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About This File

Sexlab 1.62


  1. Overwrite your Sexlab file


What this is:


+fix for sexlab 1.62 thread setup bug in sslActorAlias script.


When player is having sex in creature form(werewolf, vampirelord etc) sexlab does not set Thread.HasPlayer tag, this causes sexlab to not enable sexlab hotkeys and who knows what else.

Without properly set Thread.HasPlayer many mods that depend on that tag may not function correctly.


This bug was already reported and will be fixed in future SL versions



+fix for stuck creatures animations(in SL scripts)


fix for spider animations:


delete \Data\Meshes\actors\frostbitespider\behaviors\frostbitespiderbehavior.hkx

copy/install downloaded file

run fnis

if you have animation packs with spider animations they are likely still bugged until patched by their creator

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