEvent to give authors access to EC's birth mechanic



  • BugFix for error in slif_butt MCM code identified by Lazulitus



  • Chaurus, Chaurus Reapers & Chaurus Hunters can now impregnate their victims 
  • Impregnation now requires vaginal penetration



  • Compatability update for Devious Devices 4.0



  • Fixed an issue causing Chaurus to remain hostile after a successful spit attack



  • dD items will not be stripped during birthing
  • Milk animations will not play if wearing a dD Bra
  • Tentacle creatures will now avoid characters wearing Yokes
  • Tentacle creatures can only strip generic Armbinders



  • Added a Callback modevent to allow external mods to detect a specified stage in their EC+ scene
  • Merged Sexlab Inflation Framework EC+ patch - SLIF support is now native to EC+
  • Changed Chaurus SL orgasm hook to use Chaurus Race instead of faction to fix compatibility with slavery/DD mods using creature factions to control aggro




  • Fixed a bug that was preventing Estrus items from unequipping correctly at the end of animations



  • Recompiled scripts for Sexlab 1.62



  • Added modevent option to apply EC breeder effect without animations or impregnation fx



  • Impregnation by Chaurus during sexlab scenes fixed



  • Updated to use NIOverride for node scaling - EC is now compatible with other mods using NIO
  • Code Optimisations
  • XPMSE & NIOverride added to MCM Version Check page



  • Removed requirement to register companions for pregnancy in EC
  • Removed Companions mcm menu
  • Increased number of victims handled by crowd control to 6
  • Updated Reset Nodes function - Now resets a targeted actor's nodes to 1.0
  • Updated Uninstall function
  • Various bugfixes



  • Changed method for handling infecting NPCs - NPCs no longer lose pregnancy on cell change
  • Improved crowd control system - reduced risk of characters becoming stuck in non-hostile factions
  • NPCs no longer trigger on screen pain notifications (they still moan though!)
  • BugFix: Disable pregnancy now works as intended
  • Many other code optimisations



  • Fixed FNIS Consistence Issue with Ooze (ETC07)



  • Added "Slime" animation (Estrus ETC02 - drops from above)
  • Added "Ooze" animation (Estrus ETC07 - oozes out of the ground)




  • Added "Short Birthing" toggle to MCM - limits birth sequence to 1-2 minutes
  • Increased "Fast" rate of belly growth - Belly will now reach size 6.0 in 3 - 4 days at this setting
  • Added failsafe auto terminate of standard birthing sequence at 4 birth cycles (approximately 4.5 minutes)
  • Removed deprecated ECEvents functions - external mods must now call events via ModEvent
  • Recompiled all scripts



  • Removed Sexlab Aroused dependency (This just getting embarrassing now - sorry!)



  • Removed dD dependencies (yet again!)
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the new animation from showing in the EC MCM if upgrading



  • Added another Estrus Machine



  • Added "ECBirthCompleted" ModEvent out to support mod compatibility



  • Improved removal of EC anim objects in case of script lag or stage skipping
  • Added a fix for followers freezing after scenes
  • Fixed a path error in textures



  • Added updated script to suspend DH missing from v3.91



  • EC will now suspend Deviously Helpless events whilst player is in an EC animation
  • Shortened final animation stage in all animations
  • Added a missing Animation object to "Tentacle Side"
  • Added a fix for binders not displaying correctly during animations
  • **Made the Filename consistent with the actual mod version (doh!)



  • Fixed a script error causing the ModEvents interface to fail



  • Removed Sexlab Aroused from EC+ masterlist



  • Added ModEvents interface for external Mods to use EC animations & Effects
  • Added Dwemer Machine Exhaustion effect
  • Added Crowd control function
  • Added Alarm function
  • Optimised SoundFx code



  • Bugfix - Removed dD and ZAP as masters (accidently added in 3.382a)



  • Bugfix - Blank animation removed from Sexlab animation list



  • Added somewhat more Tentacle appropriate Sound Fx to spit attacks
  • Updated Devious belt handling to give a message when blocking attacks
  • Devious armbinders will be stripped and dropped by tentacles at the start of a spit attack



  • Chaurus spit tentacle attacks now break stealth



  • Chaurus Spit can now trigger tentacle attacks
  • Fixed further path errors in textures
  • Further bug fixes



  • Actor Events removed
  • Sexlab Chaurus scenes added as an implantation trigger
  • EC Script errors causing papyrus log spam have been addressed
  • Fixed a path error in milk textures
  • Various minor bug fixes



  • Updated for Sexlab 1.5+

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